My Weekly Adventures!

Sitting around looking back at the past week, its been consumed with my house, boyfriend, horror movie marathon, catching up on TV and writing posts and of course, work.  Time is really a scarce resource, my friends.

Still, I’ve learned a few thing this week even if its not even having to step out of my neighborhood 😉

Lets see what I’ve been up to, right?

1) Marathoning at the max!

October Halloween Horror month is what set off the blog in 2012 and its what motivates.  I know that a lot of you are interested in this genre so every year I try to up my game.  This weekend I had some crazy motivation and got through 4 films in the rundown.  I know, I know, a deserve a pat on the back.  Wait until you see what else I got done 😉

The movies were interesting to say the least.  I already posted up the Friday 13th Part 2 review this morning.  I pretty much have one more movie to watch to complete this week.  Although, I’m actually thinking about whether to do a few weekend reviews or just do a few double review days.  I usually try to avoid weekends since the posts never are popular because we’re all generally busy with our own lives.

2) TV time!

arrow season 2 poster

Who’d have thought after watching so many movies, I’d still have time for TV, right? Well, yeah, sacrificing sleep or just pure insomnia week is where I’m at.  So I’m finishing up Arrow Season 2. I only have maybe 5-7 episodes to go which should be land me right in time for Wednesday for Season 3.

vampire diaries


Other than that, I started Vampire Diaries Season 6.  Its interesting to say the least.  From how Season 5 ended, I figured everyone would be yet again grieving in their own separate ways (and this time, its pretty literal). I’m not a hard audience to please when it comes to Vampire Diaries so I was relatively happy with it.  I do hope that things intensify gradually because I can see things getting a lot worse before they get better as is always the case with Vampire Diaries 😉

I do intend on eventually checking out How to Get Away With Murder and Gotham. Before that, I’m going to work on Arrow 😉

3) House: New Lights

wpid-20141005_203728.jpg wpid-20141005_203933.jpg

One of the biggest successes this week is finally having the basement done. Its just having my two DVD shelves over and arranging all the stuff into it but in general, its painted, the new wall lights (from Rona) were installed, trimmings done, furniture arranged and even bought a floor lamp (from IKEA) to help with lighting up the room a little.  Its feels pretty good to know that almost everything is in place for the basement.  I even managed to rearrange the storage in shelves and started putting a video games away.  Its rewarding to look at the basement and be pleased that its finally coming around.

Only one more room to do and thats the kitchen.  Along with my furniture to come in and a bunch of organization but its definitely coming along nicely 🙂

4) House: Cabinet decoration

Things are slowly coming out of the boxes and my room is looking more and more empty as things are boxed up at my  new place.  The first floor is technically done safe for what I mentioned before, organization.  Now that the garden is all transplanted with a few little decisions left and a whole lot of leaves raking, I was indoors taking care of pulling things out.  IKEA had a lovely sale on a glass cabinet and we bought that a few weeks ago so I couldn’t leave it so sad and empty in its corner.  Here’s how it turned out:


Yup, thats a Yuna from Final Fantasy on the top and yes, those are the original My Little Ponies at the bottom. Nothing is extremely valuable as in I’ll be able to sell it off and get back a lot of money but its valuable because of the memories it holds whether from person who I got it from, the travels or just parts of my life 🙂 Its not exactly done but I think its 90% there.

5) Yummy Lamb Chops

Lamb Chops

The weather gets cooler and my mom loves to make lamb.  Sunday night, she made lamb chops and they were absolutely delicious.  🙂

6) Cat Napping Time


Let me introduce you to a Saturday morning at 8:30am (because we all wake up at 7am to feed my cat), especially after a few late evenings away from home during the week.  The result is not only being waken up brutally early on Saturday morning but that when I crawl back into bed, she’ll finish eating and then comes back for her morning nap and usually is her obstructing me from getting up.  Apparently my blanket covered legs are extremely comfortable to sleep on.

7) Music!

There’s really nothing else that happened other than those little things so how about to end things off with some music that I love this week 🙂

Daniel de Bourg is an independent artist and this new single is awesome! 🙂 Plus, when in doubt, Jason Mraz is a sure fire 😉

How was your past week? TV? Horror marathon also? Any Halloween traditions? Also going through home renovations?

Happy Monday, my lovelies! 🙂

Ends, Beginnings and Everything in Between!

