Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections

I remember doing the same theme last year.  I went along and searched it up and if you’d like, I have another two, HERE and HERE!

Wait right there! I’m not one to cheat on these weekly photo challenges.  Its either I just skip them or I have to search up stuff that works for me 🙂

As I was digging through my pictures, here are some that came to mind!

Granby Zoo Reflections

Granby Zoo Asia decorations. Lantern reflecting shadows on the snow

Marais de Rivieres des Cerises

Reflections in the water at Marais de Rivieres des Cerises

Reflections Old Montreal

Reflections in pond in Old Montreal


Reflections in the water of Champlain Bridge on St Lawrence River

I mixed the two ways of interpreting reflections.  One is the actual reflection of something while at the same time, I reflect best near water.  In many of these pictures, I had time to sit down and reflect by myself next to water whether walking/hiking/biking along the river. Even walks in the snow are extremely calming for the mind 🙂

There you go! Here is my entry for this week’s photo challenge Reflections.  To see more entries, check out HERE!

What does REFLECTIONS make you think of? Where do you reflect best?


Week 39: Reward with Nutrition!

Dietbet started on Monday and it was the first day to get into the groove of healthy eating and getting my workout routine back to par.  As much as I love challenges, even with two paired up, it didn’t really mean a very active lifestyle and was only suitable for busy periods when I couldn’t afford more than 10 minutes for workouts per day.

WEEK 1: DECEMBER 2-9, 2013


I didn’t change my eating habits too much but I watched my calories intake more.

BREAKFAST: White bread with peanut butter (I have to finish up the last few slices before getting a loaf of whole wheat)

LUNCH: Homemade rice with tofu and chicken

DINNER: Steamed rice with okra and chicken breasts with a fried egg

SNACK: Granola bar, apple, banana, crackers

As for workouts, I decided since Nicole at Pumps and Iron initiated this Dietbet I’d start with one of her kickass workouts and chose the 500-rep Kettlebell Workout!

It was pretty awesome! Very exhausting for some but a full body workout that did its job.  My legs were shaking at the end of it and my arms also.  I do need to probably invest in a 10 lb kettle bell eventually. It seems I didn’t feel like I got stronger but I did.  Last time I did this workout, I could only do part of it in 7lbs and then I had to give up bu this time, aside from 100 Russian Twists in 5 lbs, I did everything else in 7. Felt great! 🙂


BREAKFAST: same as Monday

LUNCH: same as Monday but with okra added in

DINNER:  Steamed rice with Chicken, Shitake mushrooms, Black wood ear with a little bit of steamed tilapia

SNACK: Granola Bar, Apple, Asian Pear, Banana

Workout consisted of 2 minute plank and 35 minutes of DDR/cardio 🙂


BREAKFAST: Quaker Real Medley Peach Almond Oatmeal

LUNCH: Fried Rice with chicken and veggies

DINNER: Same as Tuesday without tilapia but with a bit of fried egg and tomato

SNACK: Rice Cake, Asian Pear, Banana

Lighter workout to compensate  with a mix of yoga and strength training

The second workout is a short 10 minute strength training that you can find the vid and description HERE!

I’ve posted about the yoga routine before.  Its relaxing and gives a great stretch and even works a bit of body weights in.  I followed it up with a quick and efficient strength training without weights to give my muscles a little break from the past two days.


BREAKFAST: Instant Oatmeal Apples and Cinnamon

LUNCH: Fried Rice

DINNER: Steamed Rice, Salmon, Green beans with pork

SNACK: Rice Cake, Banana, Apples

Rest day


BREAKFAST: Instant Oatmeal Cinnamon and Spice

LUNCH: Fried Rice

DINNER: Steamed Rice, Salmon with tofu, Green beans with chicken

SNACK: Rice Cake, Granola Bar, Banana

1 hour indoor Dragonboat practice consisting of approx. 42 minutes of paddling and 15 minutes of calisthenics and medicine ball exercises


BREAKFAST: Whole Wheat Bread with peanut butter

LUNCH: Granola Bar

DINNER: Steamed Rice, Chicken Thighs made with THIS RECIPE,  Chinese Ribs with Taro with dessert of my mom’s Banana Walnut Cake

SNACK: Granola Bar, Cereal (without milk), Banana, Preserved Plums

Rest day but did do 3.5 hours of gift show walking around lugging gifts I had bought and did a morning walk of about 45 minutes.

