Weekly Photo Challenge: Nighttime

It’s trickier to take pictures at night, but the rewards are well worth it…What nocturnal photos do you like taking? Whether it’s a starry sky, a street lamp, or the shadows cast by your cat, share them with us. Your shot can be outdoors or indoors, blurry or crisp, overexposed or ominously dark. As every owl (and night owl) knows, nighttime is when the real action starts. – The Daily Post

Montreal is a party city which means there are tons of night owls hanging about. With that, there are a lot of night activities.  A few always are at night, in February there’s the Montreal Festival des Lumieres (aka Festival of Lights).  In October, we have the Lantern Festival (with an eerie Evening Walking in Japanese Pavillion).  For the last few years, I even ventured to Upper Canada Village in Ontario for the Pumpkinfest.  So many events at night and I’m still looking for more 😉

This year, I have a few night festivals in mind along with revisiting the Lantern Festival as October plans.

Are you a night owl? Do you like to take pictures at night? What activites happen after dark in where you live?

Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette

This week, experiment with light and capture a silhouette.- The Daily Post

I believe there’s already been two other silhouette photo challenges I’ve done before so I’m not going to dive very far into my pictures.

Silhouettes are lovely things to capture.  It could be the reflection on the road.  I love taking the elongated version of myself with the sun shining behind me.  It could be the evening sun given a mysterious dark figure doing whatever they are doing.  I’d really like to catch a shot where its like a romantic moment silhouette in the sunset.  Now that might be the shot of my dreams.  Except I don’t like taking pictures of strangers.

Either way, my photos are nothing like that.

From some of this past year’s adventures 🙂

The most recent being the weekend getaway two weekends ago to Saguenay and my visit to an observation center at Saint David de Falardeau.  I’ll be posting up pictures of the trip once I find time to sit down and sort through everything 🙂

Centre d'observation Saint-David-de-Falardeau

Silhouettes of Emu at Centre d’observation Saint-David-de Falardeau

Not yet Halloween, but stores are starting to sell costumes.  It reminds me of the very dark event lit up with only Jack O’Lanterns of different sorts. You can see the silhouettes of the contours of the pumpkin with the dim light 🙂

pumpkin fest 13

Silhouettes of Lightly lit Jack O Lantern show at Pumpkin Fest ’13

Last I take you back to the Festival of Lights in Montreal in the Biodome at Nighttime.

The spotlight shining through the leaves brought not only a nice eerie atmosphere to the picture but also silhouettes for some leaves 🙂

Biodome at night for Lights Festival in Montreal

Silhouettes of leaves at Biodome at night for Lights Festival in Montreal

Here’s the silhouettes I thought of sharing. What do you think?