Pinterest Therapy #2!

Let’s have some fun, ok?

I’ve been in desperate need of some Pinterest Therapy and honestly, it gets me through my day just a little bit more.  If I can try out half of these things this year, I’d be pretty pleased with myself 😉

I kept my little rant at the end of the post to just clear some stuff off my chest so its up to you if you want to read it or not.

Here you go! These little things have kept me sane in the past 2 weeks or so.

1) Spring Sangria 

Spring Sangria

Tea usually is my relaxant and thats why I usually have two thermos that I take to the office with me.  But when I’m at home, nearing the weekend, having a glass of alcohol usually helps. I love Sangria.  I love the normal red sangria during the summer and the white Autumn Sangria. I recently saw this Spring Sangria.  I know spring is kind of almost gone but this looks pretty awesome.

Whats your favorite cocktail?

2) Live in the Moment

24 hours

That was this week’s goal.  For the most part, I’ve been able to remind myself to breathe and to focus on the goals every single day leading to the final result. One of my coworkers did get a good laugh when I sat upright and said breathe out loud and then inhaled and exhaled in the middle of the day.  At least its not only relaxing for me but entertaining for others, right? 😉 In short, this is where I remember what my boyfriend tells me: take things in steps and don’t look at the entire mountain. No correlation but I get what he means.

3) DIY Bug Off Candle/Mosquito Control Plants

DIY Bug Off Candle

DIY Bug Off Candle

mosquito control

I never thought I’d say this but gardening has been my little escape.  Stressful as it is that I’m trying to get everything done, its also a pretty fun experience. Right now, I bought some torches and citronella oil for the yard but I’m looking at how to have some more natural mosquito repellents.  Because of the pool, its like I became a buffet when I step out at night. And let me get something straight: I’m nobody’s buffet. So first choice was this: Bug off candles with lots of herbs and whatnot.

4) Stress vs. passion

stress vs passion

Technically I can work for something I don’t care about but if I find something that makes me care about it, then I may not love it but I won’t hate it.  Is that still called stress? I don’t know.  Either way, the dream is to one day do what I’m passionate about. Thats the goal, right? But then, who doesn’t have that dream.  I sometimes think I lean towards my realistic side more than my dreamer side.  Its being able to take that leap of faith but reading that makes me want to go home and either watch a movie or play the piano or bake a cake.  Happy thoughts 🙂


Yeah, more about the garden.  Thats what happens when you buy a house (my mom told me that).  I’m really into this container gardening business.  This is just a raised garden and I’m serious when I tell you, I hope my boyfriend reads this and builds this for me.  That looks so awesome! Would be perfect for what I need. And from what I understood, the previous owners left us a bunch of wood in the storage area.  Maybe it could be used for my benefit. Well, if the garden has stuff, its not just mine now, is it?

6) True Friends

a strong friendship

It always makes me a loner when I say this but I don’t have a lot of friends but I have true friends and strong friendships.  I know they are there for me and for some them, sometimes they know exactly when to reach out to me and same for me to them.  And that thought makes me grateful and happy every single day.

7) Butterfly Sanctuary

butterfly sanctuary

Noted, Disney! I love flowers and butterflies so its a future goal for my garden 🙂 Think about how awesome that would be! You have birds and squirrels visits you? Well, I have butterflies 😉 Just kidding! Its also pretty awesome that this festival exists and one day I want to go check it out.

8) Regrowing plants from scraps

pineapple growing

Yesterday, I went to eat with my friends and I realized that the joy that comes with gardening comes a lot in the challenge of seeing your success when something sprouts.  So my next little project is regrowing from food scraps like the tops of pineapples and try my hand at some ginger or garlic and maybe some bok choy.

9) The Beauty of Silence

how beautiful

Yup, Chinese has a saying that one hand can’t clap out loud.  Pretty much if you don’t reciprocate, it won’t escalate to an argument.  But of course, some people will just get frustrated and be even more furious.  I don’t know.  Either way, there are times I just choose to answer with silence just simply because there are no more words to say and I refuse to continue going in circles. I’ve moved on, why haven’t you? Thats all I want to know.