A lot to talk about this week.  Well, kind of! Lets just get straight to the 8 little bits and pieces 😉

1) End of Fantasia Film Festival 2014

I had a blast at Fantasia Film Festival this year. After 11 movies, I learned a lot about myself and the way I understood movies and just a lot about movies and their purposes in general. If you want to check my reviews, click on the menu and Movies, Festivals, Fantasia 😉

If not, here is the list of the movies and I’ll link it to the reviews I’ve done and update as it goes!

Fantasia Film Festival 2014

Open Windows
I Origins
The Harvest
Jack et la Mecanique du Coeur
Hal/short: Sonny Boy and Dewdrop Girl
Into the Storm
Dys-/short: I am Monster
The Drownsman/short: Picket
Time Lapse
The Demon Within

I still have 1 movie to review for the festival.  They will be going up soon!

2) Resuming workout

There is nothing to say but that I’ve really taken a LONG break from working out.  I still go out to bike rides and did some jogging in between but I’m ready to get right back into it now.  This week, I got in two 20 minutes yoga sessions and some other activities which I’ll talk about in a little bit later of this post!  Here’s the awesome yoga sessions if you’re interested:

Starting next week, I should resume with the 4 weeks Nike Training Club program (if everything goes as planned), I might just boost up my strength with some random circuits first and start the week after!

3) Catching up with TV!

This week, I finished Season 7 of Psych.  Thanks to Netflix for updating it!


Psych has its up and down moments.  There are some episodes which are a bit meh.  I can’t really blame it since its at season 7 now.  However, compared to season 7, this totally rocked.  I particularly LOVED the season 7 finale. I’m going to try to find Season 8 now since thats the final season and I hate to keep these things hanging.

true blood season 7

I also took the time this week to catch up on True Blood.  I like to watch them in bundles of episodes just so some stupid episode endings don’t bother me as much.  I was about 3 episodes behind so I sat down and took care of that. Its the series finale in just a few episodes and honestly, I’m still not quite sure if I like where everything is going.

My goal this little while is to keep up with True Blood and Pretty Little Liars, so next line of business will be to catch up with the last 3 episodes of that. I will be binge watching Season 1 of Arrow right after though 😉

What series have you been watching?

4) (Kind of) Secret Weekend Getaway!


My boyfriend and I went off on a weekend getaway this past weekend.  One of the reasons why I’ve been slightly quiet and well, I didn’t even bother to say anything because since we’re just a few hours up north, I had my cell that worked and its a little escape.  A few of my friends knew about it and our parents but in general, its just a little bit of a breather to recharge.

We did some hiking (a part of resuming my workout) and we did some visiting in Saguenay region in Quebec.  Its about a 5 hours drive or so away and we had a lot of fun.  I’ll be posting about the few places we went in the next week.

As much as we love buying a house together and spending every living moment making it ours, its nice to just get away by ourselves and take a little break.

5) Lovely Surprises in the Garden


Hello raspberries! Thats right! I amped up the bottles for self-watering system in the raspberry plants and when I came back, I had some ripe raspberries waiting for me.  There’s still a good bunch waiting to ripen but so far they are delicious and sweet. My mom was also a sweetheart and dropped by to help me water the plants to keep the soil wet during our very hot weekend.

I have some strawberry, yellow zucchini and tomato harvests happening and coming up.

There are few other things on my agenda for the garden:

  • Orange thyme harvesting and drying,
  • Figuring out why my basil all died and was so weak when it was alive,
  • Looking at the uses of lemongrass and how to harvest it,
  • Searching up what to do and how to harvest lemon verbena.

Plus, I have to figure out my front yard and pull out some over abundant plants and by the end of the season, shift some plants around.

Green thumbs anyone?

6) Geeking out!

Mario and Dinobot Yoshi!

Mario and Dinobot Yoshi!

While I was on the getaway, I used my ton of overtime and took Friday off.  Much to my surprise, somehow this package arrived that exact day.  Thank goodness, the mailman was great and put it in my mailbox.  Its a tank top that I ordered from For Human Peoples and its the totally awesome crossover of Transformers and Mario.  Excuse me, Dinobot Yoshi! Allow me to geek out just a little bit and tell you that I saw this and I knew that I had to own it!

*ahem* I’ve regained myself a little! Moving along…

7) Finding the Perfect Gluten-Free Article from Popsugar Fitness

Click on the image to get to the article! 🙂

what not to say GF

Everyone read this already? So, some of you know that I’ve been trying to go gluten-free.  I’m about 80% there.  I’ve cut out a lot of foods including bread and I make an effort to make and buy lots of gluten-free products.  Its helpful because now it opens up the options I never had when I was just dealing with lactose intolerance.  Except, cutting gluten and lactose is like double hard and I absolutely hate it when people make it harder.

