Netflix A-Z: Love Wrecked (2005)

As we are slowly approaching the halfway point of this first round of Netflix A-Z, I’m looking back and questioning some of my choices.  After all, I guess there are always something in the deep dark areas of my mind of why I push away watching a certain movie on my list.  I mean, I see it there all the time but then, something just says no. Love Wrecked is on the list because I enjoy Amanda Bynes in She’s the Man but then a few other movies where she is in supporting roles (for example, Hairspray & Easy A). In main roles, I’m still looking for one I enjoy as much as She’s the Man.

So, here we are.  I’m not sure about anyone here so let’s take a deep breath and press play! Let’s go! 😉

Love Wrecked (2005)

Love Wrecked

Director: Randal Kleiser

Cast: Amanda Bynes, Chris Carmack, Jonathan Bennett, Jamie-Lynn Sigler, Jackie Long, Joey Kern, Lance Bass, Kathy Griffin, Alfonso Ribeiro

On a Caribbean cruise, Jenny is marooned on a beach with her rock and roll idol. Deliriously in love with the idea of time alone with him, she manages to hide the fact that they’re a stone’s throw away from their resort.-IMDB

I guess the description up there is fairly accurate. I’m going to say this right now and finish the thought in the opening paragraph.  Amanda Bynes’ movies have always a very similar feeling to it and as I was putting together that part on the top, I realized what it was. All her movies, other than She’s The Man or the supporting roles ones, are really great as background noise.  Like I’d put it on in the background while I do whatever chores. You don’t need a whole lot of focus but its a little bit of entertainment when you walk past the screen and look at it for a little bit.  Its not a bad thing.  Some movies are great for that and I appreciate them for that. Love Wrecked definitely falls into that category.  Its with a young cast that I knew from various teen shows and I was in my late teens 10 years ago.  I’ll refer to those as we look at the performances further down.

Love Wrecked

Love Wrecked is pretty thin in plot.  It plays on the exaggerated ignorance of rock stars.  Its a lot of stupid troupes and very teen-related things going on.  Nothing exciting happens a lot and its almost mocks the whole fan-girl thing. Actually, not almost, it really does.  The best thing about this one is the scenery because its shot in Sun Village Beach Resort in St. Lucia, I think. Its nothing particularly special but its harmless in a way.  There were some moments where it was just a little too much and over the top with the reactions and the acting.  It might appeal to the  younger audience and get a few laughs but its nothing memorable.

Looking at the young cast, Amanda Bynes is just being her usual acting persona.  Whether in She’s the Man or Sydney White, in the leading role, she pretty much does the same reactions and over the top silliness.  I personally enjoy Amanda Bynes when she was doing these movies so it doesn’t bother me so much.  This one is definitely more in the Sydney White league.  I guess, what makes the difference is a better script and this one didn’t have that.

Love Wrecked

On the other hand, the boys here are pretty interesting choices.  Chris Carmack who plays the rock star was in The OC. At least thats where I remember him from.  He was never a favorite character for me but he did end up in a few movies after his role in the show doing teen movies or even Butterfly Effect 3, I think.  I didn’t see that one.  He’s okay.  He isn’t really my type of guy so I didn’t even sense his appeal.  Plus, they made him extremely stupid and he was doing these ridiculous things that made me cringe from the cheesiness.  I don’t even know if that was intentional. The other guy, Ryan, played by Jonathan Bennett, who is this girl’s  best friend who obviously has a crush on her and is the decent good guy underdog choice here is a pretty nice role.  I actually like Jonathan Bennett.  He was in Mean Girls playing the main guy there.  In this one, I like Ryan because he was really shy and cute.  His character had something nice.  Because of that, it got me a little more interested in the movie and found the calmer moments with him and Amanda Bynes’ character nice.

I’m a little sad that this movie was so sub-par because the director here is Kandal Kleiser.  C’mon, I just raved about his earlier work a few months ago.  He’s the guy who did Grease! Thinking about Grease makes me want to watch it on repeat, then x amount of years later, he decides to do Love Wrecked? I just can’t think of why.

Overall, Love Wrecked is nothing special.  Its forgettable and cliche and sometimes over the top in a rather annoying way.  I didn’t hate it but I wouldn’t go back to watch it mostly because I’m sure I’ll forget about it in a few days. The acting was a little awkward and the story was a little boring but hey, the Caribbeans definitely are pretty.  While there were some mildly funny parts and some cute chemistry near the end, and I like the cast here somewhat, I remain indifferent to it.

On a ending note, I can’t even remember the name of Amanda Bynes’ character…I think it was Jenny. Haha!

