Weekly Photo Challenge: Merge…into a Star Wars Identity!!

Fusion! The new fad for everything, especially food.  We want to MERGE concepts for eating, for living, for clothes, etc.  Companies merge to become more competitive or to absorb their competition.  We all love to merge to experience better and newer things, fresh ideas, attractive concepts and more.

This weekend, I visited an exhibition with friends, exactly merging a very popular movie saga with the idea of how we became who we are.  Maybe you’ve heard of it.  No? Well, I’m not sure if its touring, but it stops by wherever you are, I highly urge you to go check it out.  This exhibition at the Montreal Science Center is Star Wars Identities: The Exhibition.  It was a really fun experience.

At the beginning of the journey, we were given a bracelet and a headset.  On the wall we had to test our bracelet to make sure it was working.


Our adventure starts by an intro video telling us about how the interactive experience works.  Its pretty much 10 stages that we need to go through to figure out how our Star Wars Identity will be made and shape its personality, career, etc.

The 10 stations! I won’t post up what happens at the stations since I’m not sure if anyone else will be visiting so to not ruin the experience.  I’m missing the 4th station though, to discover where we live and the lifestyle habits of the society.

So in the final panel, I decided to reject the offer by the emperor!


What do you think? Nice merge, eh?

In a nutshell, you can see that I’m a female Twi’lek who lives in forest planet Kashyyyk.  I have 3 close friends and my mentor is Qui-Gon Jinn.  My career is a senator.  My past experiences include being a legend because I took down an enemy command station in one shot and after that opened a Rebel academy to train the younger generation.  I’m adventurous, curious, accomodating and I value self-direction, believe that freedom is the right to choose.

Thats my Star Wars identity and its in Star Wars history now!