Week 41&42: Starting Over Sucks, So Keep Going!

starting over sucks

You know why I need to put that up front because I had to take a little break from working out because of my fall on that piece of ice.  Apparently keeping up and doing workouts was not helping and it came one day a week later that my knee just hurt like hell and I barely could walk without it aching.  So, the last two weeks have been more about eating well than working out.

Still, I managed to get in a few workouts.

First one was a short one consisting of 3 moves that I did 3 rounds of from Tone it Up for abs.

These only look easy but they were actually pretty tough after a while.  It was also very effective.  Great workout 🙂

Next up, I believe I’ve posted it before but I did a full Intermediate round for Tribesports’s Women’s Fitness Home Workout.

women's fitness home workout

I did 3 rounds of this and it was so painful by the last round.  Dorsal Raises actually really helped my back.  One Legged Bridges were shaky mostly because I was doing a challenge and it already had bridge.  Any of these, by the third round started feeling pretty intense.

Now, whats amazing is that for the most part, I kept up with my 12 Days of Fitness Challenge.

12 days of fitness

My first full body accumulator workout challenge was actually aside from being painful for a few of these, it was also pretty fun and challenge.  The final few days were pretty crazy since it hit right before the holiday so I had a day or two of double days packed into one and those were the ones I cursed myself.

For the most part, doing those other challenges this year made 12 crunches, 11 lunges, 9 chair dips, 8 squats, 7 mountain climbers and 6 pushups feel like nothing at all.  4 Burpees aren’t extremely hard either and 5 Star Jumps were pretty cool. I personally hate Tuck Jumps because they are so hard to control and oh so hard to not injure myself again.  Still, the absolute worst part of all this was doing the wall squat.  I still hate it, from start to finish.  I did get better after 12 days but I still have such a long way to go.  I believe bridge was the one with the biggest improvement but I did a lot of it had to be attributed with just being bored of staying propped up for the full 3 minutes and have nothing but stare at my lilac ceiling.

It was still very awesome!

Whats not so awesome was my Dietbet.  Why? Well, not working out also meant that losing weight became harder as well.  So I pretty much stagnated and didn’t go any further and fluctuated in the last week between 133-135 lbs depending on the day.  Still, I hold true that I did change my eating habits and I look forward to keeping it up.  I’ve swapped in all whole wheat options now and I am looking into healthier substitutes even when I bake and cook, so everything is heading in the right direction and this week, I resume my workouts as well!

stay positive

2014 goals coming up  tomorrow! Remember to drop by, k? 🙂

Week 40: Working out makes me feel…

Last week was so successful for Dietbet compared to this week.  By midweek, I knew that this was going down the drain and I needed to pull myself back up and keep better track of stuff.  Keep up with a diet is way hard but I’m sure I just need to get a hang of it. I do result to healthier snacks and eating habits and mind my portions more so thats already a good thing in my book. I’ve worked hard this week to compensate for the somewhat out of control eating days and snuck in only one rest day.


The first dragonboat practice on the previous Friday really beat me up so I went to Tone it Up for something a little more mild but still challenging to do.  That day’s goal was the Sleek and Slender Abs workout.  Its a mix of dumbbells and body weights which I love doing. I did the full 3 rounds.

I love this workout because it really works your abs and all areas of it.  The warm-up first move usually starts hurting more by the last round.  I’m not sure about other people but as challenge as Cat Crunches are, they are really awesome to do and it always makes me feel great.  Butterfly kicks my butt all the time because its so intense and I’m kind of proud that I am now strong enough to do cinches.  And plank kicks were extra training for my plank off at dragonboat practice so I appreciate it a lot 🙂

I ended with the Beach yoga workout.


This was my rest day because I went back to the Salon des metiers d’arts that I talked about HERE with my coworker. It was pretty much a leisurely walk for 2 hours or so.  By the time, I got home, there wasn’t much time to do much.


Seeing as I felt extremely guilty because My Fitness Pal was saying that I was eating more than I should intake, even if it was healthier options, I went crazy that night and did 30 minutes of cardio in the form of DDR and I mean, I put it at difficult and expert level which is really challenging for me and I broke out in a sweat real quick, heart rate went up, the whole deal.

After that as a warm-up, I picked up my dumbbells and did the Tribesports Arms & Shoulders with Dumbbells workout which you can find HERE. I used a 5lbs dumbbell(s) and it consisted of 30 reps of each of these exercises: Bicep Curls, Alternating Reverse Grip Curls, Front Raises, Flyes, Two Arm Kickback, Side Raises. Did I ever mention I have a weak upper body? Well, trust me, it was a relief to know that some of these were easier than I expected but was still pretty challenging overall.