Sunday (slight cheat day)

BREAKFAST: Homemade Banana-Walnut Cake with Banana

LUNCH: Hot Dogs with a bit of Fries

DINNER: Dinner out –> Mussels with Tomato, Garlic and White Wine Sauce and a side of fries (shared that with my boyfriend)

SNACK: Rice Cake, Banana

I finally managed to get in a workout at 9pm after a very exhausting weekend.  Still, with my cheat days, I never have one without a workout.  It makes me feel like I wasted all my previous efforts. So I chose this since I had bought myself a set of Resistance bands on Saturday.

However, because of all the muscle pain from Friday’s workouts, I went a bit gentle on myself.  I still went all out during the workout but I only did it two times although I probably should’ve done 3 but with work the next day, I needed to make sure I didn’t injure myself or anything.  I’ll just work harder the next day! 🙂

That wraps up my first week of Dietbet.  I’m currently weighed in on Sunday morning at 134.6 pounds –> 1.3 pounds lighter.  Just need to keep it up for another 3 weeks!

Seriously, right? I have to keep it up! Its worth it if it means staying healthy, feeling awesome and looking better than now 🙂


How Many Times Is It Already This Year? Here I Come Toronto! :)

I don’t even remember how many times its been, maybe its the 4th?

Either way, I’m off for the weekend to Toronto.  This time, the bunch is a peculiar one with one of my childhood friends and her fiancee and who is my buffer, you ask? My mom! Thats right! She has some business to take care of in Toronto and I haven’t had a trip with her this year so we’re going for a weekend trip away 🙂

A 5 to 6 hour drive with my mom will prove to be a very challenging task.  Lets hope she tucks the criticism in the back of her mind and let me do my thing: driving I mean.  Its been a while that I’ve left for Toronto in the evening so I’m hoping all will be a-ok!

I’m excited for what we have planned, at least the highlight event! I’ll be back with an update post some time this weekend.  If you are in the Toronto downtown area, I’d love to hang out (without my mom).  I am 27, haha! Maybe tell me the hot spots to go at night to experience some form of night life with my friends.  Drop me an email, tweet me, maybe a comment here, I’d love to hear it 🙂

As always, before any road trip, I leave you with some music! TGIF, right!

I’m totally seeing the awesomeness of Hunter Hayes!

Have a great weekend! 🙂

A Word A Week Challenge: Behind

I am once again late to the party for this one. Maybe I need to start scheduling in posts on a more routine level (but that might take away from the fun).  Thinking about it, its kind of funny, I am BEHIND in my posting and look at what this/last week’s word was.

I don’t know about you but when I go anywhere with my camera, I tend to take people’s behinds, especially hiking or whatnot.  I even do it when I’m at home. It makes the picture look more natural, as if there’s someone observing the motions instead of pulling someone from their normal and making them pose for you or give a smile.  Of course, my two models are almost always the same.

The first being my cat, at this point in time, you’ve seen all her in full and in different areas of her.


Admiring the windy season from the backyard door

Teasing me to play with her

Trying to make me play with her

Next model is my boyfriend. This one was actually one that I didn’t use for THIS photo challenge but I found this weekend when I was looking through my photos for a personal project. I made him run slowly on a hiking trail and as stupid as it may have felt, this one turned out really well 🙂

Mont St. Bruno hiking trail

Running on a hiking trail

Do you like to step behind during walks or events and snap pictures of your loved ones observing their surroundings instead of asking them to pose for the camera?

This is my response to A Word A Week Challenge: Behind.  For more entries, please check it out HERE!

Are You Ready To Face Your Fears?


I felt like I need to actually get a post up to start things off around here! Movie marathon, events and baked goods related to Halloween will go up! The normal photo challenges will go up and workout updates as well but those are the only ones that will not be Halloween related..unless oddly, I find a way to incorporate it in 😉

I may not have a movie review to go up today.  However, I do have an event/project that I’ve just learned about that is going to launch in Montreal this coming Saturday called Peur Depot (aka Fear Depot).

What is this all about, right?

peur depot

Peur Depot features essentially 10 sensorial trails. Its put together by 10 forty foot containers and the concept is that its facing your fears but removing the danger element.  Nothing is in your control and you really just follow and continue on the trails.  Provided there is still a lot of mystery as to how it actually will be as its the first year this has been put together here.