10) What does it take to be strong?

being strong

Totally true. Which is why after this craziness, I’m taking off some time to calm my body and think up some wonderful alternative to how I’m treating life itself.  I’ll be walking away from the nonsense hopefully but at this point I’m not even sure if its with my head held high.  I’m just too tired 😉

A Little Extra Rant Before I Go…

You know that feeling that you’ve done all you can to make things better and ease the situation and yet, its never enough. I use kind words and soft phrases and they use rude blunt disrespectful replies. There are no second chances, there are no mistakes. Suddenly, I realized that the prerequisite in taking care of this client is to be perfect.  I can’t even try to be perfect because its not enough.  I’m sorry, I’m done with this.  I’m not perfect and I’ve accepted that.  I’ve tried my best to better my flaws and I’ve done all I could but if the client can’t let go of the little things, then I’m also done with it.

I don’t need someone like that to diminish my self-worth or to disrespect me. I’ve sat here and pondered how to make this work because I don’t want to give up, especially not leave my boss in a bad position.


This Pinterest therapy helped me out! And now, off to work I go for some lovely overtime.

Have a great weekend, my lovelies! 🙂

Daily Prompt: Pick Me Up

Daily Prompt (May 6, 2014): What is the one word or phrase that immediately cheers you up when you hear it?

Its been a tough week at work with  my coworker and my boss both on vacation with a lot of loose ends to tie up at my office and then problems always float in during these times.

My go-to pick me up , other than chick flicks and TV are always in the form of Dr. Seuss.

As silly as that sounds, Dr. Seuss has brought on an immense amount of joy in my life 🙂 I can sit down and read myself one (or more) of his stories out loud and it’ll just soothe my mind.

Life just gets so much better and more positive.

Here’s a few:

places you'll go


who matters

youer than you

Maybe its the childhood innocence and maybe its better to be simple and know the value of yourself and the people that matter to you or its just the immense positive vibes that emit from the work of Dr. Seuss.  Whatever the reason, this always works for me. 🙂

What word or phrase picks you up?


What Working Out Has Taught Me…

**I’m going to do the Pinterest edition in a different way 🙂 Click on the image to get to the actual site if you want to see the original post.**

I have made a very important decision this week after this ridiculous craziness of funky depression has gotten over me for the last while.  Mostly because I’m not one to complain and whine (except to my boyfriend), its time to take that motivation I have for working out and using that positive to pull myself back up.

I hate to dwell on negative thoughts and feeling down and today after having a chat with my boyfriend that I found was really me being really blah, there was something that clicked.  It happens a lot when I have talks with my boyfriend.  Maybe its being together for so long that he knows how to steer back to the step-by-step mode and not overwhelming everything-at-once mode.

Working out and staying fit has taught me quite a bit and in many ways, I can use those same things to apply to staying positive in my own life.

Many times I feel like this and this is what leads me into a spiral of bashing myself down:

wasting your life

You know that feeling? Things just seem to all go wrong and wrong and wrong and wrong, etc. Nothing ever seems to go right and you feel like you have the wrong match for everything, life is stagnated and you’re not really following any of your dreams.  Then, you know that things are not so bad because tons of people have it worse and you feel bad for feeling bad about that.  Does that even make any sense? All the energy gets put into staying positive and reminding ourselves that we are going in the right direction.

Working out is like that, right? You have to do this:

learn to love the burn

Everything we go through is that burn–the pain and bad stuff that goes on–but once we get through it, there’s more to be grateful for and more to be proud of.  We’re not, in fact, wasting our lives, Its just taking things one step at a time. Those steps will help us achieve strength.

“Being strong is one of the single greatest things you can do for yourself.” That strength reminds me that I’m breathing today and that I’ve achieved something more or just something new.  I’m grateful for what I have at that moment.  It turns rainy weather into fun times…

Because there’s always two ways to look at every situation and its how I make the situation.  I see and feel how I choose to. I can choose to splash in the puddles and not hate the rain for soaking my shoes, right?

At the end of the day when I’m done being strong and my strength is depleted, I can go home and grab one of these to relax…

Then I can get a cwtch from my boyfriend (or even my mom)…

Because thats how I feel when I see the person I love and that feeling recharges my mind, body and soul.

that is home

I’m at home! Happiness is really that easy for me so whats stopping from being positive when I already have a home, I know I have strength and I know I can learn to love the burn in life.  After everything thats gone on, thats really all that matters sometimes: being able to just be happy and grateful for everything that I have.

