Week 28&29: Challenges Completed!

Its hard to believe that I’ve committed myself to working out for over half a year already. Lets see how the last two weeks was!

Early September, I decided to challenge myself and joined the 30 day Fitness Challenge.  That means to complete 11 different 30 day challenges to complete that one challenge.  Afterwards, I wanted to get a full body workout so I matched up the 30 day Arm challenge and the 30 day Squat challenge.  To see the post and update, you can check it out HERE and HERE.

Both the challenges ended yesterday! Lets take a look again at what it was 🙂


Squats were supposed to be the easy part in all this.  Some other Tribesports member had written that they lost inches off their hips and whatnot.  I didn’t do a before after but I can tell you that my leg muscles are definitely more defined and less fat, in general.  Still quite far from slender but I think we’re on the right path.  For the workout, its really straightforward.  I do not own legs of steel or anything so by the time we got into the 200+ reps (maybe even 180) I had to start splitting up into certain reps and giving myself 20 seconds of rest in between.  I have to say that I’m proud to complete this, to start from the rather easy 50 reps to a crazy hard 250 is definitely an accomplishment in my book. The fact that I even keeped at it during my weekend away and even if it meant coming home at 11pm and doing it at the crazy hours of midnight, it showed discipline. Something I felt that I might have lost as I started feeling like I’d lost motivation.


As proud as I am of finishing the squats, I felt even better about completing this one.  I seriously thought I’d give up on this but I never did. Despite doing dragonboat, I have a much stronger core than I have arms.  Especially since I had been training on the right side, my left side is totally weak and has very little muscular endurance.  When I first started this challenge, the tricep dips started getting challenging by Day 6 and the push-ups (normal full body, not modified/girl ones) were difficult from the start.  Pulling into Day 30, its been amazing how my upper body has gotten really muscular.  I can actually see the contours of muscles when I move my arm and even muscles that I never thought existed are showing up.  Plus, not to mention that I can now do 3 sets of 20 pushups and 3 sets of 30 tricep dips.  I have to say, this is quite impressive.

fit badass

For all of you wondering whats up after this? I’m taking a day or two of break to rest up my body.  As I have been working on upper and lower body during these challenges, its hard to just jump into another 30 day commitment.  I’m going to go back on my random workout routines from Tone it Up, Pumps and Iron and a few other sites I follow and some individual workout challenges in Tribesports for a week or two before I go back into it.

I did learn something about myself during this month.  As much as music is extremely motivating to have when working out, many hours of it was spent watching (and listening to, when doing push ups) TV series.

During the next two weeks, its going to be deciding what 30 day routine to do next 🙂 I’m thinking abs but maybe I’ll change my mind! Who knows, right? For now, I’ll stay proud of myself and just enjoy some spontaneity and more intense workouts!

Week 26&27: Mid Challenge Update!

Two weeks has passed since I dedicated myself to some of the challenges on Tribesports community.  I announced what I was going to do HERE if you’d like to check it out!

14 days workout has passed by.  The first week felt extremely long as everything looked and felt so challenging.  However, after today’s end of the second week, the challenges have become a part of my routine but it still takes a lot to keep going.  Its a constant fight to do the challenge exercises for that day.

Finishing Day 14 today, I’ve gone from my initial Day 1 doing 50 body weight squats to tonight’s 135.  The every 3 days rest really works wonders to help recuperate a little. For the arm workouts, I’ve gone up to doing 2 sets of 29 tricep dips, 2 sets of 21 (full-body) push ups, and dropping back down to 4 sets of 5 bicep curls.  The improvement is that I’ve increased my weights. Its great to gradually feel stronger in my upper body which has always been my weakness.

This weekend being away from my home, the fitness centre forced me to increase the weights.  However, I did feel they were too much for me at the current stage so I went back down to 8lbs once I got home.  I have a weaker upper body and I need to try to avoid any injuries so I’m trying to push myself but not overly.

Coming to that, the new training log functionality on Tribesports is really awesome because you can log in whatever you did  or the ones associated with the challenges or workouts you set to do.  Its pretty efficient because it helps keep track of the progress made.  I find that not only motivational but organized.  That always helps, especially when my memory is a bit fluky and I have to recount the days I did or when I did what.  Seriously, Tribesports added something awesome.

As much as adding in extra cardio has been a big not happening phase, I did manage to squeeze in a full body workout last night at the fitness centre while my best friend was doing her jogging.  Eating too much on vacation tends to give me an excess supply of energy.  I did a workout called Tribesports Full Body Dumbbell Workout.

Click on image for workout details

I have been craving to do a full body workout in a while.  Sometimes, the challenges moves are so short and quick.  Even though they are tiring, nothing really beats the feeling of doing a full-body routine.  This one definitely is quite fun to do.  It covers a really complete set of muscles and I felt pretty much spent after that.  It didn’t appear to be as tiring but it really is efficient and I highly recommend this.

I’m ready to carry on and finish these challenges in style and come back next time with good news 🙂 If I happen to do another extra workout, I’ll talk about it next time!

Happy Monday! 🙂

Extra: Workout Roundup Updates!

I usually only post once a week to track my weekly progress.  I will still do that with selfies but I have just decided to take the 30 Day Fitness Challenges by Tribesports.  There is currently 11 different 30 day challenges targeting different areas of the body.  I might try to post updates but with that 30 Day Challenge in progress, maybe I’ll just do some Twitter updates.  I will definitely check back at the end of 30 days to tell you if I succeeded or failed.  Well, if I come back sooner, probably means I lost track and need to restart…

NO! NO! Positive energy has to stick around!!