This is exactly what the creators of Peur Dépôt.(Fear Depot) have realized. Each time a visitor will enter into one of the 10 sensory courses, he won’t have control over anything : no control over what he sees, over his behaviour and above all over the outcome of the situation. In real life , this loss of control is synonymous with danger. But if we take away the danger factor from the fear , all we are left with is this high intensity thrill , as if we had the privilege to explore a normally forbidden domain. – peurdepot.com

As I was flipping through some of the pictures and reading through some articles, I started thinking its a new twist on the fear factory concept: walking in complete darkness for 12-15 minutes at a time. Thinking about it somewhat freaks me out as fear of the dark is already one of my biggest phobias in itself. I’m guessing they are so confident that they actually offer the second trail for half price provided you finish the first one. One of the articles state that they will play with your mind and your senses with projections, mechanical sceneries and even people that will scare you when you least expect it.

(My translation) The creators of this frightening attraction wants to offer an experience that touches the world.  “People will be confronted with a variety of fears: fear of the dark, of unknown, of cold, of insects, of death,etc.  There are no monster, vampires, these are all things can happen to us.  Its even more scary than the things that don’t exist”.- Journal Metro

Fear Depot has two themes/trails: Urbania and Claustrophobia with 5 trails each (from what I understand) Which one would intrigue you more?

Some of you actually might be interested in this, because even as chicken as I am, I’m still debating on going…I’m going to wait for some reviews before I decide.  I’m not exactly sure I’m ready to face my fears yet and just be totally put in a situation where I’m completely not in control.  Would you?

For more information on this event, you can check out HERE!

What are your biggest fears? Would you be game to do this? Do you think I should? Anybody want to join me (provided you are close enough to go?)

Friends, Family and Celebration!

I took a day off from posting yesterday to deal with some of my own stuff.  It was good.  I let that overwhelming feeling all come out in the form of tears.  Usually that can be quite therapeutic as well.  Its not resolved but at least a lot of hidden emotional stress has been released and I’m seeing things in a much different light with the help of my wonderful boyfriend.

This really brought up my mood and it still is doing it.

I’m a N’Sync fan.  What can I say? Jason Chen is a pretty good Youtube artist and this was a fun cover 🙂

Last weekend the Labour day weekend and on Sunday we went to my boyfriend’s friend’s place and met a bunch of their friends.  We were supposed to go to the Festi-Biere, a beer festival.  The weather was pretty fantastic but with my boyfriend’s new schedule, we only made it for the barbecue at night.  His friend is a very awesome person and he has a beautiful house in a nice quiet part of the suburbs.  At any new events, being an introvert, I usually do well with alcoholic beverage and he made this one for me:

Sour Puss, Lemon Liquor and juice

Sour Puss, Lemon Liquor and juice

Afterwards, I learned that he was previously employed as a bartender and so this drink was the real deal, half alcohol and half juice.  Being the lightweight that I am, it had me loose really quick 🙂

By the end of the night, we all sat around the outdoors fireplace and chatted a bit.


Nice, peaceful, fun and relaxing night with friends is always a great thing.

On Friday, I met up with one of my longest friends. I think its almost 20 years that we’ve known each other. Even though we do hang out once in a while, its amazing to see how we both have changed so much.  I’ve probably posted about the restaurant Les 3 Brasseurs but they make a kick-ass Sangria.

Les 3 Brasseurs Sangria

Red Sangria at Les 3 Brasseurs

She recently moved in with her fiance, who is a friend because he is also part of my dragonboat team.  I went over to check out the place and it was pretty nice.  While we waited, I had my whole workoutholic mode breakout and had to go down to check out their fantastic gym facilities.

Workout in dress pants!

Workout in dress pants! *excuse the blur*

I’m doing these two 30 day challenges over at Tribesports.  I’m amazed that I’ve already passed Day 6 and today is Day 7 which I still need to do later in the day.  I posted about that HERE, maybe you want to join me!

When her fiance finally got home, we ended up sitting down to drink some white wine. Its this sweet White wine called Aufkellerein.  Its pretty awesome.


Glass of White Wine 🙂

Yesterday (Saturday) was the quiet time for me.  I sat around and didn’t really feel like I did much except play the very addicting Facebook game Criminal Case, put together the project I’m working on (hopefully I’ll get that done today), and after watching so many movies, I decided to start this series on Thursday night and I’m totally hooked.

dollhouse tv

I know, I know.  All of you have probably seen it.  I’m still catching up with a whole bunch of stuff.  I really like it though. Did you like Dollhouse? Have you seen it?

The highlight of yesterday had to be the celebration dinner for my boyfriend’s parent’s 40 years of marriage.  Thats a big deal (to me).  They’ve gone through a lot together and it was a pretty happy moment.  They had wanted a dinner at a buffet called Jardin Tiki.

