The Past Week/end & a little more!

**If you aren’t interested in reading my week’s adventures, please scroll to the bottom and I need a little help with something! Thanks!**

That title makes it sound loaded, right? Thats because my brain is slightly at that capacity.  I’ll try my best to keep it more pictures and less words 😉

Before I forgot everything, I just wanted to get it all out for the past week, weekend fun and some goals for the next week.

The last week, it was a scramble with the top priority of getting my new plants and seedlings into bigger pots to make sure they survived my leaving for the weekend for the Ottawa trip. At the same time, I did some weeding before, I think I talked about it and found some garden pests in the form of white grubs. We managed to get some Grub Control and hopefully it’ll go away but generally speaking, plans have taken a course of change and I will be fully engage in container gardening. With that said, I separated Starry Traveler from her newlywed husband for two consecutive evenings and went shopping then planted what we could.


Wednesday night resulted in this:

Container gardening

The first few were the most urgent and those included the ginger mint companioned with tomato plant (big red pot on far left), Ground Cherry plant (upper small red pot), Lemon Thyme (middle stainless steel pot), Crimson Star (lower blue pot) and the big brown one was prepared for the next day’s planting.

Container Gardening

After the second day of planting

After the second day of planting, we now have the brown pot occupied with the assorted lettuce, we also potted the zucchini with some chamomile (small beige pot on the right), second tomato plant and lemon verbena in stainless steel pots, Starry Traveler’s raspberry plant in the fancy brown pot on the far left. The only plants left to be potted are the strawberry, Stevia, squash and broccoli along with a bunch of herb sprouts.  I will tend to those this week.


On top of the crazy week, I came home on Tuesday to find that my cat had threw up on my bed cover and I observed a rubber band.  She threw up the whole piece from what I deciphered and had to go into monitor for her and gave her food in intervals at small portions to make sure she was digesting good.


As she slept in my lap at night, I kept leaning over to listen to make sure she was breathing okay with no funny breathing difficulty sounds. Stressful, I tell you!



Nature’s reminder that even when everything doesn’t quite work out, there’s always the little joys in life that show up and just make the day a little bit better.  Thats what this rainbow was for me 🙂


My friend and I left on Friday after work and we were entered into a looming dark cloud that caused this to happen.


Mega heavy rain and wind

The car was literally shaking from the rain and wind. It was pretty intense. Imagine the joy when we saw this:


Saturday morning, we were up and moving at 9am to get the race kit for my friend and the line up at 8:45 was ridiculous.

Ottawa Race Weekend

Lineup for the race kit

Luckily, the management of it all was very good so everything flowed wonderfully and it took us very little time to get everything and they even had a sports expo at the end.

Nice weather, new experience and I met an awesome fellow blogger (you can read about it HERE).  The only part (not sure if its good or bad) is that my friend had an eureka moment and decided that for my (not so great) birthday gift he was going to sponsor me to join the 10K next year.  However, before we go to next year, my friend managed to run most of the 21.1 km and walked the last 5 but still came in 5 mins less than the max time he had aimed to be his max.  The energy at the marathon whether it was the runners or the spectators made for a very awesome environment.


Whats a mega post without telling you about my obsessions.  I’ve been totally watching repeatedly Dirty Dancing. You can see my review HERE.

And I’ve been listening to Montreal-based electro funk duo Chromeo’s song: Jealous (I Ain’t With It) on repeat.

6) Upcoming and Goals!

If you made it this far, congrats! You finally got to the somewhat more awesome part.

This weekend, I will have a special announcement.  Before that happens, I’m working on a few projects that will be announced then once I make up my mind with little details.

This week, I do have a few goals:

  • Finish reading The Casual Vacancy (which has been occupying my life a tad too long and I’m a bit fed up…those 150 pages look like 1000 pages right now)
  • Start preparing to edit my Nanowrimo novel
  • Use my whipped cream and make something absolutely delicious
  • Start being more organized with both blog posts
  • Restarting my training schedule after stopping for about 3 weeks…

On top of that, my summer is looking quite full with a few events looking in the form like this:

  • Tree Adventures
  • Cirque du Soleil show
  • Tarantino Music Concert
  • Fantasia Film Fest

Unfortunately this year, I will most probably be skipping the TIFF.  The chances are pretty high that I will make that choice because of financial and timing problems/prior commitments.

