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Its Monday! And you know what! Things are looking great. This weekend resolved a ton of stuff on my mind. I know that on Friday, I was just talking about it. However, this comes with its own stuff which I’ll talk about in a separate post soon, maybe I’ll vlog it..who knows!

Either way, we’re changing things up. Because of NaNoWriMo, I subscribe to the WordNerds Youtube Channel. Back in August, they did  for their Vloggers’ Choice segment a Nintendo Book Tag! This is their video HERE and the original of this tag is from Sam’s Nonsense HERE. I haven’t done any Tags in a long time but seeing as I’ve been really in the gaming thing lately, I feel inspired to give this a go. However, we are doing a fun post on it for Game Warp with an actual gaming twist.  Here, I’m going to try my luck as intended for books. Some challenging stuff here but let’s give it a go!

Nintendo Book Tag

  • NES: A Classic Book You Want To Read

I’m not one that loves war stuff but The Art of War is a book I’ve always wanted to read about strategy. What makes The Art of War very impressive is that his strategies apply to everyday life and not just war. It applies to business and the concepts behind it draw many parallels to the present. Chinese people love to toss around the really popular strategy in everyday life so I’ve always learned some stuff here and there but I feel its also enriching to embrace the works of my own tradition. With that said, when I read this want to read Classic…it wasn’t famous Western works that popped in my head but a bunch of Classic Chinese works that I’ve never found time to read, mostly because I’m born in Canada so while I can read Chinese, its an incredibly slow process, especially with traditional Chinese writing style.

  • Super Nintendo (SNES): A Sequel You Liked More Than The First Book

Maybe I’m cheating a little here. Not if they mean like sequel as in like the immediate second novel. Regardless, I love The Prisoner of Azkaban. Its one of my fave sequels and one that I love a ton in the Harry Potter series and definitely much more than Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. Its just incredibly magical and has this darkness that keeps it really fun. I still remember a lot of it and I haven’t went back to read the Harry Potter in many, many year (although hopefully one day).

  • Nintendo 64: A Book that Revolutionalizes the Way You Look at the World

Maybe it seems like an odd choice but I sometimes read non-fiction books, albeit rare, and this one has by far been one of those very inspiring ones. I read this one as one of the earlier reviews in the earlier days of the blog. You can find the (crappy) review HERE.

Quiet is a really fantastic book that looks at the world from analysing the power of being an introvert. I’ve been an introvert all my life and because of that, my parents have always felt that it’ll make me less competent and always found ways to try to make me more sociable and outgoing. I guess feeling that you are less makes you less confident but Quiet takes a nice reasoning behind the introvert and even those who are introverts but are pseudo-extroverts. Anyways, it changed my view and made me see the value of being an introvert.

  • Game Cube: A Popular Book that Did Not Go Over Well with You

The Fault in Our Stars

Sigh…What do I say to all you John Green fans? He’s just not my type of writer. The Fault of Our Stars is very quotable but that doesn’t make it a great book. My opinion and you know what this book’s plot is? Its a typical Korean drama series. You probably can find a ton of them on Netflix now. Its the classic Korean drama formula that all got brought to light with Autumn in My Heart. Not saying that its bad but its using the same tricks. You can find the review HERE. In this review, you will see that there was an update and my original 3.5 wa a 4 (since Goodreads doesn’t do half stars) but its really somewhere nicking a 3 and it keeps dropping the more I think about it, so I’ll stop. I probably should do an updated review on why.

  • Wii: A New Favorite


The Illuminae Files is officially my new favorite series in general. I burned through  Illuminae and then picked up full price Gemina and then read through that one in a hurry. You can find the review for Illuminae HERE and Gemina HERE. This series really take a beautiful turn and uses reading to a third person point of view and gives us wonderful twists and characters and development and mystery, action. Its a gripping sci-fi novel and its a must-read.

  • Nintendo Power: Your Favorite Graphic Novel Series (or other series you want to read)


I’ve only read the first book in this Fables series but it was incredibly awesome. You can find the review HERE.

If you are talking about series, I have been quite into the renewed Archie ones. You can read the first volume review HERE.