Jardin Tiki

Jardin Tiki

Lets say the front door is underwhelming.  At least they had some pretty nice decor.

Jardin Tiki

A giant dragon hanging from the ceiling!

And they had a pond with fishes and turtles right underneath that.  That was the Chinese part, then we walk in and its all Hawaiian mixed with African.  Showing Canada’s multiculturalism at its best.  Of course, we all ordered drinks and I was good and took a 7-up.  A bunch of people took these cool drinks including my boyfriend, his sister and her son.

My boyfriend, her sister and her son with their Aku Aku Coconut drinks

My boyfriend, her sister and her son with their Aku Aku Coconut drinks

After the drinks came, we went out to have food.  I’m not much of a buffet person and most of Montreal buffets aren’t really too good.  Plus, I can’t take outside Chinese food so I tried a bit of most of things and it was okay.  A bit salty for some stuff, especially the soy sauce fried rice (at least thats what it looked like).

My plate!

My plate!

My boyfriend's dessert plate with Eclairs

My boyfriend’s dessert plate with Eclairs

The best part was probably the Red Bean Sesame Balls.  Super delicious! 🙂

We actually had booked for the interior area with a band and dance floor where all the celebrations were so these guys started playing music and the kids kept going out to dance. Then, the singer calls out to the stars of the night at each table and we came to our table and my future in-laws.  They were asked to go out for a dance to Unchained Melody.  So sweet 🙂 Then there was a lot of dancing where my boyfriend’s mom asked him to go dance and then the kids with their adults, parents, and my future mother in laws sisters and their husbands.

40 years married and still very much in love :)

40 years married and still very much in love 🙂

My boyfriend and his mom

My boyfriend and his mom

The general dance floor, a lot of from our table

The general dance floor, a lot of from our table

I love these celebrations.  It makes me remember that long love really lasts a long time and I love family events 🙂

To go with that mood, there’s been this really cute (kind of sappy) song that I heard.  Its Chinese so you probably won’t understand the majority of it but the video is a bit dorky funny and I hope you enjoy it 🙂 Its called something like Loving Her Madly. Its by Alex To, Gary Chaw, Victor Wong, A Niu.

I translated the chorus: When I do something wrong, then I say I’m sorry. Even if I’m not the one thats wrong. Anything that she wants and wants to do is okay with me,  Oh…even if I can’t afford it. Have to learn to back off, learn to be stupid, thats okay with me, Can’t help it, can’t help it, can’t help it, Have to say I love you (chinese version), say I love you…

Thats a bit of the princess syndrome style. Here’s a good idea of what they mean.

Funny stuff!

Happy Sunday! 🙂

Pavillon de la Faune at Stratford, Quebec

This Sunday’s adventure was to Pavillon de la faune.  Its a observation center for wildlife.  It actually has two other parts charged separately.  One is a private collection which is the actual Pavillon de la Faune (Fauna Pavillion). Another one is a cruise of Lac Aylmer which needed to be booked in advance.  We had only wanted to go check out the Observation Centre so we paid $10 for entrance and we headed across the street to where the actual entrance is.

In the area right before we enter the actual centre, they have cages with some animals also. The deer pen is one where we can go in.  Unfortunately, I delegated the task of photo taking and lets just say, technical difficulties occurred so I have nothing to showcase.  There was two cages with raccoons and man, they were so playful and adorable.  There was a cage of turkeys going all gobble gobble and then finally, there was a cage of baby foxes.  They were mega adorable.We even had a chance to hold them, although another girl took that chance so I just stood and watched as the guide took it out of the kennel.

Pavillon de la faune

Baby Fox held by the guide

On the entrance of the observation centre, there was rows and rows of caged animals.  Some was saved from the wilderness, some was orphaned, some were left behind in changes of their owner’s situations.  As much as I didn’t really enjoy seeing them caged in like that, the objective of the centre was a good one.

After the cage section, we saw the open area with some more farm animals and domesticated, docile ones that won’t have the danger of biting off any of my body parts.

We were greeted by miniature horses, a llama hiding in a corner and a donkey.



Llama with another hiding behind it


centre d'observation de la faune


centre d'observation de la faune

Petting a donkey

After two more sets of fence barrier, we get into a rocky mountain (man-made) to let goats climb and go around.



Its actually a pretty funny story.  As mentioned, there were these fences blocking off these goats from the section in the middle with baby goats and other farm animals and the bunny pen is there also. Some person didn’t close the fence properly and these goats lined up in single file and started going to the middle section.