Plus, I have a bonus, right? I’ve met all of you awesome people and this blog has lead me to see so much and learn so much, no matter what all of you write about 🙂

I’ll heading off to work for some overtime in a little bit but somehow things feel so much lighter and just simply great!

Have a very awesome Saturday! 🙂

Remember to click on some of the pictures, they will link you to some nice posts, I urge you to specifically check out the one on “cwtch”  and the drink.  They are both very awesome blogs that I think all of you will enjoy 🙂

Smile, Laugh and Forgive…

Note: This post was meant to be totally different.  I just retained about half of the original drafted on Thursday.

*This is part rant. So scroll if you’d like to skip it, there is more fun stuff on the bottom 😉 Oh and down there, slight NSFW!*

This week has been pretty blah, although things seem to be calming down (or maybe I am viewing them in a more passive way?).  Work had its ups and downs thats made me determined to search for something else.  That is definitely is the positive out of the situation.When these changes will happen, are uncertain but I know that I’m trying my best to head in that direction.     Its work, so I try it to lessen its impact on myself too much emotionally, but then…

To Those Who I Care About So Very Much: please remember that I will always be loyal to you but that I am also human. I also have feelings that will be hurt and think about the way you form your sharp words and tone of voice before directing them to me whose only job is to help you find yourself again.  Despite my very strong front and my never crying (openly) personality, we both know that I’m damaged and fragile as well and working every bit as hard to keep myself going as you are.

Thats one of the reasons, I smile, laugh and forgive rather quickly because for one, life’s really  not worth much if I keep staying mad or holding grudges.  Its about remembering the things we’re truly grateful for and the many great little things that make up our day.  In the end, we will only have to remember those little bits of joy and happiness that happened because these things will matter.  I do wonder if this has caused others to take advantage of me and believe that because I will forgive and stay around no matter what, they can misdirect their anger at me, be rude and disrespectful.

Maybe its time to back off…maybe its time to protect myself a little as well.  I’ve learned a few roles I’d like to step out of.  One is being that hole in the tree, for those who pretend to want feedback but don’t think and still do dumb things, because I am human and will blame myself for not being able to stop it.  Another is to not become the target of any misfire of anger due to others misdoings.

I’d love to share this awesome quote I saw on Positive Outlooks this week and fell in love with automatically which is also the title and inspiration of this post:

This will always be hard to accomplish but with time, we will learn how to be positive and forget those unimportant and insignificant things.  After all, the power to change a situation around to some degree is in our own hands.  We can control how we feel, how we think and the biggest part is to find our own positive mindset.

Everyday I strive to do that step by step.  Hopefully, for my friends going through drama in their life and feels lost, insecure and unhappy, you will also find a way to do that and find that little bit of positive day by day and let it grow into contentment and happiness.

From Thursday to today (Saturday), things have definitely started looking up and spending some time to myself this morning has really helped get my head together.  Positiveness is still sticking with me! Lets share some fantastic music with a cover from Tiffany Alvord for the song from Paramore – Still Into You!

Also, I’ve finally found the time to sit down and read my Glamour magazines.  I’m always happy to hear artists I support mentioned like right here in the August issue!

Alex Good and Sam Tsui :)

Alex Good and Sam Tsui 🙂

And then, this made me laugh a lot, because its slightly crazy or silly.  I can’t decide which yet.  This is what was in my Groupon deals I found one of the past few mornings in my email.

50 shades of grey erotic toys

Up to 60% off Fifty Shades of Grey’s erotic toys….

S&M games night anyone? ROFL!  The things we find online…and man, this series is really working hard on promoting itself.  Now if only Hollywood could ride the wave properly and find their Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele, right? I’m curious to see how many people would go see it 😉

Remember guys, Smile, Laugh and Forgive! I’m living by that even more than usual this week 🙂 Wasn’t that quote just awesome?

I have a few events I’ll be heading to today! I’ll recap those next week!

Happy Saturday! 🙂