Unboxing: Meowbox [January 2017]

We are here! 2017 and the first unboxing! I knew that Meowbox was on the way for January but the tracking didn’t arrive until the morning it was already out for delivery. Unless of course, its just lost in my many many unread emails. Point is, it got here.

I haven’t been in a show my face mood so very quick intros and wrap ups from me and a lot more of the unboxing and kitty play/fascination time.

Hope you enjoyed! Thanks for watching!


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Labor Day Weekend: Recharged and Refreshed!

There’s nothing I love more than having a long weekend to relax and take it easy (and recover from a cold). And seeing as I was completely off the computer most of the day for the last 3 days, I’d have to say that I really did accomplish that to recharge and get a lot of house work done.  A new season is coming. As much as I will miss summer and I hope the heat lasts a bit longer, I need to start preparing for the winter season.

With that said, this weekend was extremely productive.  Believe it or not, I was starting to burn out a little from everything so taking these few days off was everything. I didn’t really rest physically, not even mentally but being away from the blog and the internet helped me think a few things through and I’m pretty hyped up to get back on track with everything here 🙂

Lets check out what happened in the past week!

Nothing much happened during the week so lets just go straight for the weekend, shall we?

Before we get into this, remember that I spent 3 days gardening…so, things get pretty dialed down and simply beautiful.

1) Spotting and saving a caterpillar


So okay, it was probably my fault that I ripped out some stupid leafy plant that did nothing but destroy the lilies and took up space for nothing in my garden and in turn, I think I knocked this little furry caterpillar onto the soil.  So here I saw it on one of the leaves before I put into the garbage bag so I carefully placed it onto the leaf in the plant next to it.

Saturday gardening highlight over!

2) Snail in the Geranium?


Day 2 consisted of fixing up that patch of garden off side that I was talking about last week.  I’ve ripped up a lot of this vine-y plant and trimmed some of the overgrown stems a little.  I finally figured out that these were not chrysanthemums but rather geraniums.  While I was moving stuff around and trying to get all the plants to find their own space again, I saw a weird pattern hiding in the geraniums.  It turns out it was a pretty big snail, at least that biggest I’ve seen in a garden.

Day 2 highlight finished!

3) Second batch of Plushies


This past week, its been amazing because my boyfriend and I found some awesome deals on a bookshelf and a drawer set at IKEA and assembled that, giving us space now to unpack some boxes.  That also means I could not only pack up a good part of the annoying stuff I was avoiding and also more plushies.  Labor Day was spent on a lot of things: one of the tasks being washing these guys.  You have my Snoopy puppy set, Stitch, Zazu and Classic Mickey.

Sidenote: Bambi, Lucifer and Lady are relatively new to the collection so they were exempted from shower and hanging awkwardly on my clothesline because they were generally dust-free. And Marie (from Aristocats) gets exempted because she doesn’t sit on shelves, she gets the privilege of sitting in suitcases and carry-ons.

One more batch to go and then we’re done 😉 Lets hope next weekend will be sunny!

4) More harvests and flowers to look forward to!



Pretty straight forward here, Hisbiscus is non-stop blooming.  That makes me really happy.

Strawberries are ripening for the second batch.  The raspberry plant is doing pretty well and yellow zucchini looks like there are a lot coming out but space is an issue and causes it to die before it gets big enough to harvest.

5) Discovering New Flavors

Smoked Bacon Ritz

Smoked Bacon Ritz

Its always been Oreos with new flavors but I saw at Loblaws this new flavor for Ritz crackers.  It actually tastes very much like bacon. So delish! 🙂

6) My cat finally won!

First tactic to take over the chair

First tactic to take over the chair


The winning tactic

The winning tactic!

My cat lives by routine.  In the winter, she’ll cuddle in bed with me but in the summer, its all about sleeping on the chair.  Its cool, comfy and almost directly under either the A/C or near the window. So at 10 every night, she starts her conquering the chair.  She usually just sleeps like the first tactic but last night, she decided to try the other way and her big butt made me slip off the chair.  Who knew, right?

7) Getting back on track and little updates!

First of all, I’ve already done most of my planning on Halloween and have a few things lined up for the eventual event that starts October 1st 🙂 The main feature is going to be Friday the 13th.  I have a few other movies to gather up since my boyfriend is missing about 4 of those movies.  Plus, I need to dig it up out of the packed boxes. Its one of the reasons for the earlier than usual planning.  We’ll see how that turns out 😉

Second, last week, I was so tired from my cold that what I planned didn’t really go up except for a few things.  This week, my very much delayed Saguenay trip will go up.  Plus, I watched a good bunch of movies on Netflix because they were expiring.  I already started writing those so it should be here this week.

Third, I have a project that I’m planning to revive some baking around here.  It’ll collaborate movies and baking if I figure it out right.  Chances are that will have to wait till I get my house in order so I’m looking at the beginning of 2015! 🙂

8) Just to make to an even number…a lovely quote!

creative people

And somehow that reminds me of each and everyone of you in the blogosphere 🙂


Petalled Cat Collar!

Halloween party is tonight for us.  We have our costumes pretty much done.  Since we’re leaving our little kitty, Flea at home, I had this fantastic idea to mash up crafts and a little something for her.

I got inspired by Martha Stewart to make a Petalled Collar.  Flea is going to be a little red flower for Halloween!

I know she doesn’t like collars much except for her own. So I just kept her in it for 5 minutes to take some quick pictures.  I’m actually glad she was still, very  much less sitting up.  Still, I think it was a fun project.

So some of the things I used and the final product looked like this:

I used black and green thread, red wool felt, purple ribbon.  You don’t see it here but I also used velcro as the fasteners

Not too bad, right? I used the ribbon to imitate the idea of having it around something so it’d curve up a bit as well.  I think its pretty nice for a first attempt.  I had a few road bumps along the way and I had to make some finishing touches today to make up for the mistake I made.

Here’s how Flea looked in it.  Of course, this was an extremely short photo shoot so I didn’t get to take too many and a lot of them were a bit blurry.

Pretty cute, right?

If you have a cat that is a bit more still than her, then this will work perfectly.  At least she won’t try to rip it off..this is what happened as a cue to stop.

If you want to know how to make this, check it at this link on Martha Stewart’s site: http://www.marthastewart.com/852543/petaled-collar-costume

I did this one over a course of a month or so.  From buying the materials from arts and crafts supplies store and Walmart. Then  another day, using the template to cut out the petals and sewing it to look like petals. These last two days have been intensive on sewing it onto the ribbon.  I thought it still turned out okay.  It will get better once I get the hang of sewing for starters.

Hopefully, I will get a few more crafts done by the end of the year.