My Weekly Adventures: Festival Season is Here!

I did it again! There was supposed to be vlog but then I got a little intimidated of putting it up. Anyways, it was not so great since I recorded super late at night and was all rambling and stuff.

Summer festivals are here and its just the start of a lot of fun stuff here. The weather is hot and humid and while I did recap a lot of the stuff in actual full posts. I’ll talk a little a them here and I’ll have a little update of little life stuff.

Before we start, I guess the most important is that I want to address the crazy weird schedule here. I usually do have a schedule but I’m seriously thinking of going back to a five posts week and leave a break as optional days on the weekends. Especially during festival season as I need to find some time to work on some other projects. Nothing changes here but rather I think I feel a little burnt out. It could be because of the heat that kills a bit of the motivation for everything. However, I feel the energy coming back now that it isn’t 40 degrees Celsius outside. What I’m saying is that 5-7 posts from now on. I’m still working on some backlog for my upcoming vacation in a good few weeks so it’ll be fun! 🙂

I’m skipping the rambling so I’m going to just get going! 🙂

Trying Out Miss Fresh

miss fresh

I’m huge about being efficient as mentioned in my post unboxing the Miss Fresh meal service subscription. You can find that HERE. I think this is such a great idea. Obviously, its still a little expensive to have every week but its a nice treat when its a busy week. I won’t be unboxing my later ones since I don’t think it’ll have anything new to offer except different recipes. However, I did manage to make one of the recipes and still mix up the ingredients a little. It was a Tuna Bake. In the end, here’s how it turned out.

Miss Fresh Miss Fresh

For a good idea of what it is, the ingredients are on the top pre-portioned for what your plan is set at. This makes for two people. However, my husband was the only one that could eat this meal and it served three meals for him.

Montreal Comiccon

Montreal Comiccon

 Montreal Comiccon was last weekend. I only made it to the Friday but it was a ton of fun. I did a general coverage earlier this week HERE! I chatted with some cool indie game developers and tried out games, saw the Outlast 2 live demo and more. I didn’t get an autograph but walked past the autograph booths and saw a ton of celebrities from afar. I’m not sure if I mentioned in Comiccon recap post but I specifically wanted to see Bob Morley, unfortunately I had to skip Saturday so I didn’t get to his Q&A but I did walk past his autograph spot which was at the side so I got a really close look at what he looked like in real life. I was pretty happy about that.

Overall a very cool time there. I’m going to try to get a media pass for next year or simply get a 3 day pass and check it all out. Something to think and plan for in the coming year! 🙂

Song of the Deep!

Song of the Deep

With Game Warp comes great responsibility! Song of the Deep is one of my most anticipated for this year. I ended up preordering this one even if I kind of knew there really wasn’t a point but I was just so excited for it. Plus, its the first time I pre-ordered a game! Kickstarter projects don’t count. I’m still waiting for most of those to see the light of day. You know I love shameless plugs for Game Warp so maybe you’d be as excited as I am that Song of the Deep is August’s featured game!

We have a new episode for Game Warp coming up next week and we’re getting ready for the episode of the featured review for this month’s game, Oxenfree! 🙂

Garden & Harvest!

We had our first harvest! The crazy rain grew my zucchini plants so much that after two days of intense rain, my plant was like 40% larger and the zucchinis were ready for harvest. Well, two of ’em. Look at it! They are huge!


We even had some delicious lettuce to cook with it, all from the garden. It just makes me so proud that I didn’t manage to kill anything else and that the fence reinforcements have been fantastic. I’m going to probably be harvesting more lettuce and kale this week. I don’t have pictures yet but raspberries and some strawberry harvests are happening also! 🙂

Fantasia Festival!!

Fantasia Festival

Fantasia Festival is here! It started on July 14th and runs till August 3rd. Unlike most years, I actually have it really easy for the first week so so far, only one movie! This was from the first film that I attended on Friday night. It started in delay so I guess its cool I was standing in line next to some cool people that I striked up an interesting conversation about everything. If some of you don’t know, Fantasia Festival usually means at least 45 minutes to an hour of line-up, at least if you want decent seats. Since I go to this alone a lot, its really nice to meet people at least for line-up company. Regardless, this was also the first time I’ve ever experienced delay at Fantasia Festival but the movie ended up starting half an hour late but I think its alright even if it meant that I couldn’t stay for all the Q&A since I needed to catch the last bus home. Thank goodness, my schedule doesn’t usually hinge on these crazy moments this year mostly.

I’m pretty excited about the rest of the movies. You can see my line-up HERE! And usually expect the review about two days later to give some time to think about what I’ve seen and gather my thoughts. Which means that my first one I saw, Rupture’s review will go up tomorrow (Monday!).