Next, I wasn’t satisfied so I ended it with like a post workout body weight and did the Beginner Bodyweight Routine.

beginner bodyweight routine

I’m not exactly sure how you would feel if you were beginner but these are all great moves to initiate body weights.  It felt nice to do this.  It still worked out my body but let me tell you, I have some work to do for those V-Ups.  I felt like it was trying to murder my abs *glares at them*.  But I can hear my boyfriend telling me that the ones you hate are the ones you should do more because they are the ones which challenge your weakness.  Well, that one murdered me….


I’m working on bringing back the whole alternating between cardio and strength and body weights training.  Most days, it doesn’t work out, but seeing as Friday  meant practice again, I got in another 30 minutes of cardio with DDR at the same intensity as the night before.

BUT, I also started The 12 Days of Fitness Challenge! What?!?!? Yup, all ready and set for the Christmas holidays with this full body accumulator workout.

12 days of fitness

It looks easy but I’m pretty sure at day 12 on Christmas Eve I’m going to want to punch whoever made this. So I happily (and kind of shakily) did my 1 minute plank.  I did planks 2 days in a row already and I worked my abs on Monday so I think it makes sense. After that, I called it a day.


Last dragonboat practice before the holidays! Right when I was getting into the groove of things again.  We did a different drill this time working on building up our intensity as we paddle.  Then ended with some starts.  Between each drill set, we went out to do body weight and medicine ball exercises.  We did our plank off and I mistook my last week’s time which should’ve been 2:18.  This week, I did beat it and got to 2:30 before collapsing.  After that we did 30 seconds of Mountain Climbers, 30 seconds of Jump Squats, Medicine Ball Cross Body Chops, Chest Passes, Good Mornings and crunches.

Oh, and I went home and added on the Day 2. I already did plank so forget about doing another minute of it at home since my abs were already screaming in pain.  I added in the 2 minute wall squat *eye twitches*. I loathe wall squats. I don’t just hate them, I loathe them.  Lets just say my legs were burning and I wanted to cry but still, I made it through. Did I say I wanted to punch whoever made it on day 12, forget that, that moment I already wanted to do it.


After a pretty intense Friday, I woke up and did my weigh-in.  Surprisingly, I lost a bit more weight and am at 133.7lbs.  Yes! The hard word and extra workouts did pay off a little.  Lost less than I planned for week 2 but its already pretty good. With that hype, I went and did my warm-up and cardio with DDR for about 40 minutes and then did Day 3 of the challenge: 1 minute plank, 2 minute wall squats (kill me please!) and 3 minutes (shaky) bridge. I made it through and now I can pig out at dinner! (It wasn’t intended but it did)…


With the backtracking on Saturday, Sunday rest day was out the window *sobs*. Although, my workout turned out to be an hour shovelling snow.  Trust me, it exerts a lot of energy.  After a little break, I did my 4th day of the challenge: 1 min plank, 2 min wall squat, 3 min bridge, and 4 burpees!

Overall, I managed to lose 0.8 lbs this week. Not as much as I expected but I’m more aware of the food I eat and I keep a good track of how much exercise I need and how to balance it. I’d say my plan to having a healthier lifestyle is on the right track 🙂

working out makes me feel

I decided to stop putting the meals since my breakfast usually consists now of oatmeal and whole wheat bread with jam or peanut butter. Lunch is always fried rice, Chinese noodles or dumplings with veggies and dinner is mostly steamed rice with veggie and meat platters.  As for snacks, I usually have energy or granola bars, fruits (apples, bananas, oranges) or rice cakes. I’m going to try to find assorted healthier alternatives but so far, its pretty good since everything is homemade and healthier options than the normal.

I’m getting addicted to working out again and its becoming a set part of my life along with eating healthy.  I’m still going to try my best! Its week 3 and I’m going to kick this Dietbet in the butt or at least give it my absolute best shot! 🙂

Week 36, 37& 38: Today is my tomorrow! I shape myself!

Can you believe November went by so quickly?

Earlier in November I announced that I participated in two challenges for the month right HERE!

The first was this 30 day Push Up Variations Challenge!

