Goodfood Recap #29

And we are here with a slightly late Goodfood recap! But its a nice change in pace from the overload of movie reviews that I’ve been writing up!

No fancy picture today since the program I use is having some issues it seems. Either way, this box had some interesting recipes and one repeat recipe that I (of course) forgot to take a picture of. Let’s check it out!

with homemade Romesco sauce & roasted fingerling potatoes


There’s this love we have for eating haddock which we only have when we make it in these boxes since the recipes are always so unique. This one is definitely outside of what we would usually cook at home. I had no idea what Romesco sauce is but it was really good especially when matched with the fish. Its nice also because everything were so nicely flavored but also nothing too strongly flavored also. We’ve been going for more normal flavors so this really did fit into our meals quite well.

Hoisin-Glazed Chicken Breasts
with spicy pickled vegetables, sticky rice & garlic peanuts

As usual, I’m always into the more Asian cuisine sort of meals. However, there is this fascination that Goodfood has with pickled vegetables. Its not a bad thing since its the alternative I have for eating raw vegetables. Although, I’ve built back the tolerance slightly to eating raw veggies here and there, I still prefer my vegetables cooked. However, other than the pickled vegetables, the chicken was pretty nice. Sometimes with hoisin glazed, it can get a little salty but this recipe worked pretty well.

Roasted Chicken Thighs
with root vegetables and fennel slaw

This is the repeat recipe and since I was so busy with the Festival du Nouveau Cinema, I had my husband do the cooking for this one. He did a fantastic job and gave it 5 stars simply for the cooking experience and how the house smelled. Plus, the recipe itself was a good one as well. You can see my first impressions of it back in this recap HERE.

Toulouse Sausage, White Bean & Cherry Tomato Cassoulet
with Salanova Salad

Finally, the first cassoulet in Goodfood that I think I’ve seen. I’ve never had one before so this recipe was the filler for the previous box but we knew that we needed it due to the busy week that I had anticipated. With that said, this one turned out pretty good. The meal is very tasty. The toulouse sausage in particular was the highlight of the meal. I’m not a big fan of white beans to begin with. Lentils and that sort of stuff is never my favorite food to eat but the spices and flavors worked well together so it was a pleasant surprise.

That’s it for this Goodfood recap! 
Some nice discoveries! I can’t say that anything in particular stood out as one that we would repeat other than the one that we did choose to repeat. 
The haddock however might be the choice for one I’d try again though. 

Ultimate 70s Blogathon: Snoopy, Come Home (1972) by Starry Traveler’s Road

We’re in the final week of Ultimate 70’s Blogathon! Kicking off this week is one of my segment co-hosts, Phoebe from Starry Traveler’s Road with her review of 1972 animated Peanuts film, Snoopy, Come Home. If you don’t know Phoebe, she is my Battle of Ingredients co-host and her blog focuses on parenting, from movies, books and events reviews and recaps that she shares with her little one along with some nice craft ideas. Head on over and check it all out, but first, check out her review in her Movies with Bun Bun style!

Movies with Bun Bun: Snoopy, Come Home (1972)

Snoopy Come Home

Hello everyone! Mega big thank yous to my awesome Battle of Ingredients co-host Tranquil Dreams and Drew for hosting the Ultimate 70s Blogathon! The last two Blogathons were fun so here I am again with my Bun Bun for a new movie review!

I am a huge fan of Snoopy for as long as I remember. I have all kinds of collectibles from a pretty battered tin box to a chess board with Peanuts characters as chess pieces. Given this is an Ultimate 70s Blogathon, I decided to show her one of my favorite movies that I watched again and again on those heavy and shiny LaserDiscs called Snoopy, Come Home.

I am lousy at summaries, so I will go straight to IMDb’s:

Snoopy travels to see his sick former owner and then feels obliged to return to her permanently. – IMDB

I watched many Snoopy movies as I adore the dynamic between Snoopy and Woodstock. I am not sure why this one stands out, but I guess the music (the whistling and The Best of Buddies song) and the fact Snoopy tried to go back to his old owner played a role in all this. Also, the catchy and grave voice emphasizing on “No Dogs Allowed” is funny too –

It took me a few tries before Bun Bun settled down on watching the movie with me. One conclusion is, it may be a little bit long for a toddler’s attention span. Bun knows that I like Snoopy as she pointed to my mug when she saw the character (Yes, I drink from a Snoopy mug that says, “Relaxation is an ART. PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE”, very fitting for a mom.) Instead of climbing on furniture and banging on my keyboard like last year, she was asking “whatz this?” or commented “Oh no!” every now and then, so I had to occasionally stop and explain what is going on to her. The movie took FOREVER to finish… it was quality time as we watched it twice together. The first time was cut into two due to her bedtime (obviously tantrum ensued) and we watched it in one shot the second time around while eating brunch.

