Music Obsessions – September 2018

Music Obsession

Another month has gone by in 2018! Time for the monthly dose of music obsessions! A lot of random spontaneity this time around!

Lie A Little Better – Lucy Hale

If you did catch up with my last What’s Up episode, I talked about revisiting Pretty Little Liars. Which isn’t weird because as I was putting together posts and searching up some names and whatnot for Pretty Little Liars, I came across an article about Lucy Hale talking about how she wrote this song with Drew Van Acker on her mind which for those who don’t know plays a role in Pretty Little Liars and is a gorgeous guy who she has some romance/connection with and well, I personally ship them super hard. Either way, since I hadn’t heard this song or any of Lucy Hale’s songs, I decided to give it a go. Its not the best country music I’ve heard but I think its a cute and fun one. Its growing on me quite a bit.

Dear God – Hunter Hayes

I’m a huge fan of Hunter Hayes and its been a few years since he’s had music (or so it would seem for myself) but this year has seen him popping up again. I love the lyrics and the rhythm of this song as a whole. Really good stuff!

Spark – F.I.R.

If you follow me the Facebook page (you can check it out here), I wrote an extensive post about this one. The Outsiders was a breakout hit for Taiwanese TV series like maybe 10+ years ago and saw the rising of some big Taiwanese stars who went on to make some other movies and progress in their career paths with Blue Lan (I reviewed Easy Fortune Happy Life series HERE) and Dylan Kuo for starters and then also gave the rising of this 3 person rock band called F.I.R. They are honestly the real deal with great vocals and amazing composition talent for all their songs. Unfortunately, it almost felt like their fame came as quick as it left sadly. But now, its nice to see a revival of sorts for The Outsiders in movie form  and they got back F.I.R. to do the main theme song called Spark. I love it so much and have to find some way to see this movie eventually!

我在呢 (I’m Here) – Tank

A complete coincidence that we land on back to back songs for TV series. I’ve actually never heard of this one (as I don’t follow it as much as I did when I was in CEGEP (our 2 years between high school and university)). Tank doesn’t seem to make so much music anymore but I’ve always loved his stuff so I love the fact that this one is a slower, more romantic song and I still like it a lot. Reason being, I’m usually more captivated by his faster songs.

Rumors – R3HAB & Sofia Carson

Freshly released selection right here! Rumors was released this week. If you’ve been following this segment, you know that I love R3HAB. He is a great DJ producer or whatever you call it. It took a little moment to get used to Sofia Carson’s vocals here however, it kind of grew on me as the beat and rhythm went along and it just jived together awesomely.

Tribute to my Dad
Classic Cantonese Pop

80s Canto Pop is really awesome. Well, look past the really cheesy music videos, they still hold so much beauty in both the music and lyrics together. Lisa Wang is a significant pillar in the Hong Kong landscape and she’s done some great music. This is honestly just an example. Either way, if my dad was alive, he’d be celebrating his birthday tomorrow and while I’ve dialed back on getting these posts too personal, I’ve been thinking about things a lot and really wanted to share one of the many 80s classic songs that we used to listen to on car rides and that I still love to listen to and sing to every once in a while. I mean, I could’ve used Cantonese Opera but I’m sparing everyone a long video and their eardrums especially if you aren’t accustomed to it.

That’s it for this Music Obsessions!
What have you been listening to (preferably on repeat)?

Music Obsessions: Set It Off, R3HAB & KSHMR, Wintergatan Marble Machine!

Music Obsessions is back to normal programming!

Man, these past few months have been so hard not getting a intermission for Music Obsessions with just whatever music. There’s so much fantastic music that I’ve been listening to on repeat. And it was very much needed since real life (aka work) has gone completely out of control.  Work suddenly went abnormally busy.  Overtime and late week nights has drained me so much. Seeing as the pop music charts have been also super depressing, I’ve been resorting to my trusty Youtube list for some good music. Most of the time, it hasn’t failed me.

I’m done with writing! Enjoy and have fun!  🙂

Set it Off – The Haunting

Easily the song I’m most obsessed with on this list.  The style, the video, the attitude: I love it all so much! 🙂 Try listening (and singing super loud) to this after a long day of work, it gets all that anger out. Haha!

Karate – R3HAB & KSHMR

It seems like KSHMR just popped out of nowhere since the Tiesto collab for Secrets.  In the last few months, a few videos came out and while its rare to find electronic music with the same artist that are great consistently, KSHMR has done that. This and the one a little later in the list are two collabs with R3HAB that are fantastic with great beats!

Set It Off – Duality

I feel like Set it Off music should have a warning on it.  Beware of getting it stuck in your head for days and humming it at the weirdest times. Yeah, Duality pops in my head all the time. Same goes for Ancient History, a little later in the list also 😉

Strong – R3HAB & KSHMR

Set It Off- Ancient History

Finally for some awesome mad music scientist…


If you head over to watch the How It Works videos, its pretty amazing.  While they think its still flawed and lots of work to improve, the concept of putting this together takes huge commitment and to actually make music out of here just blows my mind.

Happy Sunday! Hopefully you’ve all had a fantastic weekend! 🙂