  • Super Mario: A Character You Would Like to Squish Like a Goomba

Paper Towns

Typical that John Green makes it twice on my tag, right? My choice of character is Margo Roth Spiegelman. I really didn’t like Paper Towns. Its incredibly boring and what I hate most is the pointless of this main character who just seems really unlikable and rather manipulative. I remember reading this book and thinking that if this book ended the way I was expecting it would (and it did), that I’d hate this character even more. So yeah…I’m not here to give spoilers so I won’t. There are characters, I think further and see their mental journey and that they were meant to be that way, but Margo Roth Spiegelman was just boring and pointless. Perhaps this one meant for a villain character that I wanted to squish, but this is my choice.

If it was a character that I’d like to squish like Goomba (because of his villainous ways), I’d pick the I Am Number Four series villain, Setrakus Ra.

  • Zelda: A New Fantasy Book that You Would Consider a New Modern Classic

Night Circus

I honestly have no idea how many people know about The Night Circus. I read this one before the book reviews started here however, I did read this because The Night Circus was born from a NaNoWriMo project. Its honestly a fantastic little fantasy book about magicians and circuses and rivalry and the way destiny messes with these two young magicians who are in love. Its really a great story and a page-turner. If you haven’t read it and love fantasy, this one comes highly recommended on my list.

  • Samus Aran: Your Favorite Sci-fi Book (or sci-fi book you want to read)

Since I’ve already talk about Illuminae which is very sci-fi which is one of my faves, I can’t wait to read Obsidio, the next book in The Illuminae Files series however it only releases in March 2018. For something that has already been released. If you have been following here, I’ve professed my love for the I am Number Four series over and over again. The entire book series has been very strong. It has some variation but overall, they are really solid. The series has all released as of last year but being the procrastinator that I am, I’m still desperately waiting to pick up the last 2 books in the series, The Fate of Ten and United as One.

  • Pokemon: Book Editions That You Want to Collect

Currently, I have Calvin and Hobbes and Something Under the Bed is Drooling but I want to get all of these beautiful comics. They always are the reason why I sit down and take a break from cleaning the bookcase because I spot them and get caught up. The memories and the friendships and just Calvin and Hobbes are fabulous and fun.

  • Donkey Kong: A Book with Original Characters

the little prince

I feel that nothing is quite as charming as reading the short 80 or so pages of The Little Prince. It has a little prince from a faraway asteroid and a talking flower. He journeys to meet a stranded aviator. He meets these interesting characters and there is just so much to learn about this book. The Little Prince is a special character and sees through many things. He’s deep and interesting.

  • Nintendo Fandom: Favorite Nintendo game(s) or game you really want

While Nintendo Switch has just been released and there are some cool titles already out, my heart is still set on getting together some money to pick up a Nintendo 3DS so that I can play these titles. My favorite gaming franchise is Professor Layton and Phoenix Wright and I still have two games to catch up with the Ace Attorney franchise and then they got together and did a game, which was the turning point of when I decided I needed a 3DS eventually (and that was back in 2012). Its still on my mind every single day.

That’s it for this Nintendo Book Tag!
Join in if you’d like in your own post or in the comments below!
Even if you aren’t a gamer, these categories are still fun to think about. 
Happy Monday everyone! 

Dream Book Conference Panel!

Dream Book Conference Panel is today’s topic inspired by Eventbrite.  The question for this dream conference panel is: All true bookworms have their dream list of authors they’d love to meet, but what if you could plan your perfect panel of authors (or even characters) you’d love to hear speak at a conference?

While the most logical way of a conference would be to group authors writing the same genre to come together, I also feel that grouping authors that somewhat contrast their style or even in the time frame they write makes for a look at their creative process in a different way. See, just deciding how to put together panelists is hard enough. Here are some three groups of authors that I’d like to see be at my dream conference panel.

Young Adult

i am number four Maze Runner

My first group goes to the most common genre: Young Adult. Although I have been slowly falling out of the YA genre, I do quite admire the creativity these authors have done. Pittacus Lore is pretty much the elder of Lorien and he also is the author. Now, the question is no one knows what this person looks like. I mean, if he is from Lorien and reciting the Lorien Legacy, well, then he probably is an alien. While I am Number Four is a pretty disappointing movie, let me assure you that The Lorien Legacy series is one of my favorite Young Adult series and that is why I’d like to see how they created it. At the same time, James Dashner can be the same. He has created a story out of kids stuck in a maze and carried into a dystopian world. There is something here to learn from these two authors just how they build their creative process and brainstorm or fall into the characters that they created, whether it is character development or world building.