There are actually a few things that I realized from re-watching this movie as an adult and mom. Societal norms have changed a lot over the last 30-40 years! I stopped and commented a lot to bun bun during this segment:

I told her how tying thick ropes and pulling hard were not the way to treat animals, especially a dog. Not to mention spanking a dog or anything/anybody is not a nice thing to do as it hurts; therefore, she needs to play nicely!

Every time bun bun saw a crying scene, she pointed and said, “Oh no!” It is nice to see she understands emotions and other things as she progressively learns more about the world.

This is it for our movie review! Hope you enjoy the rest of the Ultimate 70s Blogathon!

Valentine’s Marathon: Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown (1975)

I’ve posted multiple times about our fellow Peanuts cast, whether its during my Christmas marathon with A Charlie Brown Christmas review to January 19th’s Happy Saturday Charlie Brown Medley.  I’ve even posted about Linus and his security blanket for a weekly writing challenge.  If its any that I’ve learned, this is a perfect choice for my Valentine’s marathon.  This one randomly got picked and came in 3rd to celebrate Valentine’s.  Its nice to break all the giddy romance and rom-coms before it with a family-friendly animation.

be my valentine charlie brownThere were 3 short TV movies in this DVD.  The focus being Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown. I’m not exactly sure how known this is but seeing as it is with Charlie Brown, its always a lovable option for these wonderful festivities of all sorts.

So the first one and the main feature is Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown. Its about the time around Valentine’s Day and the Peanuts gang is looking forward to giving and receiving all sorts of goodies.  Linus wants to express his admiration for his teacher with a box of chocolates.  Snoopy runs off to play Cupid.  Of course, we have Charlie Brown waiting to receive a Valentine’s card and hoping that he’ll receive one from the little red-haired girl.  Its an adorable time with the Peanuts as always. I think all Peanuts TV movies are worth a watch so if you haven’t seen it, I hope you get to soon.

Second up, we are followed up with You’re in Love, Charlie Brown.  Its where Charlie Brown learns through a course of events that he is deeply in love with Heather aka the red-haired girl, especially after talking to Linus. After that one, we have the final feature called It’s Your First Kiss, Charlie Brown.  This one goes into Charlie Brown learning that he has to escort the red-haired girl to the ball and give her a kiss at the annual ball after their football game. May I add, a fitting option seeing as it was Superbowl yesterday.  When he embarrasses himself at the game because he misses all his kicks due to Lucy pulling away the football every time.  At the ball, he finally has his first kiss.

Peanuts gang is always sweet, funny and awesome to watch.  Don’t you agree?

Happy Saturday with Charlie Brown Medley!

I would love to wish EVERYONE  a happy Saturday! Take this for a workout or for just a little moving around or to wake you up on this fine day!

I also know that there is a good amount of you that are Peanuts fans!

Enjoy and HAPPY SATURDAY! Lets kick off this weekend in style! Smiling, dancing, tapping our feet, swaying, clapping..whatever works for you 🙂

Christmas Marathon: A Charlie Brown Christmas (1965)

charlie brown christmasA CHARLIE BROWN CHRISTMAS

A lot of people probably already know this one.  However, if you don’t, I will still do a short little summary.  Christmas is just around the corner and Charlie Brown sees that everyone around him, his friends and family seems to have lost the Christmas spirit and is influenced by the commercialism of the holiday.  In need, he seeks out Lucy’s “psychiatric” help and she advises him to direct the Christmas play.  Because of this, he tries to get everyone to have Christmas spirit with a little tree that he buys.  Little does he know that this will bring everyone together and helps everyone find the true meaning of Christmas.

This is one of my favorite Christmas movies, however, I just managed to get it last year.  The Peanuts gang always puts a smile on my face.  Linus with his security blanket and how he manipulates it in every way possible so that Lucy can’t take it away. Schroeder with his musical talent and love for Beethoven and Lucy trying to get his attention all the time is just adorable.  We also have Snoopy and Woodstock that tries to be Santa Claus and his little helpers.  We have the one who brings the most commercialism and its Charlie Brown’s little sister, Sally with her material and monetary desires.  This is a cute flick and after so many years, its held up quite well to the general audience.

My DVD also had the short TV flick called Its Christmastime Again, Charlie Brown.  That was quite fun as well.  Part of the Peanuts gang are all preparing for the school play and everyone is working hard to practice for their parts.  While Charlie Brown tries to save up enough money to get the red hair girl a pair of gloves as a Christmas gift.

Who is your favorite in the Peanuts gang?

Christmas Marathon: A Pink Christmas (1978)

a pink christmasA PINK CHRISTMAS

Anybody out here doesn’t know this pink cat- Pink Panther? This short flick, originally aired on TV in 1978 (and probably the years after).  I don’t know the details but I remember it drifting into my childhood some 10 years or so after.  I’m not as familiar to Pink Panther as others are.  Pink Panther’s quest in this Christmas special is to find food in every possible way.  During the process, he brings us into sing song moments and many Christmas traditions: the shopping rush, the sweets in the bakery, the meat at the butcher’s , Santa at the department store, skating and outdoor activities, carolers and choir singers, etc.  Of course, he eventually will get his meal with a little companion.