Here’s what I’m starting with:

30 Day Squat Challenge!

I’d feel ridiculous if I just did 50 squats on one day so I decided to pair it up with 30 Day Arm Challenge!

30 Day Arm Challenge

I can tell you after the first two days.  Those 250 squats end goal looks quite far.  BUT those pushups look even farther, even unattainable. My boyfriend told me that I have to work the muscles that I dread because they are weaker and the aftermath just hurts more. Here’s my chance, right?

I’m already saying this, if it gets too crazy, I will stop one challenge mid month.  My bet is the arms because I probably need some extra training first.  I’m just giving this two challenges at once a shot.  I will definitely finish one! If I do quit one before, I probably will try to start another challenge on a stronger part of my body while I strengthen my upper body more 🙂 Sounds like a good plan? I think so…

I can tell you this also.  With this, I will definitely try to get in more cardio since it’ll leave me more time to do that with shorter workouts 🙂


All of you are my witness now! I’m dedicating to do this challenges which means at least 11 months, whether consecutive or not, I’m not sure, but I will do it 🙂 I’ll be back with an update post on October 1st!

Anyone want to join my craziness? 🙂

Week 15: Cardio Power-up for 100 Miles by Summer!

Its the last week of 100 Miles by summer.  I need a bit about 28 miles this week.  My best week was 24.5 miles on the second week.  Its just a bit more, right? I’m going to try my best to be extremely active in the cardio work. Plus, this week’s daily challenge is to do 2 miles of whatever you want cardio-wise.  I usually manage to get in at least 2 miles of walking when the weather is good.  But it doesn’t end with that, we also have 50 push-ups and 100 TIU Tummy Tucks every day.  Also, its the final week for the Bikini Series.  I followed it loosely so my body isn’t totally ready and looking hot like K&K at Tone it Up but, its getting there.  Lets rock it!


2 miles–> DONE! at lunch running errands, dropping off documents 🙂

50 push ups –> 25 reps/25 reps DONE before dinner!

100 TIU tummy tucks –>25 reps *4 with one minute break in between!

Today is my off day! Attacked with cramps for most of the day and felt like crap! My goal was to stick with completing the Daily Challenge! 🙂


2 miles –>DONE! 4.50miles in total

50 pushups –> DONE! before my long evening walk with the boyfriend

100 TIU Tummy tucks –> Only 25 was done in the morning…then cramps hit

Postponed the workout to the next day due to not feeling very well…


2 miles –>DONE! 2.25 miles today

50 pushups –>two sets of 25 with one break in between after workout

100 TIU tummy tucks –>25 in the morning, 25 before dinner, 25 before yoga, 25 after 🙂

New pre-workout yoga routine released yesterday called Ibiza Beach Yoga Routine!  I’ve never done yoga before so I decided to challenge myself a bit. I’m sure some moves weren’t done exactly right but I’m learning and actually, to my surprise, I found it incredibly fun.  Maybe I’ll start looking into more yoga routines 🙂

Perfect way to start off my DDR session.  I was weighing between 30 minutes or an hour and decided on the lesser one since I’m not really feeling tip top and the Yoga one actually took a lot of energy out of me, even if it was just stretching, still it required lots of ab and full body work.


2 miles –> 3.55 miles with a nice evening walk with my mom! We had a lot of catching up after her trip in Hong Kong.

50 pushups –>Done! Before the workout!

100 TIU tummy tucks –>30/30/40 DONE!

For the workout, its doing the Thailand Tush workout three times through.  I only did 2 times since my health has been not too great and I’m having this weird hit of insomnia.  I think its the stress.  Still, it was a good workout. I felt really good afterwards! Plus, my behind could really use some working out 🙂 Especially since there might be a water park day with the girls soon!!! I hope it works out!


2 miles –>I had a crazy amount of walking on my night out! Got in over 3miles! 🙂 DONE!

50 pushups and 100 TIU tummy tucks have to be postponed as I got home at about midnight! I’m going to do them tomorrow morning instead!


Rain starting hitting early in the morning so I ended up doing the 50 pushups and 100 tummy tucks!

I had a few errands to run so I ended up getting in about a mile of walking done and wishing that I had done more because it could end up being the reason I miss that 1 mile to hit 100 by summer…


I managed to get up in time for a morning jog with some walking in between.  It tallied up to 6.8 km (4.22 miles).  I still am not really doing great and having some weird health issues.  I am getting a bit more sleep so its just a matter of time before my energy level is back to normal.  Not overdoing it on the 2nd jog of 2013 is also very wise! Guess what? I remembered to stretch afterwards…YES! 🙂


This week didn’t seem like I did a lot of strength training and took it easy but I think once in a while, its good to do that.  I managed to keep up with the daily challenges for the most part.  Only had one day where I lost 75 tummy tucks. As for the 100 by summer, I managed to hit 98.8 miles in total of all the weeks together.  Close enough, right? This week did have its greats! I did my first ever yoga routine and its peaked my interest.  I’m going to try to seek out some more and look into this, plus, I went for my first summer outdoors jog and I like it a lot! Its actually really destressing and calming for my mind and body! A very refreshing feeling for sure! 🙂

This week’s recommendation has to be the Beach Yoga Routine on Tuesday! Its pretty decent and its actually rather challenging.  I’m not very flexible for the most part but its an eyeopening experience.  Totally loved it! 🙂

The break is over! Next week, my life has to get back to normal especially with the workouts 🙂 When this goes up, my next week’s tentative workout schedule should be up!

Hope you had a fabulous Monday! 🙂