Runaway goat/ram? Not sure what you call it

Runaway goat/ram? Not sure what you call it

The finale for me was going into the bunny pen.  I even got to hold one of them which the task was also delegated but yet another technical difficulty happened and it wasn’t shot.  At least I have cute bunny pictures 🙂

centre d'observation de la faune

Little Bunnies



Bunnies cuddling up together

Bunnies cuddling up together

centre d'observation de la faune

This was the little guy that I held 🙂

This place may not be the best wildlife centre I’ve been to but the whole experience of getting to touch certain animals was definitely fun.  Can you tell I’m the interactive type (with animals), not necessarily humans, that takes a little more time to warm up to.  Is that weird?

Pavillon de la Faune is pretty nice.  Probably not my best recommendation but it has a very friendly staff and hey, if you want to play with deers and bunnies, farm animals and hold a baby fox, I’d say its a cool place.  It wasn’t exactly what I was expecting but it was informative and I had fun 🙂 Some of the stories of the animals were pretty sad but at least this is a new home for them despite their mishaps.

Do you have observation centres or wildlife preservation areas or zoos where you are? Any that you’d recommend as a must-see if say, I were to travel there?

Where Do I Start? The Secrets of Happy People :)

Happy Saturday everyone! 🙂

How was the past week for you?

Mine has been a bit all over the place.  It was calm for the most part, which is good.  Yesterday (Friday) turned out to be quite hectic and nerve-wracking.  Our plans had to be swapped around and I went for the “x” amount of times this year to check up on another emergency. As I type this, I’m on call if I need to go out to help out and waiting on the news which we should get some time today.  Its never good to be caught in these sudden situations.

But hey, you know me? Its the weekend after all! There’s lots of stuff to do and I survived another week, didn’t I? There are so many things to do today and I just don’t know where to start? How about changing it that negative I started out with and putting in a positive by sharing a video I just watched last night when I got home from all the chaos from PopSugar TV called The Secrets of Happy People?

I’m sure we can all use some of that! Amazingly, I do agree with every bit of that and I try to do most of what they say.  Granted, I don’t write down what I’m grateful for but I think about it every time something bad happens.

With that said, if you have been following me, I’ve been in the 90210 binge watch phase and you can read about that frustration I had THIS silly post! On that same night, I stayed up late and finished up the series! Totally worth it because for once, it was such a feel-good vibe. As empty as a lot of these teen drama series are, they are a coming of age and nothing gets better than watching one which  made me feel that they all grew up and wraps up everything nicely. They even had some awesome quotes like this:

naomi 90210

And when we aren’t sure if we can keep fighting? Here’s we do:

90210 dixon silver finale

You reach deeper until you find the strength. That’s all life is. Its just one big fight after another….you fight and you keep fighting until you can’t fight anymore and when you can’t, we’ll be there to lift you up and carry you.-Dixon, 90210

You know what I love about these series is that solid friendship even through all the crazy.  It can get touching but thats probably because I’m tired and sappy.  Plus, I got hormonal imbalance all the time! Oops, wasn’t supposed to say that, right? Anyways, I am going through the normal process of withdrawal from a series ending…maybe in another 10-15 years, they’ll give us a spin-off but with the same cast with their families with with more focus from the adult cast also 😉

Moving on! I have a good number of movies lined up this weekend to get a lot more recommendations reviews ready for next week 🙂 I already finished two and just need to write the actual reviews! I’m going to leave which ones for the surprise element  😉 Plus, I have to get a movie watched and reviewed for a blogathon! Busy weekend, right? AND BAKING hopefully 😉 I just bought this awesome recipe book and I can’t wait to try it out!

Betty Crocker's The Big Book of Cupcakes!

Betty Crocker’s The Big Book of Cupcakes!

Well, on the note of new acquisitions, I’ve been waiting for this new scarf at my favorite shop, Dynamite and they didn’t have the scarf I wanted, but I fell in love with a new one and at the same time, bought a new top that looked totally adorable!

20130824_162417 20130824_162514

Now I’m all ready to go out for a night out with my girl friends 🙂

Before I end this, you know what else I love? Public proposals! I’m going to share another very happy video of Phil DeFranco’s surprise proposal.  That was totally awesome!

These videos always make me smile.  I can sit there all day and watch this and it’ll just make me so happy.  Since I follow his YouTube show, it feels even more familiar and making this even happier moment 🙂 I don’t know him personally but hey, as weird as it may be, thats just how I am.