I’m extremely happy to say that I made it through in one piece and pretty much on track. I fell behind when I went to Toronto but it overlapped a rest day so it wasn’t all too bad.  The challenge gets extremely crazy once we start the higher reps of one leg push ups then diamond push-ups are hard to keep the right posture, and plyo push-ups was just SUPER HARD! Plus, I had this feeling that plyo push-ups might possibly hurt my wrists, so I had to be gentle with it (as much as I could?) Definitely worth it though.  I felt a huge improvement in my whole muscular endurance on my upper body in my arms and shoulders and chest also. 🙂 Its a good way to build up the whole mastering your full-body push-ups and get out of the modified/girl push-ups.

Next up is the 30 day Crunch Challenge!

For crunches, it was a lot harder apparently to just go on your back anywhere and do them.  So, I fell behind multiple times and ended up doing one day of over 400 reps of crunches in 3 sets.  That was really intense and I didn’t fall behind after that.  I learned my lesson! Never again! The crunch challenge was pretty painful, going from 50 reps to 250 was pretty crazy.  I did most of the last few days between 180-250 reps in intervals of 50 reps with a little break in between of about 30 seconds. It does help a lot, so I’m guessing if I didn’t fall behind, the experience would’ve been a lot more “enjoyable”.

I was going to keep these updates at a biweekly or even monthly level but with Dietbet right now. I think I’ll start doing a different form of weekly workout roundups to show you some progress.  No worries! I’ll keep those before after pictures to myself ;).  But just saying, my weigh-in picture wasn’t all too bad.  I talked about it HERE! Bring it on! I’m going to drop 136.9 to 130.5 lbs! Today is the first day of that challenge and so far so good 🙂 I just need to figure out what workout to do tonight and for the rest of the week preferably!

I’ll get stuff organized soon, okay? Although, don’t we all love some spontaneity? Hmm..but wait, it seems spontaneity is everyday now…haha!

Expect some eating habit change updates along with weekly weigh-ins and workout roundups for the next 4 weeks 🙂

Wish me luck! Have any of you done Dietbets before?

Week 34&35: Persistance and Discipline is the Key!

Seems like discipline is my main thing I’m working on.  With the novel writing and keeping up with everything in life, my blog has slowed itself down and I’m actually enjoying it.  There’s less pressure to go mad writing up posts every night.  Its a nice breather.   I love the blog but sometimes, I need a little break as well to let other things fall into place.  I’m hanging around for an unforeseen length of time so lets not burn myself out.

Talking about that! The goal this week, starting November 1st was two challenges.  One is the Tribesports November Push-up Variations Challenge.  30 day in length to fill up the entire month.  Its right under here!

30 Day Push up Challenge

So far, I’ve actually really liked the whole incline push-up concept.  Its pretty awesome and my arm, shoulder and chest are definitely getting a good workout because they are all contracted and sexy 😉 I don’t intend on stopping. I realized that technically I can stay on track with this because as long as there is a flat ground, then no matter at home or not, I can “easily” fit it into my schedule.

Pairing up with this one  is a 30 day challenge that is part of the 30 day fitness challenges I’m working on.  After much debate, I decided on doing the 30 day Crunch challenge. I’ve felt like I’ve been slacking off on my core so this one should bring it back a little bit.  Here’s what this challenge looks like:

30 Day Crunch Challenge

30 Day Crunch Challenge

I can tell you after the first few days, I already knew my core is going downhill.  50 crunches was ok, then by 55 the next day, my abs were burning by the time it hit 40.  By day 3, with 60, at 35 I had to pace it slowly to get through the whole thing. Thats what rest days are for, right? I loved those so much! Words probably cannot express the extent of how good it felt to rest up and recharge. I have no idea if I can make it to 250 crunches in a month but I’ll give it my absolute best shot!

On the side, I’m working on a new challenge.  I’m not one to do weightlifting professionally but I’d like to build some endurance in my legs as dragonboat is a full body exercise.  Less legs but we need it to give an extra push so I wanted to try out something simple: 5 minute Full Depth Squat Sit! Most unelegant exercise in the world (other than maybe fire hydrant or whatever you call those). How long can you go for a full depth Squat Sit? I started at 2:33 and then went up to 3:15 the next day.  Took a few days off and will get back into it.

When this goes up, its currently Day 11! Where am I? Good news is push-ups I’m on track. Bad news is that Crunches,  I’m not! I fell behind one day and tried to play catch-up but I got caught up chasing another deadline for a personal project.  Meaning, Day 11 includes, one set of crunches at 105 reps and the second set at 110 reps. Yup, I already feel my abs screaming in pain from the thought of it. My lesson that I need to stay on track from now on…

I’ll be back with a full report at the end of the month 🙂

On another note, if my health is back to normal (which it isn’t), indoor practice for dragonboat resumes this month and I’m really looking forward to it.  Hopefully, soon, right?