This has children’s movie written all over it.  However, this is also a character from the past so I’m not exactly sure whether kids these days would dig this type of movie.  The whole animation is moved by music and singing in the background to complement the situation but there is no actual dialogue.  However, I did like the music quite a bit.  There’s this song that I really like because of its simple, cheery Christmas music, exactly what I like called “Holly Jolly Holiday”.  I couldn’t find a video with the actual snippet from the movie.

What else did I like? I like all the different aspects that making up the Christmas spirit.  Other than the ones mentioned above, there was also shoveling snow in the winter and feeding birds in the park.  The final lesson is always to learn how to think of others and if you do, good things will happen to you.  After so many attempts of trying to earn food, he finally gets his meal from sharing his doughnut with a small stray puppy.

This flick may be predictable but for some, I think the value is of its reminder of our childhood.  As I’ve mentioned multiple times, nostalgia rules me during the holidays.  Anyone else in the same boat? I’m not as big of a fan of Pink Panther in comparison to Peanuts or Garfield, but I’m sure there still are fans out there who likes this silly pink cat.

How does this TV movie hold up for you after so many years? Are there any movies you loved as a kid that doesn’t have the same feeling as an adult?

Hong Kong: Snoopy’s World

On Tuesday afternoon, I ended up going to Shatin where there is the New Town Plaza. By chance, we exited at the Snoopy’s World. I’ve been around this area a lot and I’ve always wanted to stop here to see it. Unfortunately, when I went before, I never had the chance. This time, I realized that its free. Its a Peanuts themed playground for children.

Aside from that, there are also little games and jungle gym for children.  The decor around it include lampposts with little Woodstock and Snoopy around.

Its lots of fun stuff here. We all need a bit of Peanuts to keep a bit of the child in us. I loved being surrounded by Peanuts cast everywhere. There were a few girls taking their graduation pictures there.

That was my Tuesday in Hong Kong! Awesomeness, right? What do you think of Snoopy? Do you enjoy Peanuts also?

Weekly Writing Challenge:Warmth, Comfort and Security..A Few of My Favorite Things!

My favorite thing, above everything in the world, has been a part of my life since I was a baby.  Its been with me through thick and thin.

I want to introduce it by one of the Peanuts character:

Guessed what it is yet? Thats right! Its a security blanket, as I call it “my blankie”.  Mine is white with tabby orange flower and leave patterns.  It only can cover my lower body now but in times of sadness, I can still tuck myself under the whole thing (all curled up).  My mom is like Lucy of Peanuts.  She wants to take every chance to throw it away but hasn’t succeeded yet.  I hope that she doesn’t either.  My security blanket was always solely for my bed.  I would never drag it with me everywhere but it was my comfort at night.  It helps me sleep better, protects me from nightmares, and makes me feel that much better about being alone in the dark.  I’ve somewhat grown out of my fear of the dark(as long as I stay away from horror movies) but its still my shelter and helps me sleep just a little bit better when I feel that its around.

The blanket may have gone through 26 years (for now) with me.  Right now, my blanket still has the same floral pattern surface but with little slits with stitches and mendings that were done over the years.  The whole bottom layer pretty much broke off.  Thank goodness, my mom sewed on 2 extra layers to cover up the “fluff” inside.  Even the inside fluff is starting to break apart.  It may be damaged but it has been through so much that I would want to fix it no matter what and keep it by my side. Sometimes just by holding it, it gives me the strength and courage to be ready for whats coming the next day.

“(Lucy has buried Linus’ blanket.) 
CB: Why don’t you don’t let me try to find some sort of substitute for your blanket? Maybe I could get you a dishtowel or something. 
Linus: Would you give a starving dog a rubber bone? “

A security blanket may not be there all the time.  It just helps to know that we have something that we can just sit with when you are little and as you grow up that will be there to offer you that little bit of comfort.  When I was little, I was overcome with insecurity so that was how the blanket became something important in my life.  I use to actually have another one too and it looked exactly like Linus’.  It was blue and was a smaller size than the one I still own now.  That one broke somehow and to the extent that couldn’t be salvaged so I had to let it go.

One day, this blanket may end up  just like the blue one.  I would eventually want to make it into a quilt or something that can be carried with all the significant memories for any future kids to see.  I haven’t thought that far yet.  For now, I’m going to enjoy my security blanket because it makes me feel secure in the dark nights, provides comfort in hard times, chases away worries and haunting nightmares.  It provides me with the warmth and happiness that only it can do always do.  Afterall, happiness is a warm blanket!