Calypso Water Park

While the heat is getting me super tired and just not want to do anything in general, I’m also loving it because it means that I can go in the pool and cool down. Last week, I actually did and enjoyed some outside reading time and Netflix time and even got in a pool workout session which was really great.

However, the thing I looked forward a lot was going to the water park with my girl friends. We’ve been trying to plan it for two summers and we’re finally going. The weather threatened us a little but we decided to give it a go. It turned out to be the perfect weather. We ended up going to Calypso Water Park near Ottawa.

Great company, nice weather, and a ton of fun! We weren’t all about doing the super adrenaline rush stuff but we ended up doing the wave pool which was definitely a winner since we went back four times. We also did two times of the Kongo Expedition (which is something like a lazy river concept). There was a part in there in a dark cave that kind of tapped into my fear of the dark but still it was really fun even if I got capsized by some stupid kids on purpose. It was more unexpected than that I got angry or scared. We also went for two rounds of the Jungle Run which is like balancing on a paddleboard and letting the current push you through the course and it was done really well. There was also the Canyon Rafting that was a ton of fun to get drifted along the sides of the tubes and then we had the fancy idea of going up one of the tallest rides thinking it wouldn’t be intense and it freaked me out. It was a ton of fun actually. Its the double-edged sword of amusement parks in general for me.

After that, we headed back home and had dinner….

Trying Out a New Restaurant Jerry Ferrer

What’s a perfect day without having a great meal at the end as well. I told you all about Jerry Ferrer on opening day and just trying a few things but we went to try it out.

We ended up sharing a fried calamari.

Jerry Ferrer

Fried Calamari

I loved the texture of this so much! It was super delicious!

While all the girls got burgers, I was really craving a pulled pork sandwich so I got exactly that!

Jerry Ferrer

Doesn’t that just look scrumptious? It was so awesome! 🙂 I think this place might be a new fave spot for me. At least I’m definitely coming back to try out a few more things. Plus the decor and service was nice and that is always a plus.

A perfect way to end a fantastic day out with friends, even if I got home and realized that I forgot sunscreen on my chest area and super sunburned…haha!

Cute Kitty Pic


Some of you that follow me on Avenue of Daydreams would have seen this pic but this is just so cute I couldn’t let you all miss out on it! 🙂


  • Fantasia Festival Movie Reviews!!

That is the recap of the last two weeks!
What have you been up to? Any festivals, summer heat, activities, etc? 

Ottawa Marathon Race Weekend!

I kind of slacked off this weekend (and the last two for other reasons with an update soon) and that’s because I was away in Ottawa for the Marathon Race Weekend!

Let’s make one thing clear! I was away in Ottawa this weekend but for the third year in a row, I was there as support for my good friend. He’s kind of like my brother and he even volunteered as my photographer at my wedding last year! He usually does only the half marathon BUT this year, he did the 5 km run as well! I’ll get more into detail a little later on the going on of the weekend. There’s food, race starts and shopping haul! Its a nice little getaway from Montreal even if I did miss my husband and my kitty a ton, as I always do. Its nice to be back home even if today is another work day and there’s a deadline tomorrow! 😉

Friday Evening


We left for Ottawa after work on Friday evening.  On the road there was a lot of heavy rain here and there. However, somewhere nearing Ottawa, the road was clear and the sunset was clear.  It looked so beautiful! I couldn’t resist a picture.

Our first stop was to T&T Supermarket to grab some dinner to take to the hotel. Here’s what our dinner was.

Dinner T&T Supermarket

There was two different glutinous rice.  There was some dumplings, some rolls and some chow mein. It was all really good.  The only one was the rolls there that was something we never had before and it was pretty good.


Its almost routine at this point since its the third year that my friend has joined into the race weekend.  Morning is always for picking up the race package and walking through the running convention and see what other races there are and what new products and sales on running gear and whatnot.

After that, we head out to grab some breakfast.  Like last year, we went to Zak’s Diner.  We enjoyed it quite a bit.

Zak's Diner

Zak's Diner

I decided to have a little healthier dish so I replaced the home fries with a fruit salad. My friend had the banana pancakes and he said it was really good: fluffy and delicious.

After that, we went off to do some shopping around Rideau Centre. He left a little earlier than I did to gear up for his 5 km race at 4pm.  I stayed about an hour more.  The really great discovery is that this August, there will be a Disney store there. We’re super excited about that! 🙂

As for the shopping, I found some pretty great deals! I’ll have the haul at the end. Let’s skip forward to the 5 km. There was a huge issue with the heat that day so the morning was mostly also waiting for the times to see if all the races were on time. The 5 km was not affected but the half marathon was changed earlier for the next day. However, the arrangement was that they would provide more water stations and mist to cool down the runners for all the races.