What really gets me all the time with any food intolerance is “just give it a bite, it won’t kill you” or “Its all your head”.

If gluten-free was me doing this just to have fun and lose weight, sure thing but its not.  I truly believe that its going to make my life a lot better and reduce a lot of this recurring discomfort from IBS symptoms.  Just to make things clear, its really hard to go gluten-free.  Almost everything on store shelves has gluten, its really a pain so lets refrain from any comments that will just make it worse.  Because no, its not in my head and no, it won’t kill me but it will put me in a state where I’d like you to kill me.  You know, just to skip the disgusting details….

Rant over but that article made me laugh a little 🙂

8) Home is Where My Cat Is 😉

My Cat Taking up All the Space

My Cat Taking up All the Space

My cat is a huge baby and she’s the princess of the house.  She’s making a point that she’s hot and that she deserves the best spot in the house where the wind hits or the A/C.  So here’s her the night before I left for my getaway and not letting me sleep.  And she’s not joking, she’s in full dream mode 😉

By the way, Aeropostale actually has a shirt with “My Home Is Where My Cat Is” . Its true though.  I always miss my little girl (even if she hogs the bed).


Here’s a little something to help you go to sleep a la Disney style 😉

Its getting late, so I’m off to bed! 🙂

Hope you all had a great weekend! 

The Past Week/end & a little more!

**If you aren’t interested in reading my week’s adventures, please scroll to the bottom and I need a little help with something! Thanks!**

That title makes it sound loaded, right? Thats because my brain is slightly at that capacity.  I’ll try my best to keep it more pictures and less words 😉

Before I forgot everything, I just wanted to get it all out for the past week, weekend fun and some goals for the next week.

The last week, it was a scramble with the top priority of getting my new plants and seedlings into bigger pots to make sure they survived my leaving for the weekend for the Ottawa trip. At the same time, I did some weeding before, I think I talked about it and found some garden pests in the form of white grubs. We managed to get some Grub Control and hopefully it’ll go away but generally speaking, plans have taken a course of change and I will be fully engage in container gardening. With that said, I separated Starry Traveler from her newlywed husband for two consecutive evenings and went shopping then planted what we could.


Wednesday night resulted in this:

Container gardening

The first few were the most urgent and those included the ginger mint companioned with tomato plant (big red pot on far left), Ground Cherry plant (upper small red pot), Lemon Thyme (middle stainless steel pot), Crimson Star (lower blue pot) and the big brown one was prepared for the next day’s planting.

Container Gardening

After the second day of planting

After the second day of planting, we now have the brown pot occupied with the assorted lettuce, we also potted the zucchini with some chamomile (small beige pot on the right), second tomato plant and lemon verbena in stainless steel pots, Starry Traveler’s raspberry plant in the fancy brown pot on the far left. The only plants left to be potted are the strawberry, Stevia, squash and broccoli along with a bunch of herb sprouts.  I will tend to those this week.


On top of the crazy week, I came home on Tuesday to find that my cat had threw up on my bed cover and I observed a rubber band.  She threw up the whole piece from what I deciphered and had to go into monitor for her and gave her food in intervals at small portions to make sure she was digesting good.


As she slept in my lap at night, I kept leaning over to listen to make sure she was breathing okay with no funny breathing difficulty sounds. Stressful, I tell you!



Nature’s reminder that even when everything doesn’t quite work out, there’s always the little joys in life that show up and just make the day a little bit better.  Thats what this rainbow was for me 🙂


My friend and I left on Friday after work and we were entered into a looming dark cloud that caused this to happen.


Mega heavy rain and wind

The car was literally shaking from the rain and wind. It was pretty intense. Imagine the joy when we saw this:


Saturday morning, we were up and moving at 9am to get the race kit for my friend and the line up at 8:45 was ridiculous.

Ottawa Race Weekend

Lineup for the race kit

Luckily, the management of it all was very good so everything flowed wonderfully and it took us very little time to get everything and they even had a sports expo at the end.

