Game Warp Podcast: ‘Inside’ Review (with guest reviewer)

Welcome to the next episode of Game Warp Podcast! This time we are reviewing the recently released game, Inside by Playdead to round out our double feature. Continuing from last time, our guest reviewer Greg from The Debatable Podcast and All The Pieces Matter join us as we talk about Inside: our thoughts, theories and Elwood even pitches a great idea for Playdead’s next game.

Thanks for listening! Hope you enjoyed! 

Game Warp Podcast: Limbo (with special guest)

Game Warp finally lands in our first double feature month. Limbo was the first game we reviewed on a double feature of Playdead’s games. Next week, we look at the recently released Inside. Their games generate talk because of their no narrative stories, simple controls and mind-boggling puzzles. Limbo fell into that category as the debut game of Playdead and we take a moment with a special guest, Greg from The Debatable Podcast to take a memorable walk in the woods as my cohost says beautifully. We discuss and laugh a lot about what we went through including our frustrations, questions, and reasonings for why Limbo was done the way it was and what are its strengths and downfalls. Prepare for a lot of laughs! We had a ton of fun with this one!

Thanks for listening! Hope you enjoyed!
Remember to drop by here or That Moment In Channel for Part 2, the Inside review!