Ottawa Race Weekend

Before 5 km race, kids cooling down

Ottawa Race Weekend

Ottawa 5 km Race Weekend

5 km start

Ottawa Race Weekend 2016

The 5 km; Ravens controlling the start; Drone filming


According my friend, he ran the 5 km in a decent time.  Slight more than he expected.  His one complaint, which I’m sure he will address more on his own, was that there was no water station until the 4 km mark when there was supposed to be at 2.5 km. That’s a big deal because it was unexpectedly humid and hot at around 35+ degrees Celsius. Even if its a short run, its still dangerous to be out running in this weather without more hydration available. I wasn’t running it so that’s all I’m going to talk about this, because they did manage to regulate it for the other races.


Ottawa Half Marathon 2016

Half Marathon Start

The highlight of Sunday was the half marathon.  The race was moved up 45 minutes to hopefully ease the heat.  The lucky part was that the weather did ease up a little and it was less humid and had moment of cool breeze.  At least, it was so until a little later in the morning for the end of the race for my friend. I was tracking him on Sportstat so I had a good idea where he was. Good news is that with the very well done job on cool down and hoses from residences and businesses along the running path, my friend did his personal best in a half marathon. Congrats to him!

T&T Ottawa

Dimsum at T&T Supermarket

After checkout, we headed to T&T Supermarket to pick up some dimsum for lunch before heading back to Montreal.

Before I end this post, as I promised here is the...SHOPPING HAUL!

EB Games

PS4 Games: Thief, The Evil Within, Until Dawn

Eddie Bauer

Hiking Pants and Casual Shorts at Eddie Bauer

Victoria Secret

Victoria Secret Sports Bra

Dynamite Clothing

V-Neck Tunic Tank at Dynamite Clothing

Sugar Mountain

Gummies and Nerds at Sugar Mountain

While this is quite a bit of stuff, it actually wasn’t too expensive and everything had a good deal. The highlight would be the great find at EB Games (or Gamestop) for Until Dawn which was pretty much half of what it is sold online. And I’ve been wanting to play it since last year and review it on That Moment In. I’m pretty excited to play it after Life is Strange (for the next Game Warp Podcast soon). Although I do need to finish Little Big Planet 3.

Also, I was pretty impressed and surprised at the Victoria Secret’s new Sport Bra design for medium support since it doesn’t have the wire support anymore but still is equally as good and comfortable. This is the one thing I always get at Victoria Secret because its expensive normally (there was a sale this weekend) but its so much more durable and comfortable.

Everything else was a necessity since I’m a little short on summer clothes since I haven’t bought much in the last few years. 🙂

Overall…It was a really fun weekend as usual! It was really hot but also extremely nice to know that summer is on its way. I am still thinking about joining either the 5 or the 10 km next year. I’m absolutely motivated to do more running this year.  So far I’ve only ran once.

That’s it for the Ottawa Race Weekend recap!

Have you been to Ottawa? Have you run in any sort of marathon (5 km, 10 km, Half, Full)?

Weekly Photo Challenge: Twist

This week, share a photo of something that says “twist” to you. It might be that perfect ice cream cone, a yummy bit of liquorice, or something unexpected that surprised, shocked, or startled you. – The Daily Post

This weekend, I headed off to Ottawa.  My friend was part of the half marathon for Ottawa’s Race Weekend.  It was my first time spectating an actual marathon so after I made sure my friend had started his. I went off walking around and after snapping a few pictures of Rideau Canal and Parliament Building, I crossed a bunch of spectators cheering incoming runners as they headed into their last leg of the marathon.

Without actually knowing, I ended up standing there for 2 hours and my friend ran by me.  Now, him running by me wasn’t a surprised but some of the other runners did.  The superheroes were also in town running the marathon (half and full). My phone was running out of juice gradually but I was quick enough to capture these two.

Ottawa Race Weekend

Superman was jogging the marathon

Ottawa Half Marathon

Wonder Woman also was there!

Look at Wonder Woman! She’s smiling as after like 15 kilometres of jogging or something.

I couldn’t grab my phone fast enough because I was in awe but Batman was fully dressed and ready to save the world in his cape and mask. Plus, throw in Captain America and Spiderman (and this team) who was not ready but they were more like the two up there.

On the line of movies, there’s is this lovely candy store in Sugar Mountain which is my heaven *ahem*. I love the twists with new flavors for Nerds and Gummies.

Sugar Mountain

Twist on Candy! 🙂

Exxcuse me? Surf & Turf Nerds! First time I’ve seen it.  And then move your gaze to the gummies with the white and blue coke bottle. Thats called Frozen Bottle or something and it had the picture of Elsa and Frozen.  Good job at riding the Frozen wave, Sugar Mountain 😉

Here’s my take on this week’s photo challenge! To see more entries, check it out HERE!

