When E3 2018 Takes Over… #E32018

Hey everyone!

The last few days have been quiet. To be honest, I’m pretty impressed that I only missed 2 days out of the tentative schedule. However, I’m working on the next few posts. Unfortunately, it probably won’t happen for today. As with the previous two years, Electronic Entertainment Expo, aka E3, is currently underway. While Game Warp doesn’t have the resources to be on site, we are covering it remotely. The event has officially kicked off to the public but the whole weekend from Saturday to Tuesday was six conferences. We did a great job because we planned ahead. I know this because I feel more alive and managed to work efficiently and we managed to work through the time zone differences to get the recaps sent to That Moment In in a timely manner. With that said, it took over that entire time frame. Its surprising that I did get some home chores and other must-dos.

After some thought, as a little bit of a transition piece before I got back to some regular programming later this evening or most probably tomorrow, I’m going to share the links to the recaps that Elwood and I worked very hard together. On top of that, I’ll share the one stand out game for myself in each conference just to add a little of my personal touch here.

Electronic Arts

For our full EA conference recap and impressions, you can find it HERE.

Microsoft Xbox

You can find the full Microsoft Xbox Briefing recap and impressions HERE.


Check out our recap and impressions of Bethesda Conference HERE.

Square Enix

You can check out the full recap (including of course the Kingdom Hearts III recap which I did enjoy, but these two games look great) right HERE!


Now for the very awesome Ubisoft recap and impression, where I just can’t put everything I’m excited about, right HERE.

PC Gaming Show

And for the PC Gaming Show round-up HERE.


Of course, the big show to end the main conferences is Playstation. Find the recap HERE.

Nintendo Direct

Nintendo Direct’s full recap is HERE.

Game Warp is still working on some other material for E3 so its still now done yet.
However, the conferences ending and all the recaps done means I can get back to normal programming.

TV Binges, Book Reviews and Double Features are in the horizon! 🙂

I know this isn’t normal stuff but if you check out Transference, you can see Elijah Wood’s debut game. At the same time, Joseph Gordon-Levitt also made an appearance at Ubisoft for Beyond Good and Evil 2 talking about working with them and his company, HitRecord. Lots of very cinematic games in the horizon also. Its pretty awesome!

Game Warp Podcast: E3 Impressions Part 2: Playstation, PC Gaming Show & Nintendo

Part 2 of E3 Impressions are here!

This time, we talk about the last three conferences. Not a lot of people have covered the PC Gaming Show but as I am the independent games fanatic, it felt like one that I had to check out and it was well worth it to see some of the smaller games getting highlighted with a little more details from the developers themselves. In this episode, we talk about the PC Gaming Show, Playstation and we wrap up with the Nintendo Spotlight event.

Before we wrap up the episode, we discuss whether the new upcoming Nintendo Switch games has made us want to pick up the new console and which conference appealed to us the most?

Thanks for watching! Hope you enjoyed!
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Which game announced are you excited for?
Are you planning on picking up a Nintendo Switch eventually (if you haven’t already)?

Game Break: Unravel Teases A Beautiful Experience Unlike Any Other

Check out the next Game Break post I wrote over at That Moment In for a video about the inspiration for Unravel that was just released for possibly the game I’ve only recently heard about but highly anticipate. Love, nature and puzzles are my absolutely favorite sort of game.

Have you heard of Unravel?

That Moment In.com

What if a video game was not about shooting and aliens and explosions, but instead, about love? The develops over at Coldwood Interactive posed this question and came up with a new game that tasks players with doing something a little different, and to think about games as way to connect in ways we might never have before.

Screen Shot 2016-01-08 at 3.25.23 PM

Coldwood Creative Director Martin Sahlin is the main inspiration behind the main character of a puzzle adventure game coming out February 9th called Unravel.  What is Unravel you may ask? We play as a little yarn character simply called Yarny who takes us on an adventure through many different nature scenes collecting the memories and helping reconnect a long lost family. While its about the past for the family, we also learn and connect with Yarny in his present adventures.

Yarny unravels during this big journey through various natural environments inspired…

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Arcade Block: April 2015

Right on time! Arcade Block was already there when I got home on April 30th. Perfect because I needed something to make an extremely busy month wrap up on a positive note!

Arcade Block has had some pretty awesome gear and you know what? I’m just excited! I had a really good vibe about this box!

Let’s check it out!

Arcade Block (April 2015)

Pac-Man Salt & Pepper Shakers

Arcade Block

Pac Man Shakers in box

Arcade Block

Pac Man Salt and Pepper Shakers Unboxed

Arcade Block, this is what I’m talking about.  Retro gaming! Pac-Man, Tetris…keep it coming! 🙂 My boyfriend and I are having a debate whether it should be our dining table decor or keep it as a collectible.  Its been a few days but still undecided…

What do you think?

Skylanders Figure: Ignitor

Arcade Block

Skylanders Figure: Ignitor

I’ve seen these Skylanders figures in stores a lot.  I’ve never been quite sure how this works but no matter what, its pretty cool.  We’re looking into it.  For now, a spot in the display cabinet 😉

Do you know how this works? Maybe you can enlighten me a little! 🙂

Treasure Chest Zipper Pull

Arcade Block

Treasure Chest Zipper Pull

Hmm…this could be useful.  We’re just thinking which coat needs it.

Video Games Live: Level 4 (Audio CD)

Arcade Block

Video Games Live: Level 4

Arcade Block

Video Games Live: Level 4

My boyfriend and I literally massively GEEKED OUT on seeing an actual CD in the Arcade Block! And it has some awesome music.  I’m not crazy, okay?  Look at it! Donkey Kong Country, Metal Gear Solid 3, Final Fantasy, Uncharted 2, Zelda, Resident Evil 5, BioShock, Chrono Cross and Castlevania.. I mean, these are some pretty big titles/franchises.  I haven’t quite finished listened to the whole CD yet but man, from what I’ve heard so far, its really amazing awesome!!! 🙂

What game has the best soundtrack for you?

Retro Magazine (Issue#7)

Arcade Block

Retro Magazine

I haven’t heard of Retro Magazine before but there’s some pretty fantastic content in it. I’ve only flipped through a few pages but I’ll read through it bit by bit. This one has feature on Mortal Kombat and I’m actually been watching a lot of Youtube videos on the newest one.  Its pretty fun!

Kingdom Hearts T-Shirt

Arcade Block

Kingdom Hearts T-Shirt

This was my geek out moment.  Unfortunately, the T-shirt in Arcade Block is in my boyfriend’s size so I can’t wear it but because I loved it so much, my boyfriend decided to let me use it as PJs.  A fun fact is that I’m actually a HUGE fan of Kingdom Hearts.  I have yet to actually finish the game on Playstation.  It has nothing to do with the game being hard. I’m just really bad at gaming especially when I need to play it by myself.  Haha! But, I do have a few of the games, it just waiting for me to settle down and play it. Sounds lame but its a fact that I’ve faced.  Doesn’t stop the fact that I totally LOVE this! 🙂


If I ever had a moment of regret or doubt for ordering the Arcade Block (and I don’t), this box would have turned that feeling right around! C’mon, I knew what everything in this was and I love it all! The next block has me even more excited actually because they just announced a gear from one of my favorite games EVER!!! I’ll reveal that next month but I promise you, its really cool! Oh, and the cool stuff doesn’t stop because I also ordered next month’s Nerd Block because it also has something fantastic in it! Seriously, I can’t wait for the next one!!!

*takes a deep breath* Okay, I’m breathing properly.  All calmed down..kind of.

What do you think about this stuff? Anything that appeals to you more?