Nice weather, new experience and I met an awesome fellow blogger (you can read about it HERE).  The only part (not sure if its good or bad) is that my friend had an eureka moment and decided that for my (not so great) birthday gift he was going to sponsor me to join the 10K next year.  However, before we go to next year, my friend managed to run most of the 21.1 km and walked the last 5 but still came in 5 mins less than the max time he had aimed to be his max.  The energy at the marathon whether it was the runners or the spectators made for a very awesome environment.


Whats a mega post without telling you about my obsessions.  I’ve been totally watching repeatedly Dirty Dancing. You can see my review HERE.

And I’ve been listening to Montreal-based electro funk duo Chromeo’s song: Jealous (I Ain’t With It) on repeat.

6) Upcoming and Goals!

If you made it this far, congrats! You finally got to the somewhat more awesome part.

This weekend, I will have a special announcement.  Before that happens, I’m working on a few projects that will be announced then once I make up my mind with little details.

This week, I do have a few goals:

  • Finish reading The Casual Vacancy (which has been occupying my life a tad too long and I’m a bit fed up…those 150 pages look like 1000 pages right now)
  • Start preparing to edit my Nanowrimo novel
  • Use my whipped cream and make something absolutely delicious
  • Start being more organized with both blog posts
  • Restarting my training schedule after stopping for about 3 weeks…

On top of that, my summer is looking quite full with a few events looking in the form like this:

  • Tree Adventures
  • Cirque du Soleil show
  • Tarantino Music Concert
  • Fantasia Film Fest

Unfortunately this year, I will most probably be skipping the TIFF.  The chances are pretty high that I will make that choice because of financial and timing problems/prior commitments.

7) A Little Help Please!

So just one more thing before I let you go!

I have a bunch of movies expiring on Netflix on June 1st. There is no way that I’m going to be able to see them all so maybe you can help me choose? 🙂

  • A Single Man (2009)
  • Beyond Borders (2003)
  • Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader (2010)
  • New York I Love You (2009)
  • The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (2011)

And thats the end of this seemingly long post!

Have you been to Ottawa? Have you ever ran a marathon? What are your summer plans? Which movies in that list would you suggest for me to watch? Any suggestions for what dessert to make with my heavy cream?

A Word A Week Challenge: Fur

Since a new challenge over at Sue`s A Word in Your Ear is up already, I’m not going to waste any time and just get straight to busy.

Last week’s challenge theme was FUR!

I had to pick my model! Let me present to you my little girl Flea! She’s three and a half years old (give or take a few months) and to me, she’s the most beautiful brown tabby ever! Thats just a mom’s bias..what else can I say?


She’s usually not very much willing to sit down for me to snap photos but two nights ago, she was extremely cooperative and not only sat still but also sat in my lap so I could be in a weird awkward position taking close shots of her fur…


Front paws




A very furry post, right? Well, she’s my little clumsy fur ball and its coming to the time where she wants to cozy up with me in the evenings and then her purring starts, and I start dozing off before I can do anything else…

This is my response for A Word A Week Challenge: Fur.  For more furry posts, head over HERE!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Companionship

Most would agree that one of the best companions we have in life are our awesome pets.

I’ve always been the type who really love my cat.  My cat right now is just an absolute sweetheart and she’s always my companion.


She’s always there in her own way watching over me.  When I’m in the shower, she will come in and wait for me outside the shower. Sometimes, she’ll sit at the ledge. When I’m playing piano, she’ll always sit by me either on the piano seat and (as annoying as this sounds and is at times), she swooshes her tails and sits there, then jumps down and sits next to the bench.

My bed now..I can sleep in the middle if I want!

My bed now..I can sleep in the middle if I want!

I'm definitely not moving!

I’m definitely not moving!

The best (or worst?) is how she determines her spot in my room.  In the winter, it was always at a certain time of day that my chair was actually her chair.  Other times, it would be her spot at the foot of my bed (or right down the middle) because obviously she’s the master or princess or queen.


How can you resist my cute look?

How can you resist my cute look?

You're not in bed before me? Tough luck!

You’re not in bed before me? Tough luck!

Overdose of my little girl but she’s my companion and that makes her the perfect candidate for my learning about lighting today with my camera.

She’s my companion and every day when I get home, she always makes me smile 🙂

This is my response to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Companionship.  Check out other responses HERE!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Fleeting

Didn’t we just do “fleeting moment” a while back? Now that I checked, its almost a year ago.  However, if you are interested in checking out more fleeting moments, feel free to go over and check it out HERE! I love those pictures but I can’t reuse them. That would be slightly cheating and I don’t do that.

