Goodfood Recap #38


Welcome to the next Goodfood recap! Its been about a month since the last box. This time is mostly all new recipes, except for one but I think that one had changes but can’t be too certain.

Honey-Glazed Salmon
with Roasted Pepper & Corn Salad

honey glazed salmon

Easy to make and very delicious. The husband loved this meal a ton as did I. There’s a freshness to it especially with the spinach mixed into the rice and then having other parts of it cooked separately and put together in the end. Its always a nice little addition when the rice is spiced up with whatever ingredients. Plus, we love salmon but don’t usually eat it a lot since its still a bit pricey. To be fair, I have a hunch its only supposed to be one fillet usually but we got doubles for two of our recipes. If thats a case, a happy accident for us and a huge thanks to Goodfood for giving us more food. If not, the portion was extended a little for us which is always nice. 😉

Fresh Shanghai Noodles
with Peanut Sauce, Yu Choy & Cucumber Ribbons

fresh shanghai noodles

I’m always attracted to making the more Asian style meals. Its mostly because I understand the flavors but not usually sure how to execute it myself. While my mom has great cooking skills, she hasn’t been very articulate on how to replicate it. Its why a lot of Chinese cookbooks don’t really work. However, we have had the Shanghai noodles before. however, it feels like this one changed a little as well. I can’t be certain if its actually different but it feels a tad different but its still really good. I like the thick noodles used in Shanghai noodles as well as the peanut sauce mixture. The cucumber ribbons were the part that took the longest to do.

Korean-Style Fried Chicken Thighs
with Kimchi-Cucumber Salad & Sticky Rice

Korean Style Chicken Thighs

Our spicy meal of the box! Korean-style Chicken Thighs are pretty awesome actually. I’m not sure the husband agrees since he only said that its good. However, I thought it was pretty nice. I did however tone down the sauce because in the recipe it specified to only use half of it for medium spicy and I followed that and it turned out to be at the borderline of where I found it acceptable. The rice adds in the spice blend as well and boy, did that work out great. Plus, I love Sticky rice and this time was probably the time that it turned out in texture as I like my sticky rice. Everything else was pretty good here. The sauce was a bit of a hectic job since its a bigger pan (should have used a saucer) and the oil was just hopping everywhere. Either way, at least the hard work reaped this really delicious outcome.

Crispy Pork Cutlets
with Homemade Ranch Dressing & Salt & Vinegar Potatoes

Crispy Pork Cutlets

I can’t say that Goodfood has given out some spectacular pork chops/cutlets recipes yet. They never are my first place This one was okay. The salad was alright and the salt and vinegar potatoes were pretty decent. The pork cutlets were decent as well but nothing that will make me want to do this recipe again. However, my search for more pork chop recipes are in the horizon. Don’t get me wrong though, it was still good. I’m just not a huge fan of panko crusted anything so its more of a personal preference.

That’s it for this Goodfood Recap!
Have you been trying out any new recipes? Do you order meal subscription boxes like Goodfood?

2 in 1 Food Review: Mazter Japanese Restaurant & Fine Pasta Restaurant


After a whole 8 hours of not eating at the wonderful celebration, we had to go for some food.  The special bus took us to MTR Hang Hau.  Right next to this, there was a complex called The Lane and the kids chose a Japanese restaurant called Mazter.

Here’s a link for you to look at:

I’m usually not a big fan of Japanese food but this one was decent.


This one was my mom’s.  It was seafood Japanese noodles.  This one was pretty delicious.


My mom’s best friend chose the kid’s meal. It was cute put in a little kid tray with little sushi and eggs, some meat and some noodles.

They even added a Yakult on the side.

This is my meal: Fried Pork Cutlet with scrambled eggs on rice.  I have to say, they should have called it with onions.

I spent half my time eating onions instead of the actual scrambled eggs. That actually decreased my liking of the meal.


I met up with a high school friend on Monday night in Mongkok and she took me to this pasta place. Usually I don’t eat pasta at restaurant, even back in Montreal but I made an exception because after so many days of the same foods, I needed a little break to try something new for Hong Kong. So pasta it was, and here it is: Fine Pasta Restaurant.

This restaurant is situated on the side store along Ladies Market.

This was what I had: A delicious seafood spaghetti (?). I don’t remember the pasta. I looks like spaghetti to me.

There you go.  My food reviews for today.  Mazter was okay, nothing crazy recommendable especially because it was slightly pricey.  If you are looking for a good pasta place or even steak.  Reading some of the reviews while researching it, it seems to be an Italian Steakhouse. So I’d assume that should be a good choice.  I would recommend it.  It was a very tasty meal.

We can’t leave 2 food reviews without giving you a little bit of sweets, right?

So the next day, I went to Ocean Park.  I showed a bit of it before on A Word A Week Challenge: Journey and Special Photo Challenge: Inspiration. I”ll be taking you there in my next entry later today! For now, I will give you the dessert of the day: Dragon Beard Candy.

It was six pieces before I took the picture. Haha!

Still, here it is. All I can tell you is it has peanut filling.  I’m not exactly sure what is the outside but its sugary.

Yummy stuff right here!

Have you ever tried it any of this before? Why type of foods are your favorites? How about your favorite dessert? Pasta? Japanese food?