Workout Round-up!

Its time for another workout roundup!

I’m not going to lie! I’ve been super busy so walking around and standing and sitting is a lot of my life. But, the last two weeks, I’ve started getting in some more workouts and its a toss up between Zumba and when its too hot, workouts in the pool. Also two that from the post that I had wanted before but didn’t during this (almost) two months of no workout updates.

Here’s a few for you! 🙂

Warm-up 02- Marlon Alves Dance MAs

Pool Exercises [Fully Body Workout] – Popsugar Fitness

*Only one I didn’t do is Water Treader because my pool isn’t that deep.

Pool Workout [Ab & Core Workout] – Popsugar Fitness

Summer Ab Routine &  – Tone It Up

Sleek & Slender Abs – Tone It Up

I need to get a much more routine workout schedule going! Things are hopefully slowing down after Fantasia Festival ends next week! Kind of… I’ll be back with another update/workout round-up soon. 🙂

How are you staying active this summer?

Workout Updates: The Start of Healthy Living (Again!)

Welcome back to Workout Updates!

I can’t say that its going to be like the Weekly Workout Roundups which I stopped back in late 2014. You will still find this under Weekly Workout Roundups for now and they will normally be on Sunday late afternoon to get whatever workout I want to do during the day.  I know that this space is now really a lot of reviews and recipes and the likes but fact is, what I want this space to be more of is a well-rounded blog about lifestyle: healthy living, staying positive.  Its always been the central goal because even reading and watching movies are a central part of that living positive experience for me. You can see that its been gradually gravitating towards this sort of thing and its why its taken me forever to regroup and find a suitable domain name. Its still something in the works in case you were wondering.

Back to this, the goal is to do weekly workout roundups and to work out about two to three times a week (maybe three to four if schedule allows) and this is something I’m striving so hard to do. Healthy living is one of the focal points starting this year again. It’ll make me feel better and more positive altogether plus I have my cousin’s wedding to attend in late August so I need to lose some weight and look relatively nice. 🙂

Enough of this rambling! I promise these opening bits won’t be this long in future workout updates!

Wednesday: Last Minute Zumba Session

Warm-up – Dance MAs

Popee by Francesca Maria – Live Love Party

Worth It by Fifth Harmony – Live Love Party

Baddest Girl in Town by Pitbull – Dance MAs

I did a few other routines randomly from my list.  It turned out to be something like a 30 minutes of Zumba with a little cooldown of stretching. I just can’t remember the other routines. I’ll be better to jot them down next time.  I couldn’t make it to class this week either. Its what happens in summer but this is my effort to keep up the little bit of Zumba skills that I have.

Friday: Running

A sign of some outstanding social life, eh? 😉

This Friday, my mom had some stuff to take care of so I didn’t hang out with her for dinner and watching some TV together (like I usually do) so I decided to go for a run. This is actually the second run of 2016 so far. Nothing to brag about but I added another 0.5 miles to the run from the last one. This one felt a billion times better than the first run just because I could get into the zone and really  found my pace (kind of). It wasn’t constant enough though and I ran slower and slower as I went. I mean, my time is nothing near ready for participating in whatever 10 km runs or anything but I’m working on it. That’s the key! 🙂

Here’s a snapshot of my last two runs from Nike Running App.

Running Progress

For the purpose of this week, I ran 3.60 miles, which in what I comprehend better is 5.79 kilometers. That’s pretty good 🙂 I probably will do one or two more runs with this route before switching it up.

Sunday: Full Body + Yoga

I was going to do this on Saturday  night but totally slipped my mind and ended up playing games and falling asleep early and all that fun stuff. To be fair, gardening mode has been on so I did a little bit of gardening because I wasn’t feeling all that great so I took it easy. Sunday was a whole different story. It was gloomy so I wasn’t feeling as energetic but I did plan on doing some strength training and maybe a little of cardio and hopefully to stretch and calm down with yoga so here’s the idea of what I did.

Warm-up with Zumba

Full Body Workout

I love full body workouts because of their double duty moves. This workout packs in four circuits with ton of double duty moves that I’ve never tried before so its a lot of fun to do. Just saying..I was sweating bullets after this one. It felt all sorts of awesome! 🙂


If you were around back when I did these roundups, you’ll see that I’ve already done this one before but I haven’t in a long while so to start off my yoga again, I wanted something a tad more focused on flexibility than the hardcore stuff which is the more recent Tone It Up one. It was my original plan but one of the moves intimidated me just a tad bit. Lets take it slower to build some confidence. 🙂 Let me say, I had a hard time with the transformation that went into a side plank which usually doesn’t happen. Just shows how much more work I need to rebuild the strength I had. I promise I’ll try the new one soon!

That’s it for this week! Nice and easy to start things off! Hopefully I can keep it up around 3 to 4 workouts a week.
It would be optimal to get back into shape. Plus, nothing works better than having a ton of you keeping me accountable.

Hope you enjoyed this Workout Roundup! 🙂
How do you stay fit/healthy?

Week 4: A Little Bit at a Time :)

Week 4! I can hardly believe that I’ve been back in this workout thing for a month.  Its really made me feel a whole lot better. My mind and concentration, even my energy is better than before.  Not to mention, aside from feeling sore, I feel really great about myself.


Also called Fast and Furious Calorie Burn (on Youtube). This workout is pretty intense.  When life gets busy, I try to get these intense workout bursts to stay active.  I’m slowly gathering a good little bit of these and I want to try new ones so that I can keep the workouts diversified bit by bit. The instructions are done really well so its easy to follow even if you are focusing on the moves and there’s demo before each one before moving to the reps for the move.  At the end of this, it feels extremely hard to do for some moves.