Fleeting is something that passes by quickly. I was thinking about it yesterday and then I saw it and started going trigger happy with my camera.  The star of my post is my little darling cat!

She started hiding in my covers

She started hiding in my covers

I have no idea what she popped her head up to look at...

I have no idea what she popped her head up to look at…

Whats on the ceiling?

Whats on the ceiling?

How about the other side of the room? Whats there?

How about the other side of the room? Whats there?

Hello! Finally something actually there!

Hello! Finally something actually there!

Maybe this is my cat’s fleeting moment but I needed to add some form of cuteness! 🙂

How about some another cat fleeting moment?

I present to you my boyfriend’s parent’s cat!

She's finally still and not running away from me!

She’s finally still and not running away from me!

I’m normally a cat magnet but this cat runs away from me ALL THE TIME! I even attract stray cats to come and ask for affection but no, apparently my magic doesn’t work on her.  So this moment right here where I’m like 1 meter away from her and she doesn’t move for my picture is a fleeting one 🙂

Still, I love cats! They are adorable, and let me be a crazy mom and say my little girl is just too cute! Thats why she had to be the star of this post 😉 She lights up my life, maybe she’ll make you smile also!

Weekly Writing Challenge: Truth is Stranger Than Fiction

I’m finally back with one of these.  The past few have been a bit not my cup of tea or I’ve been too busy with other posts to do it.  However, this one involves pictures and I fully intend on checking out the March Phoneography but since I only have a dumbphone still.  I will be using this to learn a bit more about my tablet.

For this week’s Weekly Writing Challenge, they kick off this March Phoneography with a picture…

For this challenge, we want to see a photo of someone looking truly happy. Not “I’m-smiling-for-this-photo” happy, but really, deeply, twinkle-in-the-eyes happy. When we’re smiling a genuine smile, our whole faces get involved — our whole bodies, for that matter. There’s a light in our eyes. We look relaxed; there’s a forced tension in a fake smile. Then we want to know why: what’s going on in the photo? What are you (or they) thinking about at the exact moment? (And if you really want to get into it: what happens next?)

I hunt through my old pictures as they requested to look for one of me.  I also had to put in my loved one, my boyfriend, because I captured that shot.  Its really hard to capture myself truly happy although most of the pictures I take, I am genuinely happy but to catch myself giggling to myself spontaneously is hard.  The most genuine is when we don’t when I’m baking…but then my hands are kind of full with hand mixers, spatulas, flour, butter, etc…Enough rambling on my part and let’s go!

My absolutely favorite and natural picture of my boyfriend giving off all kinds of natural happiness in his expression:

natural smile

This was in the summer of 2011 when we went on our Niagara Falls trip at Bird Kingdom.  That place is super beautiful and we went into this area with these little birds flying and chirping away in their mocked natural habitat.  They were all so adorable.  I don’t exactly remember what my boyfriend was looking at. My guess is probably some kids or some conversation going on while he was patiently waiting for me to chase or sneak up on birds and take millions of pictures before I got it right.  That is a natural smile right there.  He had no idea I was taking pictures of him until we got back to the hotel and I was checking out the pictures.

The other picture is full credits to my friend, if they see this post via Facebook, they will know who they are so thank you to my awesome friend or else I wouldn’t have these memories:

2012 party2

It was hard to choose which one for this but the one before is of me holding the actual gift I got.  Why not? I was asked to put one and then here’s two, why not three, right?

2012 party

Wait wait, back track…

Last year, I held a huge duo birthday party for two friends and also it was a huge party in general to gather everyone together.  What I didn’t know was that they had planned out a surprise for me.  Making me get a lot of attention that night.  One of my friends somehow snuck in two shots of me.  I think this is me really happy from actually holding a guitar that they all chipped in for me and then (they don’t know this) tearing up…I was really touched.  I don’t like attention but I do like feeling appreciated and loved by my friends.  Surprise, right? And that card made me laugh a lot too, because its pretty much cats meowing to the tune of Happy Birthday.  Whenever my cat hears it, she just starts sniffing the card, biting and meowing at the card to get those cats to reveal themselves.  Its pretty hilarious 🙂

Sometimes, its really these moments that you look back and you really smile.  I look back and I had a hard time choosing the moment to use. A lot had to do with the one party that I have a year for my birthday which I stopped doing huge.  This one was in April, well past my birthday but they all remembered, so that was really sweet.  Point being, I’ve been very fortunate to feel genuinely happy throughout the years and I have tons of pictures to show for it.  That thought makes me even happier.

