Weekly Photo Challenge: Friendship

FRIENDSHIP is definitely one of the many things I enjoy about life.  Meeting new people and hoping that one day they will become friends.  Of course, friends can differ and we may get along with some better than others, but in the end, the true friends will stay with you no matter how far apart you are or how busy your life gets.  Friends will go through good times, fun times along with bad times, and stay around, they will be around to make sure that you are okay when you are scared and work hard to encourage you as well.

On Saturday, I went with a group of friends to go to Arbraska Tree Adventure in Rawdon, Quebec.  It was extremely fun.  Just for those who don’t know what Tree Adventure is, its where there are obstacle courses between trees with little “games” and zip lines.  It was the first time for everyone in the group (or at least the majority).  What better way to portray friendship than a day out with friends experiencing something for the first time?

For the following pictures, I’d like to thank one of my friends for being brave enough to bring his camera (when I forgot my own) and generous enough to let me use it to complete this blog and to all my friends in the pictures who gave me the okay to feature them in my blog.

Here we go!

One of my first time zip-lining  and I had the pleasure of a new friend helping stop my run so I don’t rebound

(Please note: I’m really scared of heights)

Our end of the tree adventure with the whole gang and our gear

After our tree adventure, my friend here who was raised in Rawdon brought us to visit the Dorwin Falls.

This is at the top of the falls,.  When you’re with friends, we can be as free-spirited as he is when he’s running to the falls.

Good times! Great and refreshing view!

My best friend and I sitting at the side of the rapids.

Just as friends should be, (although posing) we’re supporting and helping each other (from the rapids in this case).

Just to end off the post, look at this wonderful time with friends, we eventually joined our friend in the water to have a nice chat and relax!