Have you seen Love Wrecked? What did you think?

M is next! Any guesses?
Honestly, I’m a little worried about my choice…

Grease (1978)

I’d like to consider myself pretty knowledgeable when it comes to musicals.  I know that there’s a ton that I haven’t seen but I’ve also seen a good bunch of them and they are possibly one of my favorite genres ever to watch.  Imagine the surprise when I tell you that before 2 weeks ago, I’ve never seen Grease before.  I know of Grease and I’ve seen the Grease based episode on Glee before.  I’m relatively okay with the younger days of John Travolta and I know that Olivia Newton-John is in it, even though I’ve never actually seen her in any movies.  Its always been on my list but I’ve just never gotten around to it.

Here we are! My friends dropped by with their little one (I talked about it HERE) and while we had nothing to do while she took care of her mommy duties, we sat down to watch Grease 🙂

Let’s check it out!!

Grease (1978)


Director: Randal Kleiser

Cast: John Travolta, Olivia Newton-John, Jeff Conaway, Stockard Channing, Didi Conn, Barry Pearl, Michael Tucci, Kelly Ward

Good girl Sandy and greaser Danny fell in love over the summer. But when they unexpectedly discover they’re now in the same high school, will they be able to rekindle their romance? – IMDB

 I have no idea what has taken me this long to watch Grease.  Grease is a fun high school musical film full of great songs and great characters.  While I was completely convinced with the whole romance between Danny and Sandy and it begged for a little more development, the music and dance choreography was so great and really memorable.  Watching this actually  made me realize that I knew most of the songs before I even watched this.  Maybe my parents watched this when I was young and it stuck in my memory? I don’t know.


My version of Grease’s review wouldn’t be complete without tackling the concept of young John Travolta.  I had a bit of respect for him until he really creeped me out in this year’s Academy Awards. He looks a tad plastic and I haven’t quite enjoyed his recent movies.  I can’t even remember them anymore.  But young John Travolta, early in his career, I believe, was fantatic.  Sure, like any musical brought to the big screen, there’s a tad of overacting and whatnot but Danny is such a great character.  He’s the school bad boy and the leader of the T-Birds but he falls in love for Sandy.  The choice now is deciding whether he can give up his image for this girl.  The character development of his character was pretty good from trying to hide his feelings to being an encouraging leader to his friends (especially about their rundown crappy car and turning it into Grease Lightning) and by the end, he’s changed in his own way. John Travolta in this role was really great.  He carried it amazingly and while I sat around wondering if John Travolta in his younger self was handsome, I do admit he had a bit of charm going for him as Danny.

Plus, he had his buddies in T-Birds and they made up for a lot of humor as well.  Just looking at the supporting role in his best friends Kenickie (Jeff Conaway).  That guy kind of grew on me a little.


Turning to the other side, the ladies.  Sandy is from Australia originally and due to a change of events, she ends up in the same school as Danny.  And through some way, she ends up hanging out with the Pink Ladies lead by Rizzo (Stockard Channing), a independent girl who holds her on but really is quite soft-hearted when you get to know her.  Her and Kenickie have an interesting vibe.  The other Pink Ladies are all unique in their own way, each one has their own personality. Two of these girls are more highlighted: Rizzo and Frenchie.  Frenchie’s all about living in her dreams but uncertain about her future. Its a good reflection of high school and trying to figure out what to do with your future, at least a glimpse of it.


Going back to our main lady, Sandy.  She’s a sweet, good girl.  She has her own principles and really likes Danny but she wants him to accept the guy that she spent the summer with.  The contrast between the characters and the individually they were all pretty good but the development of the romance between Danny and Sandy was a little lacking and same kind of goes for Rizzo and Kenickie.  Not to say that when they were together it didn’t have their own little spark but what made up for it was definitely the upbeat music.  I could get that the fast pace of events going on and the music and dance sequences really kept the audience engaged in the movie and that’s the plus to all this.

Overall, Grease is a fun upbeat teenage musical full of great dance sequences and amusing characters and catchy songs.  Its absolutely addictive to watch (and I’m saying this because I watched it a lot of times the week after I saw this which is what delayed writing this actual review…).  I love Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta as Sandy and Danny respectively.  Although their story could be a little more developed, same goes for Rizzo and Kenickie, there was still a nice chemistry going on between the couples.  Definitely a must-see and an awesome time altogether! 🙂 I may be one of the few that haven’t seen this but if you haven’t, you should!

Have you seen Grease? What do you think of John Travolta? Which is your favorite song?