So much rambling in this post but thats my secret to being happy also 🙂

Hopefully something there put a smile on your face! 🙂

Are you already doing what they said about the secrets of happy people?  Getting ready for fall clothes yet (even if its still early)? What TV series are you obsessing over or just finished?


Weekly Photo Challenge: One Shot, Two Ways

This week’s Photo Challenge is to check out the different ways we could take the same shot and finding the best one.  I always tend to do that already which also means that when I look at a certain object that I want to focus on, I know generally what I want to do.  Sometimes I still do it but less than I used to.

For the sake of this challenge, when I went to the Matsuri Festival this weekend, I saw certain things that would be interesting if taken in two different ways.  Here it is:

Decoration on the sides of the stage





Little Children’s Doodle Palette



Different angles also make a difference to the perspective of the photo.  I always like to play with pointing the camera upwards or downwards, depending on what I’m shooting.

This is my response to Weekly Photo Challenge: One Shot, Two Ways.  Click HERE to see more entries 🙂

Exhibit: Planet Shark-Predator or Prey?

Planet Shark

Planet Shark at Montreal Science Center

Its turning into shark day, no? Maybe its perfect timing because I heard its Shark Week on Discovery Channel.

Isn’t it just right to see a shark movie before a shark exhibit? I thought so at least!

I’ve been wanting to see this since the exhibit started and it was one of the items on my summer activities that I wanted to do and talked about HERE! Finally got one of the activities done!

Technically I’m not sure if I was allowed to take pictures at the exhibit so I will do just a small amount of it to give you a taste of how it was. 🙂

The first thing we walk right in front of is these shark jaws!

Carchardon Megalodon

Carchardon Megalodon

This shark is high danger but its already died out and no one really knows the reason why.

And the whole exhibit has all the types of sharks and their jaws showing their teeth and danger level.

We also see teeth exhibit from different types of sharks and then behind it we have this wall that shows the different sizes of shark in comparison to each other from smallest to largest.

Different sizes of sharks in comparison

Different sizes of sharks in comparison

This one was probably one of the coolest parts of the exhibit and the only real specimens.

Frozen Mako and Tuna Fish

Frozen Real Mako and Tuna Fish at -20C

They also had a little Battle of the Jaws.  Here’s one of the displays comparing a Great White Shark to a Killer Whale

Battle of the Jaws

Battle of the Jaws

Next we get to the movie related section.  First up, we have Jackie Chan’s First Strike animatronic Grey Nurse shark.

animatronic Grey Nurse Shark in Jackie Chan's First Strike

animatronic Grey Nurse Shark in Jackie Chan’s First Strike

After that, we have Jaws…first with some posters

Jaws poster

Jaws poster

Then we have the Jaws Miniature Cages. They were used in the scene with Hooper while real sharks circled the cage.  They had to use a shorter stunt double to do that scene however, because it turned out to be unsafe before Carl Rizzo (stunt double) actually was in that scene, they had to use a dummy instead or else he would’ve been injured (or killed).

Jaws' Miniature Cages

Jaws’ Miniature Cages

I liked this chart below a lot! Mostly because I just had finished watching The Reef.  The review was posted up this morning if you didn’t see it. Its not really clear, but I guess you can get the idea with the little pictures on the side, but if you look at any shark predator movie (especially in The Reef), you will see the group take these precautions as they swim in the water.  Making me feel that The Reef was even more realistic 😉

10 Ways to Avoid Attack

10 Ways to Avoid Attack

This was cool wall collage

This was cool wall collage

That was near the end of the exhibit! It took about an hour to go through the whole thing. It had videos and lots of cool infos with specimens and displays.  It was really awesome! Plus, it gave us access to other exhibits and we ended up checking out an extra one called Mission Gaia.

Mission Gaia

Mission Gaia

Its pretty cool because its about making quick decisions to solve certain issues that occur in our cities and the different sectors.

Lopsided view of Mission Gaia in process of being saved by me and my boyfriend.

Lopsided view of Mission Gaia in process of being saved by me and my boyfriend.

We got through 3 different missions and each one leads to a broader perspective from city wide to more nation wide and worldwide.  You had to choose the right options to grow your city for as many years as possible in the amount of time they gave you but keeping in mind to keep balance in economy, population and environment.  We had 4 tokens to play and make our choices and all the results of the choices had explanations to show the pros and cons 🙂

It was a lot of fun! 🙂 Maybe if it tours to your city, you might want to check it out.  Its definitely worthwhile 🙂