Dinner: The Best Effin’ Chicken Recipe Ever!

I know recipes are far and sparse this last while.  Summer is around the corner and I’m determined to step up  my cooking gear right now and eat healthier.  There’s still the Baking Through Disney project that I’m conceptualizing right now. I just can’t seem to find an idea that I’m happy with. Regardless, let’s talk about dinner and more specifically chicken.

I love chicken. I mean, chicken meals are about the best food in the world. Its the simple things that shine and this recipe that I found on PopSugar Food is proof of it. Its supposed to from some cooking show or whatnot.  This is about the most simple chicken ever except that you need to ask your grocery store to debone your chicken.  Surprisingly, one of the grocery stores near where I live sells it already packaged boneless.

I’m getting carried away! How can a chicken lover refuse this recipe?

The Best Effin’ Chicken Recipe Ever!

Chicken Recipe

A little burnt, I know but its a good first attempt!

The recipe is right here.  And if you like fun recipes, I find Popsugar Food has a lot of them!

Its hard to imagine that this has two ingredients: chicken and salt. Its rare we spend the time to marinate the chicken but seeing as this recipe had one ingredient to season the chicken, we went ahead and sprinkled salt over it in the morning and popped it in the fridge to cook when I got home from work.  Actually I forgot and my  husband did it so he misunderstood that I said 1 tablespoon instead of one teaspoon. Goes to show that sometimes its better to write out your words and not do abbreviations.

With that said, our chicken was definitely moist but a little on the salty side. However, there is no doubt that the chicken had a wonderfully delicious texture.

The only issue I encountered was because I was broiling something in a “new” oven. If I was using my mom’s before I moved, it wouldn’t be an issue but with this oven, it had a different temperament somehow and I learned that I couldn’t heat it on the top rack but one lower was a little better.  It was actually a little scary because it started smoking up and humidity was seeping out. When I did the first rotating the pan, I saw this and remedied it and that helped. The parchment paper still got rather charred.  Also, it took a little bit longer cooking time but maybe its because it was on a lower rack.  Just a few notes if you attempt this.

I don’t broil much in my oven so its pretty much a new experience.  However, this chicken