Week 32&33: Sore is the new Sexy!

I’m really enjoying updating everyone with my workouts on biweekly basis, only its been so uneventful on the workout front.  As much as I hate using the excuse of having no time, my life has been consumed with work and cleaning, prepping for the new season, returning my room to a habitable state.  That, in itself is a mega workout. I think all the dust and allergies might be causing my brain to forget some workouts but here are the ones that I do remember.  Even though it wasn’t a lot, they were all super intense and crazy awesome.  I’m brainwashing myself after everyone that sore is the new sexy because thats how I feel the following days…

First up is a repeat workout that I like a lot called No Excuses Workout from PopSugar Fitness.  I especially like to do this one when I have skipped a few days to motivate myself.

Circuit one has to be the hardest to complete as always.  This time around, I did the push-ups with the full form and not modified.  If you have back problems, Superman move is the BEST! When I pulled out of the one minute from Superman, my entire spine adjusted itself.  It felt like my chiropractor just worked her magic. 🙂 Its going to be intense but its totally awesome!

When in doubt, I always go for some yoga.  It helps me relieve a truckload of stress and calms my mind so that I can get back to full productivity.  Fitsugar came out with a workout video for something called TMAC Flow. Its some type of modified intense yoga.  This routine takes only 10 minutes and it felt all kinds of great 🙂

But goodness, can someone please give me some flexibility? More yoga should be the solution, right?

I definitely did take that as a sign this past weekend when I did frequent yoga moves to relieve the hip pain.  Isn’t it just awesome being a girl? Monthly hip pains, cramps, migraines…I get those in extra strong dosages all the time but its even worse when I’m mega stressed.  If you suffer from this horrible fate as I do, maybe you’d like to try these moves at this link HERE 🙂

Final workout I’d like to share is the highlight of this week.  A workout to train for the zombie apocalypse 🙂 There was a few ones I was looking at for the Run For Your Lives Campaign at Tribesports but since its been raining a lot the last few days, the whole going to the playground to help with the equipment I lacked at home was not able to be done.  I ended up doing the Zombie Survival Under Siege Workout which is completely body weights.

30 minutes of doing these sets of exercises as many rounds as you can.  I managed to do 2.5 rounds.  My last half round ended at the 30 second side plank.  This workout kicked my butt.  Plus, I realized that walking lunges are at least 10 times harder than alternating lunges.  Talk about burning in my legs…that did the job right away and my legs still feel a bit sore from this workout 2 days ago.

*Takes a deep breath* Just remember this:

My goodness, am I feeling ever sexy 😉

Lets hope the next two weeks, I’ll get some more sexiness in. But then, I’ll be starting a new 30 day challenge for November so we’ll see if the next few days I can squeeze in some workouts!

Week 30&31: How Bad Do You Want It?

These last two weeks went by really fast, especially when out of the office.  I ended up taking two days off after completing the challenges.  That finished midweek of Week 30 and I really took it easy on Week 30.

On Friday, I wanted to work out my core and to check if it had any improvements so I went to go-to workout at Tribesports called Core Workout.

Then on Sunday, I did a Full Body Circuit with Weights from Fitsugar.

The week after, Week 31, on the Wednesday, I did a 25 Minute Workout with Playlist from Fitsugar. Tell you what, this only looks easy but it is in no way easy if you, like me, push yourself to the max and try to get in as many sets as possible.

1. “Finally Moving” — Pretty Lights Squats and Lunges
2. “Good Time” — Owl City Run in Place With High Knees and Jumping Jacks
3. “Moves Like Jagger” — Maroon 5 Speed Skaters and Mountain Climbers
4. “It’s Time” — Imagine Dragons Squats and Lunges
5. “Everybody Talks” — Neon Trees Run in Place With High Knees and Jumping Jacks
6. “Sunlight” — Harlem Shakes Speed Skaters and Mountain Climbers
7. “Whistle” — Flo Rida Squats and Lunges

On Sunday morning, I got in a little Morning Session from Tribesports!

I followed through with a Hike which I posted about yesterday right HERE! 🙂


Its been 1.5 weeks of taking it easy but whenever I worked out, I gave it my all so I think it compensates for it plus, the whole messing up my room to clean it up again is taking up some of my energy 😉 I’m pretty much keeping up with 3 workouts a week and time-wise that works well with my schedule 🙂 The next 30 day challenge from Tribesports will start on November 1st, timed exactly to match a big month where I probably won’t have time to do an hour of workout in the evenings.

