Pumpkinferno 2017

We went back to Pumpkinferno this year at Upper Canada Village. This year, we had a pretty decent group with a lot of family and friends. Our group ended up being 6 adults and 6 kids which is a pretty sizable group. One advice I do have is that if you have a choice to not go during Thanksgiving weekend. It goes without saying but there’s traffic to go into the parking lot and the parking is packed solid so its a great distance to walk to the entrance. Second, is to buy tickets online before going because you won’t have to do the incredible line-up just to buy tickets to go in. My husband and I ended up buying the combo package for the winter event called Alight at Night also, so look out for that in December. We already planned out tentative days to go with some friends who are also interested. They didn’t come with our group for Pumpkinferno but apparently, they did a LONG traffic line-up to get in (like an hour or something).

This week is our vacation as we’ve taken last year also because its our wedding anniversary and we like to spend time together. This event came at a great time also since this is one of those events we discovered together as a couple back in 2012 or something. I posted that one back then and it is one of my posts that did the best and still get views every year. Its pretty sweet!

Anyways, this one was great. They had dragons and windmills. witches brewing, and Jailhouse Rock, and Coins from around the world and historical events as well as astronauts and snow activities as well as Dia de los muertos (if I spelled that wrong, I’m sorry).  Check it out and yet again, my Samsung Galaxy S6 does a great job at taking pictures but it still doesn’t do the exhibit justice…keep that in mind if you think it looks meh.


Let’s start!!


Heading to the start of the trail


After some funky pumpkins (not shown here), its time for some dragons…


And migratory birds


Witches are brewing


And Dia de los Muertos is also happening


Jailhouse Rock is going on with Elvis and Marilyn and Audrey (see below for Instagram video)


And we see coins of the world..its Canada 150 so here’s some Canadian coins


Then we get to test our knowledge of Canadian provinces with their trees and provincial flowers.


There’s even an art gallery and Mona Lisa is of course there.


Not pumpkins but near these windmills, we get a nice shot of the beautiful bright moon


Astronauts floating in space


And one of the most beautiful exhibits of snowflakes in the trees


Ending with some iconic snow activities like hockey games and dog sledding!

This is really just a fraction of  Pumpkinferno. If I added more pictures, it might take a millions years for anything to load on the page. I’ll probably post some other photos over at Avenue of Daydreams later in October. Before you go, as promised from above, here’s the Instagram video of the Jailhouse Rock exhibit. Its pretty awesome!

That’s it for today’s Halloween post!
It felt a little inappropriate to talk about the Saw franchise today with the wedding anniversary!
Everything resumes tomorrow and man, do I have a ton of reviews to write up!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Letters

For this week’s challenge, share a photo with letters — no matter the alphabet. You can capture a neon sign, a sentence scribbled in an old phone booth, a random letter that’s seemingly out of place, or anything else. – The Daily Post

Finally there’s a challenge that I felt instantly inspired by 🙂 Thats something to be happy about especially when I’ve been REALLY slow with this whole blogging business.  I’m trying to get time to do this but I’m promising you all, once I get pass April 30th, I’m drafting up a ton of blogs and watching a million movies, and that night (if I don’t pass out from fatigue), I’m going to bake.

Before I start rambling about the future, lets focus on the present challenge.

Letters are what we as bloggers are in love with after all, right? We write and we communicate with our words (or our pictures/photos if you are a photographer to some level).  We communicate with our creativity!

Letters form that language we use and sometimes they may differ from ours and it may not even be English for all we know.

BUT, lets start with the basic!

Pumpkin Inferno 2013

Word Search at Pumpkin Inferno 2013 🙂

I’ve been to Pumpkin Inferno for a Halloween event for the past two years.  You can check it out HERE and HERE! Its a pretty awesome event and one of my most impressed times was seeing this word search for the first time.  They usually have a board on the side with words you need to find.  What words do you see?

Aside from that, Pumpkin Inferno is all about exploring different cultures and areas and whatnot so they also have another language there.  I present to you, Egypt and hieroglyphics 🙂

Pumpkin Inferno 2013

Hieroglyphics at Pumpkin Inferno 2013

Isn’t it just so cool? I don’t have a great picture of it from 2013 but I think one of the links up there have a nicer version of it from the 2012 event.  I’m not sure.

Now, language and letters aren’t just as direct as symbols and words.  Sometimes, it comes in one of my favorite alternate forms.

Music notes and rhythms and the instrument to carry that out, which is why I loved the whole public piano project in Montreal last year.  Too bad, I didn’t actually have the guts to play it in public but I did get a picture near my work.

Piano Project Montreal

Public Pianos in Montreal, 2013

Thats some awesome letters for me.  It opens up my creative outlet completely.  Music communicates so much about feelings, emotions, the best stress reliever, etc.  It helped me through my younger days and its been helping me till now, even when I get frustrated at being stuck in a rut from not improving fast enough for my exam preparation. I’d say music notes/piano keys are a fit way to express letters, no?

Here is my response to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Letters! Check out other participant’s entries HERE!