Thrillers & Mystery

Gone Girl Before I Go To Sleep The Cuckoo's Calling

Who wouldn’t want to be in a panel with authors who write captivating and intriguing mystery thrillers that keep us guessing with mind-blowing twist and turns. Gillian Flynn, S.J. Watson and Robert Galbraith (aka J.K. Rowling) needs to have a panel where they discuss how to build suspense and mystery. Thrillers are the tricky pieces of work, whether its books or movies, because they need to create a level of suspense that divulges enough information slowly to peak interest, build character enough to stay intrigued and make the reader want to keep guessing what is going on before most of the time making sure that it is absolutely the one thing they never imagined could happen.

Gillian Flynn is known mostly for Gone Girl but her other two novels, Sharp Objects and Dark Places both have almost as good of a story. She has written three pieces of novels that are all intriguing to read, making her a person who needs to talk about the thought process of writing a mystery. Before I Go To Sleep by S.J. Watson is the only novel that I have read. His second novel is called Second Life which I need to find, however, its been a few years since I’ve read Before I Go To Sleep and I can still remember the feeling of suspense till today. Its a captivating read with lots of secrets. How do you keep secrets hidden and give just enough hints to keep it abstract and not ruin it? Finally, Robert Galbraith, who is the pseudonym of J.K. Rowling, but I do this deliberately because I want to pick the brain of Robert Galbraith, the person who wrote a mystery thriller and is making a series out of it, making a new detective, Cormoran Strike, rise. We all know J.K. Rowling as the mastermind behind Harry Potter but we need to dial it back and learn how she writes for adults and thrillers.

Chinese in North America

Joy Luck Club water-rat-of-wanchai Everything I never Told You

Some of you might think this is an odd combination, or just the title of the conference might not be appealing. However, my take of having a panel of Amy Tan, who is the veteran in the writing about Chinese-American life and contrasts, Celeste Ng, who is a more modern version of writing about a Chinese-American family and some racism issues in their time frame and Ian Hamilton, who is writing a Chinese-Canadian forensic accountant and somewhat of a femme fatale/strong female figure, shows off the diversity of the characters and actually shows a bigger picture of not only writing about Chinese but in general, it can be useful when writing about other cultures and the difficulties of adapting to the new world or even racism while weaving it into a different genre.

The Joy Luck Club is pretty much pure fiction about mother and daughter relationships while Celeste Ng is the relationship of a Chinese-American family, taking on the different voices as they solve the mystery of their missing daughter and the secrets that are revealed might just help decipher what really happened. While, Ian Hamilton would bring in a fresh voice as a non-Chinese crafting the dangerous adventures of Ava Lee, a Chinese-Canadian forensic accountant and has built quite the series as he takes Ava Lee to many different places in the world solving case after case. This panel could give good insight on what it is to be an author writing about Chinese culture and even seeing the world through someone with a different background and upbringing and/or family structure.

What would be your dream author conference panel? Why? 

Eventbrite is the largest self-service ticketing platform in the world that helps people find and plan events. If you are interested in looking for or planning conferences in your local area, this conference management page HERE may be something you would like to check out.

The Revenge of Seven (Lorien Legacies #5) by Pittacus Lore

The Lorien Legacies is by far one of the most successful book series I’ve read.  I was in awe at the end of the fourth book when it was still going very strong.  Every book is a page turner, full of different point of view as narratives and this whole fictional alien war grows deeper as we learn more about Lorien and their fight against the Mogodarians.  The fourth book ended in quite a cliffhanger with a very scattered outlook that could go in any direction as they see fit.

Before we head into the review, if you missed my previous reviews of the first four books, which I only am missing review for the first book I am Number Four, you can find it here:

The Power of Six (#2)
The Rise of Nine (#3)
The Fall of Five (#4)

Let’s check this next installment out!

If you haven’t read the previous books and intend on reading this series, some spoilers may appear unintentionally so I strongly suggest you to stop!