I love this one a lot and I’ll probably head back to do this again to see how strength improves.


I needed to get some yoga in and since I was going to a arts and crafts show and going to taste some alcohol, I wanted to do a detox session before.  This one is supposedly very good for hangovers and I can actually see it really working out for that.  Its to help boost metabolism and I definitely felt like it got my blood flowing but also relaxing.  Its a few moves and the sun salutation.

pura vida tone it up

I followed this through with Pura Vida Workout from Tone it Up. Its one that I haven’t done in a long time.  A full-body workout again.  I didn’t quite feel it in my legs while I was working out but today (Sunday), when I woke up, its been reminding me how hard that workout was.

If you click the image, you’ll have the actual link with a video for this workout.  Some of these are a little hard to understand from the description but its a pretty good workout.  The dual movements covers the full-body. Spider Monkey Push-up is a pain to do.

FYI, I did 20 reps for first two moves while I did 10-15 reps for the last two. Completed 3 rounds.


I’m not hitting the 3 times a week nowadays.  There’s just too much stuff to do.  Still, this weekend, tracking my body transformation is starting to be motivating because I’m seeing better results this week. Thats my inspiration.

addiction results

I’m totally back on track.  Its great to see my body heading in the right direction.  Its an amazing feeling to get back some of that feel-good element, reduce stress and start feeling more confident about myself (and my body). Loving it! 🙂

Week 51&52: Staying Positive, Keeping Focused and Repeat!

Are you excited? This is  *possibly* the last post for my workout roundups.

Last week, everything got rearranged in my life that I didn’t have time to compile it for the previous one so this one, we’re having a two week finale together! Isn’t that fabulous?

I’m really happy! Today marks the 52nd week/1 year mark for my commitment to working out and training hard.  I went from training for dragonboat as my priority so that I could be an asset to the team to now simply refocusing my mind to doing it for myself, to relieve stress, to learn what works for me and to just build a healthy lifestyle, not only through physical workouts but eating better and keeping my mind and body balanced and keeping my stress at reasonable levels (or at least try my best) 😉

Lets take a look at how the last two weeks looked like in workouts before I ramble on more!

Week 51 marked the last week of the Nike Training Club Get Toned program that I had!

I started the week with a new 30 minute workout called Jump Around!


NTC Jump Around

Second day was the 45 minutes Advanced Yoga workout that you can find HERE! Followed on Thursday by the 30 minutes workout Competitor that you can find HERE!

On the last day or last workout of the program, there was a new 30 minutes workout called Shakedown.


NTC Shakedown

The last week of the NTC program was pretty intense.  I think I liked it the best for that.  All of them were pretty hard as it had a lot of moves that I usually would avoid but since its part of the program, I couldn’t.  There wasn’t even reason to modify anything except for some that I had to do slower because I wasn’t as comfortable.  I definitely know it toned me up a little bit.  Why only a little bit? Its really my fault.  I got overloaded with stress and ate some junk food that I usually don’t.

Week 52 meant I changed my eating habits a bit better than the week before.  The program was over but I think I’m going to start the Getting Lean one in a few weeks. However for this week, I went freestyle and totally spontaneous (which doesn’t usually work too well).

First workout, I got in Tuesday.  I was trying to keep my Training Club program.  You’ll see that didn’t work very well.  I found this interesting workout on Popsugar Fitness that incorporated Capoeira.  I’ve always been curious about it so I gave it a shot.

This is THE most intense workout I’ve done ever! Its like break dance and martial arts and craziness all mixed together.  Its high energy and really fun and just so intense all at the same time! I actually think that I’m going to look at finding some physical classes.  Its either this or yoga.  I’m still deciding…

Seeing as this week was crazy busy and I have no idea how come its been so stressful and energy levels been really low, I stuck in a re-energizing and calming (does that contradict?) yoga routine with this video on Thursday.

For this last weekend, I boosted it up with one of my intense and hardcore workouts with Popsugar Fitness called No Excuses Workout.

no excuses workout popsugar

I had to modify this a little by doing only 2 times of the Circuit One because it was making me feel really sick.  I think my body was overheating or whatnot.  So I took a little cooldown walking around while my heart rate slowed down and continued on.  That Circuit One always gets to me.

Seeing as I was satisfied with how I didn’t do all of that workout and I wanted 4 workouts in a week, I did another one earlier today to wrap this up! 🙂 Its a bit going back to my roots but its a great workout to challenge my core, and thats the Core Workout on Tribesports!

the core workout

I always go back to this one to see how my core is progressing.  I didn’t feel as at par since in the recent few workouts, I’ve been working more full body than doing a lot of core workouts.  Still, it was pretty good run 🙂

Now that I’m at one year of committing to working out, here are my thoughts on it!

100% mental

That contributes to a lot of the progress I’ve had in the past year.  I still have a long way to go especially in finding a healthier and cleaner way of eating but I’m stepping in the right direction.  I have a few ideas as to how I want this workout blogging thing to go but for now, it’ll take a slight pause while I gather my thoughts on it! If you’d like to check out stuff I do, I usually post it up on Tribesports or share it on Twitter and I share most of it on my Pinterest board so follow me any one of those channels if you’d like!

My biggest lesson that I’ve learned from this year is to stay positive, keep focused and keep repeating all those good habits 🙂 Its a routine I want to keep with it for as long as I can and improve on my muscular endurance, look better, feel healthier!!! Sore is the new sexy my loves! One day, I’ll get there!

My new goal this summer when I hit outdoors is this:

world gym

I’m wishing for the snow to go away and the weather to warm up now! 🙂

For now, this segment is over! Hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as I have enjoyed sharing this experience with you! 🙂