A Walk in the Garden & A Bike Ride to Town!

This week has been calm! 🙂 I love to see life calming down again.  That can possibly be one of the most awesome news.  5 years ago, I probably would think that it would be horrible, sad, pathetic, etc but now, I feel completely different.  If the rest of the year is like this, we’re in business! 🙂 Only downside in this whole week is the “fantastic” infection in my right eye that just won’t go away.  Even after prescribed ointment for a few days, it seems to be still the same.  Here’s hoping by the time, I hit a week, it’ll be gone.

One great thing was that the Clivia buds finally bloomed in these gorgeous orange flowers that makes me smile whenever I see it!



The work week is done at least meaning I can give my eyes a lot more rest and time away from the computer.  Thats one of the reasons why the blog has slowed down a little this past few days.  Saturday is my day to recharge and I had tons of things I wanted to do.  To start off the morning, I got out of earlier than usual and went out to do a photo shoot of the flowers that has bloomed and the vegetables that were almost ripe and ready.

After taking care of a few chores and tasks at home, I finally got myself up and went for a cardio workout in the form of a bike ride.  Since I live in the suburbs, I biked all the way out to Old Montreal.  It may be my day off but I went right back to where I usually hang out at lunch during the work week.  Funny enough, with my big camera accompanying me and a satisfying 16km ride each way, it was pretty awesome!

Let me take you on that bike ride!

Champlain Bridge repairs and maintenance....

Champlain Bridge repairs and maintenance….

First stop was a shot of the massive Champlain bridge repairs and maintenance.  They forecasted that this bridge could collapse anytime (a few years ago), so hey, repairs sounds about right 😉 Since the new one is going to take a good while to get up with the whole building a new temporary one and then then ripping this one down to build a new one.  I take this one to work everyday so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that nothing happens!

Ducks sunbathing!

Ducks sunbathing!

The bike path runs along the Saint Lawrence River for a good part so I took a stop to take more shots of Champlain Bridge but thats also when I saw these little darlings soaking in some sun and sleeping!

In order to get to Old Montreal, I actually have to pass under Victoria Bridge and the locks around there so I took a nice shot of this bridge.  I believe its the oldest bridge.  My Quebec history is a tad iffy so I could be wrong but this one is closed in winter due to safety issues.



After having incredible luck and not getting stuck at the locks the first time in ages, I crossed onto Jean-Drapeau Park which is where we bike on the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve.  Right before entering the park, there’s a little clearing with a decent view but nothing beats seeing all those butterflies putting on their show fluttering around.  Did I ever tell you that I LOVE butterflies? Because I do!

Cleaning up after the Color Run

Cleaning up after the Color Run

Heading into the park reminded me that it was also the day of the Color Run.  I’ve been wanting to do it but I’m not one to jog by myself.  Getting painted into a rainbow while running definitely sounds more fun with friends.  But look at that! PINK on everything!

Jacques Cartier Bridge looking out from Concord Bridge

Jacques Cartier Bridge looking out from Concord Bridge

Yes, I know! More bridges.  Montreal is an island so I had to pass through yet another bridge, Concord Bridge which looks out at the Jacques Cartier Bridge (our sturdiest bridge) and with the Biosphere in the background, to actually get off the layover island of Jean Drapeau Park to get there.

Old Montreal on the Concord Bridge!

Old Montreal on the Concord Bridge!

Okay, this is the best view of Old Montreal.  Unless you want to get a closeup bird’s eye view from the top of the clock tower (on the right),  This is seriously the most beautiful view of Old Montreal.  I saw it every time we drive by this when I finish dragonboat practice. Now imagine a sunrise shot or even sunset…can you imagine how breathtaking that would be?

Habitat '67

Habitat ’67

I’ve talked about this when I took a picture from the other side of the river in Old Montreal.  This is a close up shot of one of the sections of Habitat 67.  My favorite building in Montreal ever rules as always!

Food stalls in Old Montreal, Porchette and Homards de Iles

Food stalls in Old Montreal, Porchetta and Homards de Iles

No food this time around.  Biking also means that I need to not eat too much to make sure I can get back home.  I almost wanted to get a lobster roll! Next time, right? Apparently these two stalls are rather famous in Old Montreal so I’m going to try these out one of these days 🙂 After staring at this (and torturing myself), I decided to leave and head back so I could eat my own lunch.

Champlain Bridge on the way back!

Champlain Bridge on the way back!

Just one last picture! Champlain bridge with the sunlight reflecting off the Saint Lawrence River looks too amazing to leave out! Clocked in about 30 kilometres and with all the stops for photos and rest at Old Montreal, it took me about 2 hours.  The last bit was intense though! I really need to either get buns of steel or get some cover for my very hard bike seat.  The reward for this was absolute satisfaction for accomplishing something I’ve said I would do again this summer and *ahem* a little sunburn on my back.

That was my Saturday! After that was just more binge watching 90210 on Netflix, just another 10 episodes to finish up the whole series!  So far, this weekend has been so efficient! I got a whole bunch of stuff done and its just making very happy! 🙂  The weather’s cooperating so makes everything so much more pleasant.

Plus, I’m planning my next weekend getaway with my best friend and almost everything is set, just need to see if we can keep our original plans when we see if we can get tickets for TIFF when the schedule is released! I’m not exactly sure how it works since I have never been before! We’re even planning to try out some food trucks.  Any Toronto residents that would like to suggest some nice places to eat?

I hope you all are having a fantastic weekend!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Today

This is definitely change: TODAY! (I postponed it a few times so now I’ll extend the post a bit)

I’m going to twist the notion of this topic a bit from what the topic wanted us to do as I was sitting in front of the computer stressing out and overwhelmed with the workload that’s around me. At the same time, getting immensely frustrated over some of my clients. So lets show you a slice of my wonderful Friday to start things off and end off with Saturday.

FRIDAY (The TODAY that I had started putting together this post)

For starters, right outside my office is yet another film setting, which is rushing in preparation for filming supposedly this weekend for Smurfs 2.  They  have put a crosswalk on the intersection; changed the mailboxes to yellow ones (maybe more Parisian, I’m not really sure); conversion of two ground level offices to stores; placement of tables and chairs on the sidewalk; Pharmacie sign put up in front of one of the entrances.  I had to take these pictures away from the setting as there was a lot of security around there and sometimes they don’t let you take pictures, so please excuse the quality.

Here are some snapshots of the settings, props, etc:

This was the only picture I could get that showed it was Smurfs filming.

After work, its the usual Dragonboat practice with my team.  Dragonboat is seriously amazing.  Its a sport I’m proud to be part of and I’m extremely passionate about.  Its also what motivates to keep working out on a regular basis.  Here’s a few shots of the Olympic Basin on Parc Jean Drapeau where I have my practices.

Note that this is not my team. I don’t think I would ever bring my camera on the boat.

Just to give an idea of what dragonboating looks like if you have no idea.

 My Friday was really busy so I didn’t end up posting this up till now.  As I only got back home at 3am on Saturday morning.

So lets looks at SATURDAY!!

The big thing on this “today” was preparing and attending a wedding as my mom’s +1 (and chauffeur).  So here’s a few snapshots from the wedding venue:

 TODAY wasn’t much to say, I did finally get to sit down and upload all the pictures for this post.  Sorry for the delay and therefore, twisting the TODAY topic a little bit. Nonetheless, hope everyone enjoyed it and had a fantastic weekend!