 The Revenge of Seven
(Lorien Legacies #5)

by: Pittacus Lore

The Revenge of Seven

After the last attack, the group has been separated from each other.  Five is gone.  Marina, Nine and Six are dealing with the grief and self-blame that they didn’t do better to prevent it.  While, Four, Sam, Malcolm and an unexpected ally, Adam has joined forces with them after their escape.  Ella however is stuck with Setrakus Ra in his command center after she was kidnapped.  The Mogodarians are about to take over Earth and as each group learns more about it, they each go their separate way trying to find each other but hopefully to discover a way to save Earth from a doomed fate with Setrakus Ra. Will they succeed?

 Lorien Legacies has something that I truly appreciate in a book series.  It remembers what is key to a story and what readers are looking for.  Every book adds characters but while it is sad to lose characters, it still has to happen. Someone has to step down in some way in order for other characters to shine and have their spot.  There are always (at least) 3 different point of views which I love.  To make sure that readers don’t get confused, it uses different fonts to differentiate.  Every book features Four and Six’s point of view while moving to other one(s).  This one had Ella because she gives us a better idea of what is going on especially with how the last book end.  Four is more calm and calculating in his plans while Six balances it out with being strategic but aggressive in her approach.  At the same time, Ella is also in a separate location after being kidnapped by the Mogodarians.   With these few narratives, we can fully absorb the situation from different places and get to know those characters even more.  And that is one of the reasons I like Lorien Legacies so much.  We’ve gotten to know the characters more, especially Four and Six but everyone has a certain character to them and balance the decision making and each has the potential to surprise us one way or another.

This time, we also get exposed to Setrakus Ra, the enemy and villain. This also brings us to learn more about the history of Lorien and what came to be.  He brings on the other side of the spectrum and as the war starts also against his attempt to take over Earth, we see the strength of him and his army.  Their technology and just everything we’ve wondered about the other side of this battle.  While we know the Garde’s strength, even if its constantly changing, Setrakus Ra is one I’ve been curious to learn more about at the very least. That bit of reveal was really intriguing.

By the end of the book, the Garde and Mogodorians are finally at their end game.  Its time for war against world domination of aliens.  Weird part is no one would think that aliens would be fighting other alien species in the fight against world domination on Earth.  I guess that is what makes this fun to read.  Both Loric and Mogodorian sides are new and fresh and its a continuous journey to learn about them. However, that ending was pretty wow but a huge cliffhanger.

Good job, Pittacus Lore, creator of Lorien Legacies series.  I can’t wait to read the next one! Apparently its supposed to be the last one? The news for that seems so scattered.  Maybe one of you know more than I do.  I’ll just read them as they are released and have fun with it! 🙂

On second thought, while the movie I am Number Four bombed and didn’t get a chance to become a movie series. I was thinking that this totally would work as a TV series, like CW could really turn this into some great, seeing as they focus on this teen/YA genre already.

Have you read the Lorien Legacies series? 

Book Review: The Fall of Five (Lorien Legacies #4) by Pittacus Lore

I love monthly book recaps.  Its been working so well until the last few months where I was focusing on the independent writers and then those deserve their own posts to share all the talent in our little blogosphere alone.

BUT, the Lorien Legacies deserve its own post.  Most book series (even movies) kind of taper off and lose the original greatness to it as the books and the story build up.  Lorien Legacies is fantastic at keeping the pace, developing the characters and I just keeping this whole Loric business in check the whole time. Even after Michael Bay took up the project and turned into a hopeless effort with his signature stamped over it, this series has such a great potential for the big screen, if not, a TV series based on this would pretty much kick-ass.

Wait I’m getting ahead of myself…


by Pittacus Lore

the fall of five

I didn’t review I Am Number Four (Lorien Legacy#1) on here but if you do happen want to check out #2 The Power of Six and #3 The Rise of Nine, you could find them HERE and HERE respectively.

Much like the rest of the series, The Fall of Five is a really fun read.  Its action-packed and with so many books, this one is where the Gardes are finally all reunited, after finally finding Five.  The Mogadorian fights are more and the creatures are bigger and badder.  There are a few additions back into the story.  This time around its narrated by John (Four), Marina (Niine) and Sam, one of the earlier characters.

