Baking: Homemade Granola Bars

We’re back on the next baking adventure.  I’ve never made any granola bars but my husband and I both love to bring granola or protein bars as snacks to work.  I had bought some granola at the store a little while back and I’ve been hoping to give it a go soon.  Finally, I felt like it was time to do it so here we are!

Granola Bars

Homemade Granola Bars

I confess that they look a little like Granola Squares.  But that’s okay.  The husband says they taste good.  If you want to give this a try, you can use the recipe in this simple infographic below.  Also, click on the image to go to the original post and get more insight on this.

only granola bar recipe I didn’t make my own granola and had bought it like I mentioned and actually used one with boosted protein in it for the husband.  This was for him and that is why I went with using daily milk instead of the almond milk that I have. So for the dry ingredients, mine was simple.  The granola mix, which I only have 4 cups of and the baking soda.  In the wet ingredients, I used mashed bananas, peanut butter and like half-half of honey and maple syrup (because I ran out of honey).  I probably should have decreased the portions a little because I was short 1 cup of granola but I didn’t and that’s probably why its not the texture that I think it should be.

homemade granola bars

Regardless of those little changes, the husband did think it tasted good.  I personally like the recipe because its natural from honey and maple syrup as more natural sweeteners to the moistness coming from fruity bases like puree or mashed fruits. Its really easy to put together. And you all know how much I like quick and efficient recipes.

This one is definitely a winner but I believe that mixing honey and maple syrup might not be a good idea and that I would do a dairy-free version next.  I’d give this recipe a second go with a different flavor.  Let me think about what to use and we’ll be doing a round 2 of homemade granola bars

What do you like in your granola bars? 

Week 9: Perfect Fit Protein Powder

I’ve been hesitating a bit over whether to start using protein powder. I asked my boyfriend for some advice and he checked out the Tone It Up one that I realized was perfect for me because it was allergen free.  That is incredibly hard to find and usually costs ridiculously expensive.  I finally decided that I’d start off with the 20 packs of single serving to see whether I liked it.  If I did, then I’d get the more cost-effective choice 🙂 Do you take protein powder?


I worked overtime yet again and it was a tough day at work.  I came back a bit later so I ended having to skip the bike routine but rather, I made up with a Tough Deck of Cards Workout from Pumps and Iron.

It was a mega kickass workout.  My deck of cards ended up having in the beginning so many hearts, my abs and obliques were in serious pain from doing so many windshield wipers.  After nearing the end it was continuous amounts of clubs, my legs almost couldn’t do anymore side to side jump squats. This took every ounce of energy to do but it left me feeling refreshed at the end 🙂


New Workout today on Tone it Up! Exciting, right? I always like to check out new workouts although that seems to be all I’m doing whenever I switch things out from the normal routine they propose.  This one is called Sunseeker Workout.

Follow this through with Sunkissed Abs! I’m starting to really like this one a lot.  Its very challenging and its nice to see that for certain ones, my endurance and strength has increased.  However, pairing it up with other workouts really gives it an extra intensity.  I did one set of each exercise.  My back has been giving me trouble from the stress and starting having cracking sounds so before I get my chiro appointment, I need to go a bit easier on them.


Today’s Tone it Up workout is a Wildcard choice between 3.  One of them is on their workout DVD but I don’t own it so I decided to do the Cocktail Dress Workout.  It seemed fitting seeing as now I`m working extra hard to make sure I fit into one in a bit more than 2 weeks. I almost quite on the 2nd set but I pushed through and that makes me proud 🙂 The killer in this one is definitely that Chaturanga with a Kick.  I’ve done this complete workout before and its still pretty challenge the second time around.


Day off finally! I was going to do my day off on Friday but then my boyfriend agreed to do a bike workout together after work so I’m all pumped up for it.  Seeing as I haven’t actually biked in a long time.  Its my day to rest up for it 🙂


I was going to go biking with my boyfriend in the evening but plans change.  Another day off!


Two days off in a row! *GASP* Despite having an early start and going out and about as I had talked about HERE on Saturday! I ended up coming home to do my workout right under the very hot sun and eventually shifting to the deck which was a bit more shade.  I need to take in sun slowly or else I’d either dehydrate or get a sunburn…I ended up doing a combination of two workouts since I wanted to get a bit of cardio in the mix without going for a jog.  I did this workout from Pumps and Iron called Multiples of Ten Ab Workout!

What I did add was between each one, I added in some jump rope.  It turned out to be 2 minutes jump rope, 10 Windmills, 1 minute rapid skipping, 20 windshield wipers, 1:30 min rapid skipping, 30 second side plank with knee tucks, 1:30 min rapid skipping,  40 push through pulse crunches, 1 min rapid skipping, 50 bicycle crunches, 1 mins rapid, 60 second elbow plank, 2 mins relaxed.  I did that for 2 rounds instead of 3.  It felt pretty good. Working out outside definitely feels different.


This was another gorgeous day! It was a tad more breezy and fresh than Saturday which made it a bit easier to work out.  Still, the workout I chose was a bit more intense also. Another Pumps and Iron Workout called 500-rep Kettle Bell Workout!

I feel like a wimp when I read through her weights because she uses 15lbs and 25 lbs.  I have trouble with just 5lbs and 7 lbs.  Sad but true….just means I need to train more and build more muscular endurance and intensity, right?

This week was pretty good! I worked myself very hard for a week that was overwhelmingly tiring.  It did help me relieve a lot of stress and it managed to keep myself motivated because of the feel good level it brought.  Sometimes, these are the challenging times, to push through not having time and energy and just not give excuses and just do it! I’m sounding like I’m promoting for Nike, but its the truth 🙂 Protein shakes are quite delicious and I’ll start exploring recipes and smoothies or sorts for it!

Almost forgot! My fave this week was Power of Tens Ab Workout! It was a lot of fun and you could always add some cardio to it.  I found skipping to be the best one to put in between.  Other alternatives could be jumping jacks or burpees.  Whatever you want to keep that heart rate going 🙂 I really liked the Tough Deck of Card workout on Monday but I’d do anything to trade out those windshield wipers because they were close to torturous.  It did feel great though.  I’d like to honorable mention to the combination of Sunseeker Workout and Sunkissed Abs combined together!