Exhibit: Planet Shark-Predator or Prey?

Planet Shark

Planet Shark at Montreal Science Center

Its turning into shark day, no? Maybe its perfect timing because I heard its Shark Week on Discovery Channel.

Isn’t it just right to see a shark movie before a shark exhibit? I thought so at least!

I’ve been wanting to see this since the exhibit started and it was one of the items on my summer activities that I wanted to do and talked about HERE! Finally got one of the activities done!

Technically I’m not sure if I was allowed to take pictures at the exhibit so I will do just a small amount of it to give you a taste of how it was. 🙂

The first thing we walk right in front of is these shark jaws!

Carchardon Megalodon

Carchardon Megalodon

This shark is high danger but its already died out and no one really knows the reason why.

And the whole exhibit has all the types of sharks and their jaws showing their teeth and danger level.

We also see teeth exhibit from different types of sharks and then behind it we have this wall that shows the different sizes of shark in comparison to each other from smallest to largest.

Different sizes of sharks in comparison

Different sizes of sharks in comparison

This one was probably one of the coolest parts of the exhibit and the only real specimens.

Frozen Mako and Tuna Fish

Frozen Real Mako and Tuna Fish at -20C

They also had a little Battle of the Jaws.  Here’s one of the displays comparing a Great White Shark to a Killer Whale

Battle of the Jaws

Battle of the Jaws

Next we get to the movie related section.  First up, we have Jackie Chan’s First Strike animatronic Grey Nurse shark.

animatronic Grey Nurse Shark in Jackie Chan's First Strike

animatronic Grey Nurse Shark in Jackie Chan’s First Strike

After that, we have Jaws…first with some posters

Jaws poster

Jaws poster

Then we have the Jaws Miniature Cages. They were used in the scene with Hooper while real sharks circled the cage.  They had to use a shorter stunt double to do that scene however, because it turned out to be unsafe before Carl Rizzo (stunt double) actually was in that scene, they had to use a dummy instead or else he would’ve been injured (or killed).

Jaws' Miniature Cages

Jaws’ Miniature Cages

I liked this chart below a lot! Mostly because I just had finished watching The Reef.  The review was posted up this morning if you didn’t see it. Its not really clear, but I guess you can get the idea with the little pictures on the side, but if you look at any shark predator movie (especially in The Reef), you will see the group take these precautions as they swim in the water.  Making me feel that The Reef was even more realistic 😉

10 Ways to Avoid Attack

10 Ways to Avoid Attack

This was cool wall collage

This was cool wall collage

That was near the end of the exhibit! It took about an hour to go through the whole thing. It had videos and lots of cool infos with specimens and displays.  It was really awesome! Plus, it gave us access to other exhibits and we ended up checking out an extra one called Mission Gaia.

Mission Gaia

Mission Gaia

Its pretty cool because its about making quick decisions to solve certain issues that occur in our cities and the different sectors.

Lopsided view of Mission Gaia in process of being saved by me and my boyfriend.

Lopsided view of Mission Gaia in process of being saved by me and my boyfriend.

We got through 3 different missions and each one leads to a broader perspective from city wide to more nation wide and worldwide.  You had to choose the right options to grow your city for as many years as possible in the amount of time they gave you but keeping in mind to keep balance in economy, population and environment.  We had 4 tokens to play and make our choices and all the results of the choices had explanations to show the pros and cons 🙂

It was a lot of fun! 🙂 Maybe if it tours to your city, you might want to check it out.  Its definitely worthwhile 🙂

The Reef (2010)

Second movie and then tomorrow August recommendation month starts 🙂

Other than zombie horror flicks, I love watching predator horror flicks.  You know, like Jaws, being the classic which is worth a mention.  Who doesn’t like Jaws, right? Hell, I may fear jellyfish in our disgusting brown color water beaches but when I’m in a pool, I think about sharks being in the deep area and start panicking.  Stupid as that sounds, but hey I don’t live in water luckily and I live in a house with a roof over my head so even though these flicks scare me, at least they won’t take sleep away 😉 Somehow on Saturday night, I felt like watching one of these, and out of my Netflix, The Reef caught my attention. I remember reading a review a few months ago, but where? I can’t remember. If you did a review and I follow you, well, tell me and I’ll give you a mention on this!

the reef posterDirector: Andrew Traucki

Cast: Damian Walshe-Howling, Gyton Grantley, Adrienne Pickering, Zoe Naylor, Kieran Darcy-Smith

Luke (Damian Walshe-Howling) is a ship delivery man.  On his next delivery, he invites his friend Matt (Gyton Grantley) and his wife Suzie (Adrienne Pickering) on for the ride.  Tagging along is Matt’s sister and his former girlfriend Kate (Zoe Naylor) and the sailor Warren (Kieran Darcy-Smith) for the trip.  As they go on their way, the boat hits an underwater rock and capsizes.  They now have to make a decision to stay on the boat or to swim to a possible but unseen Turtle Island located 12 miles away while they had the strength and before the boat drifted further away by the current.  Warren fears the sharks lurking in the water and decides to stay but the other four decide to take their chances.  Not long after, a Great White Shark follows and hunts them along the way…

the reef group

The Reef is an amazing shark predator flick. Is it as good as Jaws, you ask? Its probably not but it comes pretty close to it. The movie works really well with just bringing up the atmosphere and using the camera to show a farther view when the group is in the water.  Its mega intense for a good part of the movie and some parts are nail-biting and heart thumping, especially the final sequence. I had to take a few deep breaths to get some oxygen back into my lungs after holding my breath for so long.

the reef scanning

Aside from being able to create a good atmosphere and great shark cut scenes, the cast was the main focus.  The only thing surrounding them was just water and they had to be able to play off each other well in order to get a great effect.  The cast did a great job! Everyone was sufficiently able to capture the scary moments of being in the ocean, lost, uncertain and scared about what was around them however, having no choice but to move forward despite all odds.  The only person I wasn’t too fond of was the character of Suzie.  As much as I understood the character design and it improved as the movie went forward but there was a few moments I found her irritating. The others were fantastic though.

The Reef escape

Till now, I’ve only talked about the general concept of atmosphere. This movie uses simple noises: bangs, creaks, splashes and especially silence to intensify the atmosphere.  Its pretty effective! Less is more definitely applies to this flick.   There was one thing that did bother me though, and it was this same ridiculous and unnecessary decision that the members of the group kept making, maybe at a certain point it was foreshadowing, maybe not (I think it might be to fool the audience a little).  I’m not quite sure but it did make me super nervous, so maybe it wasn’t a negative aspect.  It was just to play with our minds a little and trick us into thinking of the expected and then pulling the unexpected, and in the after thought now, I actually think was a really smart move by the director.

Its definitely a very awesome shark predator flick.  It was intensely terrifying.  I would recommend to anyone who likes this sort of movie. If you liked Jaws or want an adrenaline rush, this one definitely does the job. Amazing set, convincing cast and a perfect atmosphere created through simplicity. Its worth every minute of your time and maybe you’ll come out trying to catch your breath and calm your heart down after the credits roll (like I did) 😉

What shark predator movies do you like?