The beginning of The Fall of Five took me a little while to catch again since the last time I read this series was back in January.  Its not a lack of desire to read it that I’ve waited this long but rather, I have to sit patiently and wait for paperback versions to come out.  I lug these books to and from work along with a bunch of other stuff so for the sake of my shoulders and my back, I try to choose the lighter option, that being paperback but those apparently now take forever to come out.  And with exciting books, I very much prefer having it in my  hand than on my tablet.  I’m going off topic again.

The Fall of Five is so much fun to read.  At the same time, it goes a little more personal.  Why? As much as its about saving Lorien and eventually being able to go back once they get everyone together, everyone has their own story.  There’s a few unexpected twists that really bring everything to perspective.  Thats the key to what makes these books fantastic reads.  Sure, they are for teens but I don’t really care because it does a whole lot better in pacing than a lot of more adult books that I read.

That last few chapters was like heart attack intensity. I think I held my breath through it all.  Exciting stuff, my friends.

I highly recommend it and thats why I’m avoiding revealing too much of the plot itself. Its worth your time.  Trust me! 🙂

January 2014 Reading Recap!

The first monthly update on my reading challenge! Its a switch up from my full-on reviews.

January was a good month, I’d say.  I’m right on track with my reading 🙂

1) The Rise of Nine (Lorien Legacies #3) by Pittacus Lore

Rise of Nine Pittacus Lore


If you haven’t happened to read this series and you like thrilling sci-fi books, well, let me ask you, “What are you waiting for? Go and get it!” I devoured this book (and the past two) within probably two-three days max.  These books are amazing.  I really wish that they could be made into decent sci-fi thrillers, at least a second attempt or something.  Its really a joy ride.  Its rare to have a third book in a series going so strong and still have me hooked.  There’s always some new discovery and because of the alien factor, there’s so much that the readers discover along with the characters as the plot develops, thickens and intensifies.  If you like young adult, sci-fi thrillers packed with lots of action, this is a series you shouldn’t miss and this is a worthy sequel.  I can’t wait to read the next book, The Fall of Five. 🙂

If you’d like to read my review of the previous few book, you can find it HERE.  I read the first book of the series before I started reviewing so I don’t have one written but they are all awesome! 🙂

2) The ABC Murders by Agatha Christie

the abc murders


Its been a while that I’ve dived into the world of Agatha Christie.  I’ve been impressed by her mysteries.  The ABC Murders starts off quite slow but finally picks up the pace and the mystery gets increasingly engaging after about halfway.  The story itself is quite original and as always, there is an unexpected twist at the end.  Its something of a signature in her books.  The concept of playing with the alphabets and the aging Hercule Poirot and Captain Hastings was actually fun to read.  However, I can’t help but think that the book could have flowed a bit better.  It was a good read but just takes time to get into.

3) Dark Places by Gillian Flynn

dark places


There is no doubt in my mind that Gillian Flynn is an amazing thriller author. So far she’s 2 for 2.  Her latest novel Gone Girl was a slow-burning and batshit crazy investigation.  Its also THE MOST anticipated movie in 2014 for me.  Because of that book, I went back and bought her first two books also. Sharp Objects was a pretty crazy intense one. I welcome you to check out my reviews HERE and HERE for Gone Girl and Sharp Objects respectively.

Dark Places is her second novel. The beginning brings us into a girl now in her 30s, Libby Day, who is the survivor of her family, her mother and 2 sisters, that were murdered by her brother who is now in jail.  The story starts off pretty slow and Libby is one of those girls that I wouldn’t associate with because they dug their own hole and choose to live on and manipulate other people’s pity and sympathy and she’s pretty negative.  But, I get it, right? If I lost my family at such a young age, I’d have issues too, right? As the characters developed more with viewing each side of the story and jumping from past to present, the situation intensifies, we get to see what is happening from the viewponits of Ben Day (Libby’s brother and the suspected killer of his family) and Patty Day (Libby’s mother) on the day of the murder and then we alternate to the present with Libby Day and her investigation.  You know, I’m a sucker for character development and I think that I felt like I could see Libby change as the mystery deepens.  The only main issue I had was that I felt like it dragged the beginning too much but after reading the final third, I realized it was necessary because of the details. Its a good thriller.  My least favorite out of Gillian Flynn’s novels but the ending really is quite awesome.

Have you read these ones? What did you think of them?

What books did you read in January? Anything you’d recommend?