Whats a moment that comes to your mind that makes you smile right away?

Weekly Photo Challenge: Love

Back in last November, I did this same challenge over at Sue’s blog called A Word in Your Ear.  It had one of my favorite pictures that portrayed this. You can check it of out HERE!

However, I will still put out my submission for this topic.  Love keeps me going into each and every day.


Christmas 2010 Family Photo

Christmas 2011 Family Photo

Our Christmas photo from last year with the help of the self timer on my camera.  We do this every year now.  This one showed my mom’s love her for closest thing to a granddaughter (my cat) at this current moment.  Also showed me and my boyfriend’s love.


My boyfriend and our cat

My boyfriend and our cat

I’m a typical mom, okay? My cat may be over 2 years old, almost 3 in March and still, she’s my baby girl all the time. Isn’t it sweet though? The love to our wonderful pets 🙂


Me and my best friends

Me and my best friends

These girls are my best friends and they are like my sisters! I don’t usually get all touchy and hugs and stuff.  I’m just not like that, but with these girls, for a self timer picture and a lot of fun and memorable times, I would! Especially posting us kissing our youngest sister in our sisterhood and also was the one who had the most courage and ran out of province to study and work.  Every time she comes back to visit, this is how we show our love: with lots of hugs (and kisses at time)!


Trying to make a heart!

Trying to make a heart!

What represents LOVE more than me and my best friend trying to make a heart with our arms in a tiny shed-like shelter thing!

If you’d like to join this challenge or see other entries, please head over HERE!

A Word A Week Challenge: Dog

Time flies by and we’re at Sue’s next A Word A Week Challenge.  This week’s word is Dog.  This is a tricky one for me but I’ll still do it.  It will be like a trip down memory lane and I’ll try to not make it too teary (on my end at least).

My dad was always a pet person.  I can’t say whether he’s more a cat or a dog person but ever since I was a baby, there’s always been a pet at our house.  When I was young, we had a Siberian Husky. She left us when I was around 6 years old.  We didn’t have another dog until 1998 when we saw a beautiful golden, purple tongued 3 month old Chow Chow pup at the pet store.  He was just so adorable and my dad had always wanted one so the story starts a bit funny actually.

Some scanned pictures of when he was a puppy basking in the sun on the top and after his first bath.

My dad and I were at the mall with my cousins and we went in the pet store because we saw this beautiful Chow Chow.  I think my dad found a connection right away.  Only problem was that my mom had already said that she didn’t want another pet and we already had gotten a kitten in ’96.  Despite that, my dad finally decided to get the Chow Chow and we were only able to pick him up a few days later.  My mom was actually in Hong Kong at that time and would only get back right before we could bring the puppy home. So what do we do? My dad and I go out on the day to pick up the dog and when we come home, my mom is conveniently on the phone, so she doesn’t notice us.  We smuggle him into the other room that we had prepared beforehand.  Maybe 3 hours after, my cousins with my aunt appeared at the door and my mom answers of course.  They asked about the dog and she has the question mark on her face.  We’re standing at the stairs looking down and she’s giving us this glare.  We had to break the secret then and there.


Fai Fai had the most radiating smile!

The Chow Chow pup was named “Fai Fai” which means Fat Fat in Chinese.  My dad isn’t very original. If it was for me, it’d have been Bear or Lion because he was just so cuddly and friendly.  Well, up till his last 2 years or so, he started having some health problems and started getting really grouchy.  Still, he was my best friend.  When I had arguments with my parents, he would always be there to sit next to me and nudge me and lean his furry self on me to comfort me.  Sure, he never learned any commands and didn’t know how to sit properly, but he was special just the way  he was.

Fai Fai and me after I came back from Convocation in June 2009

Actually its been exactly 2 years as of October 20 that he has left me.  That night was definitely a unforgettable (and horrible) experience.  Since then I haven’t had the intention of getting another one because to me, he’s still irreplaceable.  He will always be in my heart!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Dreaming

This week I’m going to take it directly and to the point.

I can’t really photograph my abundant dreams every night and put them on here.  I can tell you, my medium of putting myself into a calm and serene sleep is my little one, my cat.  She purrs like a little tractor and she sleeps across the foot of my bed (or sometimes when she feels like it, down the middle), or she just sleeps under the covers next to me.


She’s just the most adorable little furball.  Look at all the cuteness! She’s definitely in the dreamland!