7) A Little Help Please!

So just one more thing before I let you go!

I have a bunch of movies expiring on Netflix on June 1st. There is no way that I’m going to be able to see them all so maybe you can help me choose? 🙂

  • A Single Man (2009)
  • Beyond Borders (2003)
  • Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader (2010)
  • New York I Love You (2009)
  • The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (2011)

And thats the end of this seemingly long post!

Have you been to Ottawa? Have you ever ran a marathon? What are your summer plans? Which movies in that list would you suggest for me to watch? Any suggestions for what dessert to make with my heavy cream?

Long Weekend & Gardening!

These two weekends have been pretty awesome.  Its a new learning experience to plant my own garden and grow my own seeds.

Last week, that was exactly what I did (other than my food adventures HERE). Around mid-week, my boyfriend sent me pictures that the seeds, my little zucchini was growing.


Hello World, Zucchini!

By the time, this weekend came around and I went to go see my seedlings, some others were sprouting as well.  Of course, I was the genius and didn’t label them so I know two of my broccoli are coming out along with possible basil and oregano. Oregano is my guess and even some chamomile, which is also a guess.  It needs to get bigger for me to realize.  Those two are so small that I didn’t even bother to take a picture of them. I’ll probably do an update post on how that’s going soon.

For some who don’t know, I’m currently in my long weekend, which means NO WORK TODAY! YAY! Thank you, Queen Victoria 😉 Regardless, this weekend was the mega plan to go to this huge greenhouse producer garden center called Les Serres Jean-Francois Dauphinais out in St Basile Le Grand, a little town on the outskirts of where I live.  Originally it was just myself and Phoebe@Starry Traveler but then my boyfriend came along and thank goodness because we needed help with that 😉

We spent almost 2 hours there going through rows and rows of herbs and vegetables and flowers.

This was everything that I bought, with a few little ones from Canadian Tire, that we picked up everything and my lovely Clematis is out of the shot.


So lets have a little more close-up tour of what I’ll be planting for both my indoor garden and outdoors (if it happens, more about that later in this post).


Lemon Verbena, Stevia, Ground Cherry and Lime Mint

For you Vampire Diary lovers, I can make some vervain 😉




Delicata Squash, Ginger Mint, Strawberry, Blackie Sweet Potato and regular Sweet Potato…

The one in the top row in the middle is baffling me right now.  Its escaping my brain what it is…

Moving on 😉




Spanish Lavender, Goldilocks, Mixed Lettuce, Crimson Star and Little flowers

Other then the two on the right, lettuce combo and little red flowers, the rest are all going in pots or indoors.

The most awesome part is that after my post about Crimson Star, there flowers if you miss it.



I fell in love with them and although the garden didn’t have them, we managed to find stuck in the lower row of the Canadian Tire garden exactly two plants, one for me and one for Phoebe.  Score! That was a happy moment.

We still have one more plant that we haven’t shown, here’s the lovely Clematis.  The first plant I thought about wanting in my garden because they are so beautiful.



That was my crazy garden shopping.  Its a bit late to sprout seeds from everything at this point so its pretty great to have found that lovely garden center. I’m sure to return there.  I have a few other plants I have in mind if these succeed.

However, there is a bit of issues on the outdoor garden issue.  My previous owners were not the gardening type and the gardening area has turned into partial storage and grasslands full of weeds.  As I was weeding away, I found some white worms.  I may be a gardening amateur but I know these not so little guys are a big no-no. This means, I need to treat my soil before I can use it.  I have some researching to do on that.  With my vacation a few weeks away and mostly time to work on the weekends, maybe I’ll have to throw in a few weekdays this coming week to try to get everything done.

Whats good is that on Sunday morning, we headed out to Ikea and bought a few more items for the house.  The most significant being some pots to plant my indoor herbs garden.  At least that will most along as planned and that will be done later today after a little fun time with friends 😉

I’m pretty done with updating on the weekend.  I bought some paint for the dining room also but that won’t be done until the last room in the upper floor is taken care of. I’m just going to say that the colors are very delicious because I can’t remember those fancy names.

