Unboxing: Horror Block [October 2015]

We’re back with some more unboxing! Arcade Block should be right around the corner but I’m super happy that the Horror Block made it here before November so that I could wrap up Halloween marathon with this lovely, or maybe, “horrifiying” unboxing! 🙂

Let’s check it out!!

Horror Block [October 2015]

1) Child’s Play Chucky Plush

Horror Block

Don’t judge me, okay? I never watched any Chucky movies, more like snippets here and there. Except I can see how this character can be uber scary. Not exactly sure where to put this one right now.  So many cool plushies. I’m debating having a spot with a basket full of plush collectibles or something after I rearrange my storage closet.

2) Cryptic Collectibles A Concise Compendium of Creepy Keepsakes

Horror Block

This is pretty cool.  Don’t you think? I don’t own horror movie related collectibles and its only started mildly because of these horror blocks but that’s all about these collections.  I flipped through it a little and I think its going to be an interesting read.

3) Print: They’re Coming to Get You

Horror Block

This is what the info card says: “Originally part of Gallery Guzu’s “Something Spooky” art show, this incredible piece of art by Paul Hanley features the genre’s most notorious undead characters and is suitable for framing.  Can you name them all?”

4) Summoner’s Mouse Pad

Horror Block

Mouse pad and Ouija sort of thing going on here. Not sure those two things should be combined in one if you believe in ghostly things.  And I do so this might end up being given away.  Haha!  I’m quite happy currently with my Hyrule mouse pad.

5) Dario Argento’s Dracula

Horror Block

*runs off to do some research* Okay, back with some info (that you all probably know already). So this is from 2012 and this version includes the making of documentary and a music video and the red band trailer.  The ratings don’t seem to be great but hey, I’m a newbie in the world Dracula movies so I might like it. Its a DVD in a Horror Block.  So far, its two for two in these blocks and I’m pretty happy about it.

6) T-Shirt: Friday the 13th

Horror Block

OMG! Kick in the freak out mode! This shirt design is awesome! Funny how I did this last year but you know what, I think I actually do like Jason Voorhees as a badass slasher than Freddy.  Maybe that’s why I was so excited when they said they would have a Friday the 13th item in the newsletters but usually its super anticlimactic but a t-shirt, even if I’m not the one wearing it, is absolutely fantabulous!

AND…to wrap it all up with a sneak peek of the next block (also my last unless I continue the subscription):

Horror Block

SHARKNADO!!! *excited screaming* The husband looked at me and shook his head.  He just doesn’t understand why and how I like Sharknado that much. As long as you have guilty pleasures, well, this one is mine 😉

Overall, a pretty cool block, right? The T-shirt, Print and DVD were my faves.  I have a ton of horror to catch up on.  Its nice this whole half a month horror marathon.  It doesn’t burn out the desire to see more horrors after the season.  I mean, I do want to see Krampus.

Thoughts on the Horror Block gear? What do you like most?