Weekly Photo Challenge: Signs

For this challenge, share an image of a sign: it can be a sign near your home — a comforting sight after a long journey — a sign that doubles as art, or other types of signs that hold meaning for you.-The Daily Post

I took a little walk during lunch time around my work area while the rain took a little break from pouring (or so I thought). The signs reflects a little the city and the area 😉


Dessert ad 🙂

Montreal Java U

Java U Poutine ad

Montreal Loto-Quebec

Loto Quebec

Dessert is one of the love of my life although I’ve waved goodbye to chocolate for a fair bit of time.  Coffee shops expanding to selling meal foods seem to be getting a tad desperate and well, Loto-Quebec Jackpot because everyone needs money. Haha! Random thoughts while I walk, I guess.

Don’t try to put meaning behind this.  I just snapped as I was walking around.