As some of you may see, its causing the whole blogging to be a bit off schedule.  This post should’ve been up on Monday but I’m being spontaneous and drafting most of these posts last minute and in weird order.  I promise things will get back to normal soon.  I’m working on it! Life just kind of busy and things get a little out of hand.

Week 23: Mash it Up!

My motivation is pretty much back! My favorite of the night, other than writing up blogs and watching movies is to come home and do my workout.  Last week, I kept it on my Tone it Up routines (mostly).  This week, I am on my freestyle week.  Eventually I might start figuring out how to make some workouts on my own once I start learning more but this week, I want to mash it up a little and hopefully MORE cardio!! My goal every week…lets hope the weather is going to be in my favor 🙂


After searching around, I decided that I wanted to work on my core.  Then I pressed START WORKOUT on Tribesports then saw another workout I wanted to do and did that one first.  It was Pumps and Iron’s 10’s Med Ball Workout.

Click on this image to go to learn how-to do the moves 🙂

I did modify this one a little.  I was in my room upstairs so as to not break the house eventually, I swapped the 10 med ball burpees to 10 Russian Twists (1 rep equals doing both sides).  I also changed the 10 logger jumps to 10 Lat Rollout (from last week’s Summer Sizzle workout) and did 5 reps of each side. I did 2 sets of these because halfway through my second set I realized I had pressed Start workout on my Core Challenge workout.  I ended with the one through of the Core Challenge. I’ve done this one before 🙂

One set through always feels crazy at the end.  This one is quick and efficient even if you did this by itself or pre-cardio workout 🙂


Today is a day off! One of the reasons is that I have yet another infection: my right eye! YAY! *sarcastic tone* So doctor’s office again! Luckily I was able to book one with my family doctor, at least the wait wasn’t long.


Another day off! Why? Because I’m going out with my best friend to celebrate with dinner and a bit of shopping and then went to play some arcades 🙂


I almost skipped a workout today.  But being the workoutholic that I am, I decided that I really needed it so I went straight ahead and chose one the one from Tone it Up called Sandcastle Workout.

After one set, I started thinking that since its mashing it up this week, I decided to do a shorter workout that I had been meaning to do and try my first time at doing Crossfit.  Its called 10 Minute Crossfit Workout with Celebrity Yumi Lee.

This possibly is the most intense 10 minutes of my life.  If you don’t feel charged up and sweated out after this, then I don’t know…you are just way more fit than I am.  I did the Level 2 mostly. Its actually really fun.  I have difficulty doing full body push-ups so I had to switch back to the knees push-ups halfway through the second set in the warm up part.  Most of these are actually way more challenging than it looks and it got my heart rate up really quick! Definitely going to search up more Crossfit quickies!


After my mash up routines, my body actually needs time to recuperate so I took this day off to just rest my eyes and my body, plus, with my boyfriend’s new schedule, we hang out on Fridays. 🙂


As much I had wanted Saturday to be a morning cardio routine, I did end up doing it nearer to late morning.  Better late than never! It wasn’t too intense and I wasn’t doing any routine in particular but I did bike from my side of town all the way out to Old Montreal.  Thats a total of approximately 30km over a span of about 2 hours including stops for photos, getting a little lost and then taking a break at the final destination.  Coming back was so painful though.  If you want a look at my bike ride photos, check it out HERE!


Suffice to say, after that bike ride, my lower half of my body was aching like no tomorrow. Mostly because I have the most uncomfortable bike seat so my behind was bruised and sitting was possibly the most painful thing. I didn’t do any intense workout but with the great weather, we did some strolling in the shopping mall and then added on a 20-30 minutes evening stroll.  Nice and relaxing! A good way to end the weekend 🙂

OVERALL…this week was definitely successfully.  It may not seem like I was being as efficient as the previous week but the workout’s themselves were higher intensity therefore, I took more time to balance out rest time in between to give my muscles some times to recuperate.  I’m actually choosing workouts to work target different body areas and putting in some form of cardio to balance things out.  I’m getting the idea on how to work out something a bit more balanced 🙂

My recommendations this week is Crossfit.  My first shot at it was a really exhausting but inspiring experience.  I loved how it felt and how it efficient it was.  Its body weights, quick and short but it did the job even during warm-up.  The 10 Med Ball Workout was also really fun to do. Its very intense and its fun to use the med ball for workouts!

Do you know anywhere I can find more Crossfit routines? I’d definitely want to research some more on it 🙂