Week 41&42: Starting Over Sucks, So Keep Going!

starting over sucks

You know why I need to put that up front because I had to take a little break from working out because of my fall on that piece of ice.  Apparently keeping up and doing workouts was not helping and it came one day a week later that my knee just hurt like hell and I barely could walk without it aching.  So, the last two weeks have been more about eating well than working out.

Still, I managed to get in a few workouts.

First one was a short one consisting of 3 moves that I did 3 rounds of from Tone it Up for abs.

These only look easy but they were actually pretty tough after a while.  It was also very effective.  Great workout 🙂

Next up, I believe I’ve posted it before but I did a full Intermediate round for Tribesports’s Women’s Fitness Home Workout.

women's fitness home workout

I did 3 rounds of this and it was so painful by the last round.  Dorsal Raises actually really helped my back.  One Legged Bridges were shaky mostly because I was doing a challenge and it already had bridge.  Any of these, by the third round started feeling pretty intense.

Now, whats amazing is that for the most part, I kept up with my 12 Days of Fitness Challenge.

12 days of fitness

My first full body accumulator workout challenge was actually aside from being painful for a few of these, it was also pretty fun and challenge.  The final few days were pretty crazy since it hit right before the holiday so I had a day or two of double days packed into one and those were the ones I cursed myself.

For the most part, doing those other challenges this year made 12 crunches, 11 lunges, 9 chair dips, 8 squats, 7 mountain climbers and 6 pushups feel like nothing at all.  4 Burpees aren’t extremely hard either and 5 Star Jumps were pretty cool. I personally hate Tuck Jumps because they are so hard to control and oh so hard to not injure myself again.  Still, the absolute worst part of all this was doing the wall squat.  I still hate it, from start to finish.  I did get better after 12 days but I still have such a long way to go.  I believe bridge was the one with the biggest improvement but I did a lot of it had to be attributed with just being bored of staying propped up for the full 3 minutes and have nothing but stare at my lilac ceiling.

It was still very awesome!

Whats not so awesome was my Dietbet.  Why? Well, not working out also meant that losing weight became harder as well.  So I pretty much stagnated and didn’t go any further and fluctuated in the last week between 133-135 lbs depending on the day.  Still, I hold true that I did change my eating habits and I look forward to keeping it up.  I’ve swapped in all whole wheat options now and I am looking into healthier substitutes even when I bake and cook, so everything is heading in the right direction and this week, I resume my workouts as well!

stay positive

2014 goals coming up  tomorrow! Remember to drop by, k? 🙂

Week 4: Join a Tribe! Count those Calories!

My Fitness Pal has really driven me to log what I exercise and what I eat daily.  Some days I win, some days I lose on paper.  Still, the goal is there, whether its slow or not.  My end goal is to be healthy and fit, not to lose excruciating amounts of weight. Last week, in the exploration for the Core Challenge, I joined Tribesports without really knowing what it is.   I haven’t managed to join a tribe yet but, its a pretty cool site for taking challenges to stay fit and you can choose to join tribes when are find the right one.  I haven’t yet as I’m still exploring how everything works.


Tone it Up has started their Drop 10 Challenge and with that, they have these jogging HIIT workouts of some sort.  Seeing  as the weather hasn’t really gotten that much better even though its on its way, I didn’t do what they proposed. Instead, I went to Tribesports and searched up some challenges to take.  First, I did the Sexy Leg Workout:

And then since that only took 15 minutes, I searched for another one and found Abs and Legs Mini Circuit:

Both of these were awesome fun. On the first one, I hate the Wall Squats by the time I did it in the 3rd time. And for the second workout, by the time it was on the last set of leg raises, my legs were hating me for the torture.  I did complete those challenges, so it makes me rather happy 🙂


I had a temporary job day at the Montreal Gift Show doing some sales rep.  It pretty much is standing and strolling a lot since it was a n incredibly slow day.  However, work and workout is different so after cleaning and chores I got in a 30+ minute workout moving up the Tone it Up Wednesday routine to today with some cardio doing mock jump rope (since mine is still unfound) and some body weights in between with a little workout called Jump Your Heart Out.  It was pretty challenging. I mean after the first set of jumping, I gave my legs a break and decided to do some jogging on stop and around the house and jumping up and down the stairs.


This was a crazy day.  I started up at 5:30am and running to pick up my mom from the airport from a red-eye flight from LA after her South America cruise.  Don’t you love her life? And after work, I had to rush off to do the take down for the gift show which ended at 8pm.  My exercise for the evening was 2 hours of lifting and packing 🙂 With ending up eating dinner at almost 9pm, I had to skip the workout or else I would never had gone to bed.


Due to work and my weekend getaway with two of my girl friends, I had to cancel dragonboat.  I spent the night burning a CD for the roadtrip, packing, cleaning, running all over the place and sudden last minute to renew my phone plan and get my new phone.  The plan was to sleep at 11:30PM tops…but you know these things never really work out the way it was intended.  So an hour later I hopped into bed.  No work out sadly….in hopes for the weekend to give me some time and energy to workout!


Woke up at 5:30am. Picked up the girls at 6-ish am.  Waited at the US border for 30 minutes.  Managed early check-in and then ate and shopped and ate and watched TV and ate and then finally slept.  Nope…no workout again! If you count shopping and carrying bought goods as workout, I had a mild one 😉


Feeling guilty about running out to eat tacos and drink a (super strong) sangria for a late night snack with the girls, I (always) wake up early at 6:30am so I got around to doing a workout in the divided area in front of the bathroom sink area.  I couldn`t get to do the intended workouts but luckily, there was one special one loaded up on Tone it Up.  It looked relatively easy and it was called Easter Bunny Workout. It was not obviously! I can tell you that I mastered doing jump squats and landing softly since I didn`t want to wake up the girls who were still in dreamland.  The part that hurt the most was the pushups and I think its because of the hard tile floor for one, but pushups are always my weak spot so I have to work on that.


Does a morning stroll on the waterfront count (with a cup of green tea and croissant)? How about walking up and down the stairs of an aquarium/museum? I was really hoping to get one in when I got back but seriously, getting back to reality was super tiring.  I did have an evening walk with my boyfriend after dinner.  Come on! Give me a break! Its my birthday and I am one year older now.  I get a free pass on that one 😉

The last week was a slight fail.  I only managed to get in 3 workouts.  I had aimed to have 4, but time really took over my schedule. This coming week will be back to normal.  I know I can make it happen! Last week`s workout was fun though.  Tribe Sports really seems like a fun site to check out with all the challenges.  If you are part of it, add me or something.  I`m still learning about it.  I`m going to postpone a weigh-in because I pigged out on the weekend getaway.

However, it may be less exercises, but this week`s workouts were all efficient and intense.  They were a good balance and I enjoyed every minute of it.  I recommend trying them all out if you want to try something new!

On to a new week and new month, more challenges and staying fit ahead.  March work out to initiate everything was a success for the most part and I feel extremely good physically and mentally.  Its been really helpful and even my chiropractor told me that I should keep it up as it would help my back.