The Key to Relaxing :)

I’m a bit late with this random life update post that I almost didn’t want to put one together. By the way, if you don’t want to read anytime, scroll down to the bottom, I have a special message 🙂

Nothing really happened actually, which is quite a miracle and honestly, a relief.  I needed some down time from running around.  We managed to finally start painting and for me, it was a totally new experience as I’ve always been pampered and my mom used to do all the painting at my place.  I gotta love her to bits: an awesome cook, a lovely home painter and just wonderful.  Sure, my mom and me, we have our cranky days and she loves to piss me off when I’m in my time of the month and it usually ignites some form of argument but I’m starting to feel the best friend in her coming back slowly. But of course, things never quite last in the happy zone these days and I’m feeling pressured with something else that I’m not quite ready to discuss here just yet.

I really don’t have much to share about the past week.  I’m even in much of a mood to ramble on about stuff.

You know what I think about when I’m in these moods?

One thing is TV and I went ahead and continued on watching Season 2 of Psych.


And happily finished it last night and after getting in a few movies so that I have content for the following week, I will move on later this week to Season 3 hopefully 🙂 Honestly, Psych is not as awesome as The Mentalist, Lie to Me  and shows with the same sort of investigation through hyper-observation. It does have that easy-going silly fun that works for me because it offers a lot of laugh out loud moments that I realized I appreciated a lot more in Season 2.  I look forward to catching up with Season 3 🙂  What series are you watching now?

What goes well with TV aside from food, which I already posted about HERE, is some drinks! While I went to shop for my weekend dinner and food for the following week, this bottle caught my eye.

CID Tranquil Cider

I have no idea what Still Cider is but what caught my eye was when I was looking at the description in the back, it showed that it was made by Pinnacle which is a popular ice wine producer here. I’ve always liked their products so I figured I’d give this a shot 🙂 Turns out its pretty strong but it tasted decent also.  Its not my favorite but I managed to grow to increasingly like it. It could also be that I was getting a tad tipsy.  Who knows, right? I love exploring new wines once in a while although I’m usually more of a cocktail person.

That leads me to my Sunday night drink.  Work the next day also meant that I couldn’t drink as much as the previous night.  I was surfing Pinterest (again!) and found this recipe called Sex in the Driveway.  LOL! That was seriously my reaction.  I’ve heard of Sex on the Beach but c’mon! Really? Sex in the Driveway?!? Anyways, here’s what it looks like:

Cocktail Sex in the Driveway

Sex in the Driveway

I had a bit of improvisation but the actual recipe is: 1 oz peach schnapps, 1 oz blue curacao, 2 oz vodka and fill with sprite. I don’t own peach schnapps so we used apricot brandy instead and my boyfriend had to improvise because my glass was taller than the normal size.  Either way, it turned out good.  The apricot brandy overrides a lot of the other tastes so it tasted a lot like apricot and was very perfumed with it but I also love it a lot so it didn’t bother me 🙂 Its a pretty good drink and I love vodka based cocktails so this was right up my alley.  But then, I wonder because I swapped out the peach schnapps does the location of where the sex occurred change? Just joking! Being a tad silly..haha!

What cocktail do you like? How about wine?

Now that we have our thirst quenched, my third way to de-stress is one I’m trying to overcome: Shopping.  Except now, I’m trying to resist online shopping.  I’ve been doing rather well, except I really was in need of some clothes so I took advantage of an online sale. And then add a trip to Walmart to damage my wallet a little more…at least I didn’t feel too guilty because everything was awesome.  Since I said that I wouldn’t do a selfie, I just caught the front of the shirt and not my face.

First up from La Senza is my ROAR sleep wear. I love tigers. What more can I say? 🙂

La Senza Tiger sleep wear

I love La Senza stuff but its just so pricey.  Thank goodness this was on special and had my size left in stock.  Then, in the same package, I had a few other stuff but as a filler I got this very meaningless headband but maybe for Halloween eventually, it’ll be useful.

La Senza Hairband

Cat ears hair band

I wore them on and off during the weekend.  I like to channel my inner feline/tiger/cat self.  After all, my boyfriend calls me kitty as a nickname.  It could be because I like to meow randomly.  Scratch that about no selfie, but just one because I don’t know how to take a hair band without my face.

Moving on from that, I also got a cute shirt at Walmart which totally defines me.

Fighting for Cupcakes Marvel

Fight for Cupcakes!

C’mon! You add Marvel and cupcakes and I’m in! I guess the only way to one up this would be to add a cute tiger with a cupcake…

Now that we’re done with clothes and accessories, I’d like to bring your attention to this super cool car trunk art that I saw.  I don’t know what you call it but this car we were behind at a red light had the COOLEST picture on it ever!

I don’t know this car and if the owner of that car does find the way to my site and doesn’t like their car shown, feel free to tell me and I’d gladly remove it. Just in case anyone gets offended by it.  I should probably blank out the license plate, right? Still, I’m am quite impressed with this.

One of the best things of this weekend is that the weather FINALLY is warming up. We had a pretty clear Saturday which was great because I managed to start my walker to runner training that I talked about HERE! On the same day I also started the Beach Body Challenge and as of today, I’m going to do Day 4 and I honestly want to punch someone because who puts 50 burpees and 50 leg raises in one go.  Either way, for the run, this is my land of jogging: the neighborhood bike path 🙂


Not looking very green and alive right now but it will come 🙂 We did have abnormal warm weather yesterday.  I’m ready for the heat! Although at my office, its feeling extremely sauna-like everyday. Since then, its pretty much been raining. Hopefully it’ll stop soon so that I can go out for another run 🙂

This post was full of randomness so I guess to wrap it all up, I’d like to end with steering you all to check out a post I’m pretty proud of on my newly established blog (that I really should spend more time on) for the last Weekly Writing Challenge.  I’ll find my comfort zone there soon, just like I kind of have here! You can check it out HERE! Its only a fifty word “story”.

Blogging has been my breath of fresh air, even in all my versatility and lack of direction and spontaneity.  Its all about keeping things positive and even without any milestones or whatnot, I’d love to just share this quote to end this off!

thank you


Maybe I’ve been feeling extremely mushy or its just me being extremely thankful, I don’t know but all I know is that without this blog, I wouldn’t have had the courage to do many of the things I’ve been working on of late.  You all are my inspiration and I thank all of you for dropping by and following, commenting and just writing up all those wonderful blogs you own 🙂 You all are awesome! Its keeps me motivated each day to know that there are such wonderful people scattered across the world that I’ve been acquainted with here in this blogosphere!

Happy Tuesday, my friends!