Fun and exciting times!

I’m doing a bit of research (if I stop falling asleep while I do it) on herbs, vegetables and flowers to see where and how to plant it is more appropriate.  Also on my list, natural/organic treatment formula for my apple tree; how to get rid of white worms and how to have more space effective indoor gardens 😉

I know some of you are very wonderful gardeners. Any advice?

Also, no worries! Normal programming will be back. I have a fun week prepared and I promise you will like it 😉

Hope all of you had fabulous weekends and to my Canadian friends, Happy Victoria Day (unless you have another name because I know we like to be special over here in Quebec and have different names)! 

A Word A Week Challenge: Orange

Colors and lights are always tricky little things.  On Saturday`s events, I had exhibit the first tulip to bloom.

In case you missed it, here it is:


It looks pink, right?

Its actually more of a coral orange.

When I went up close on Sunday, it looked like this…


I love the tint of the interior of that flower…So beautiful 🙂


The symmetry and the contrast of yellow, orange and black really make this tulip so awesome!

This is my response to Sue @ A Word in Your Ear’s A Word a Week Challenge: Orange! If you want to check out more entries or join in, please see them HERE!

Seeing all these flowers blooming now and making the garden all colorful makes me crazy happy! How about you? What flowers are blooming where you are? What are your favorite spring flowers?

Spring is HERE!

I’m about to head out to another overtime day at work.  Somehow having great fantastic sleep last night was great 🙂

Yesterday I spent resting yet again and drinking another few buckets of water and trying to flush more toxins out of my body and you know what?

I think it worked 🙂

Also, Spring has arrived in my garden with these beautiful little purple flowers lighting up one little corner.


The tulips and daffodils will be coming soon and I promise I’ll post those up as soon as they appear!

Plus, there is this song thats making me extremely happy and its stuck in my head.  I leave you with this fun song!

Something about being called a “little chickadee” makes me giggle. Maybe I am cheesy and silly that way (or simply just a romantic), but this song is just so cute. All I can do is sing and smile and dance a little. Suddenly going to work doesn’t feel too bad. I’m all amped up!

How about you? Are you all amped up for this beautiful Sunday?

Weekly Photo Challenge: Growth

As you saw in the last week’s challenge, Weekly Photo Challenge: Purple, my garden has a lot of flowers.  Flowers may change every once in a while in my garden especially the seasonal ones, but every year for as long as I remember, my mom had her vegetable garden area just to herself.  This year was no exception so the star of this week’s photo challenge is my mom’s vegetable garden to see how some vegetables are growing as summer gradually comes to an end.

Tomatoes: We can see the transition of growth from not ripe (green) to ripe (red)

Squash (not sure which kind)

Its a type of asian melon; something like a hairy melon of sorts.  You can see the flower that led to its growth bit by bit every day.

This stuff is amazing in soup.

The next star is the bitter melon.  This one is slightly deformed, usually its more elongated.

With some, the growth is hidden from us as this sweet potato plant.

We can only witness the growth of sweet potatoes when we dig it up at the end of the season

Of the most abundant ones right now is the prune tree.

With just a little portion of the tree in this shot, we already see a lot of prunes growing on every branch

Weekly Photo Challenge: Purple

Purple – one of my favorite colors…I used to love purple and pink as a little girl.  Who would know that after 20 something years, I’d come back and the last 2-3 years I’ve really learned to like it again.  In clothes, its more of a darker shade of purple but in general, for many other things, I find it a beautiful color.

Seeing as I get to choose a lot of the flowers that are planted in the garden and its one of the few colors me and my mom both love, its shows up in various kinds. Here are few to share on my PURPLE flowers.

Beautiful PURPLE Lavenders

They are still one of the newest additions to my garden so they are not very abundant yet


Probably one of the oldest flowers in my garden and yet, every year I admire them every moment that I get

As for these….I forgot what they are called.  If you know, please share.

But this year they were the winners as they blossomed a lot and ever so pretty.

And finally this morning at 5:30am, I walked out out of the house to take my mom to the airport and right in front of me, a new batch of fully blossomed purple hibiscus!