Meeting Butterflymumma! :)

I usually announce my out of town status but I was so sleep deprived, I was on auto pilot writing up what I could and I just simply gave up by Friday as my brain couldn’t function enough to write up a post.

This weekend, I went to Ottawa.  Not very far with only about 2 hours road trip. My friend participated in the half marathon running those crazy 21.1 kilometres.  I’m not much of a runner so its a bit hard to believe running that much.  So, you full marathoners, sshhhh! I’ll elaborate on my weekend in another post later today.

While in Ottawa, I met up with a fellow blogger: the lovely Butterflymumma. And she deserves her own post commemorating this event, don’t you think?

We met up in the hotel lobby where I was staying in Ottawa in the early evening/late afternoon (whatever you call 5ish pm). We walked around a little and had a really nice chat before heading into Byward Market to grab dinner at Empire Bar & Grill.

Here’s what Butterfly had:

Empire Bar &  Grill

Seafood Risotto

And I believe she liked it. 🙂

This is what I had:

Empire Bar & Grill

Lobster Linguine

Other than the fact that I learned lobster is not something I’d want to eat outside of my own home, this was very delicious. All that seafood was pretty yummy.

We had a nice long chat here as well but Butterfly is a mumma and she did park at some crazy meter with no maximum parking limit so as she puts it her “car will turn into a pumpkin at 9:30”. As we walked back to the hotel and exchanged our real live contact info before parting ways, we did manage to capture a nice picture of ourselves proving we were in fact in Ottawa with the Parliament building, Rideau Canal and a lovely sunset behind us.

Ottawa Rideau Canal

Butterflymumma and I

Butterfly was so fun to chat with.  I had a really good time and a lot of great laughs when we shared anecdotes. I loved it! Can’t wait to hopefully see her again soon! I love when blogging friends turn into real live friends and super cool ones at that! 🙂

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I know some of you had a long weekend so this isn’t really that late.

And remember that if you don’t follow Butterflymumma’s blog, well, you might want to.  I linked it up there with her name when I mentioned her the first time. She’s totally amazing 🙂

Ottawa Day Trip and August Announcement!

Can you believe that August came around so fast?  Summer already feels like its over but still, with so much time at home from being sick and before that being in a car on vacation, my mind has been working really hard on thinking up things I wanted to do for the blog.

Before that, you know me! I can’t just start by giving you the announcements! With all that positive seeking yesterday, it got even more awesome after I published THIS POST! My friend called me up and went to Ottawa for a day trip for exploring the St. Laurent Mall (always went to the Rideau Mall) and then to our favorite supermarket T&T! 🙂

Of course, I always end up buying stuff! At the St. Laurent Mall, I bought this:

St. Laurent Mall buys!

St. Laurent Mall buys!

I got The Casual Vacancy for 40% off at Coles. Then got two different types of teas at Teavana.  One of a herbal tea called Peach Tranquility which works well on its own and is supposed to be a good match for Tranquil Dream herbal tea also.  Second one is a classic green tea called Emperor’s Clouds & Mist.  It smells awesome! I can’t wait to try it out.

I also got a new dress! Finally after searching for one the whole summer, I finally found one that worked 😉


I’m not too good at self-portraits apparently with my new camera.  This is the best shot I have.  Love the dress though 🙂

Next stop at T&T Supermarket, my friend’s new cooler was big help.  I could get some frozen Fried Pork Buns and Steamed Pork Dumplings.  We also got some dimsum for a late lunch and some food for dinner that evening.  I bought some Black Sesame Soy Milk (my fave which I talked about HERE!). Lets check out the dimsum 🙂

Chives Dumplings

Chives Dumplings

Steamed Shao Mai (Pork Dumplings?)

Steamed Shao Mai (Pork Dumplings?)

Fried Pork Buns (my fave)

Fried Pork Buns (my fave)

Sesame balls with red bean paste

Sesame balls with red bean paste

Now that I have your attention with food 🙂 Ready for the August Announcement?

So, I’ve been thinking about it for a while.  This year, I’ve talked about Meg Ryan marathon, Nicholas Sparks marathon, but those won’t be for August.  All of you have been totally awesome whenever I post up film reviews and would always suggest more movies for me to check out.  Believe it or not, I’ve jotted it down in my notebook and a part in my email drafts as well.  That list has been getting really long so in a mission to decrease the list and to give some mention all of you, I’m going to be spending August watching movies solely from movies you recommended.

This week, I will start with two movies that aren’t recommendations because it was before I made this decision.  After those two, we’ll get cracking right away.  If you have certain movies that you feel I’d like, then please go ahead and recommend it in the comments whenever you’d like.  Drop me an email or tweet me if you’d like.  Whatever works for you, but I don’t mind the list getting bigger.  I’ve been thinking about this for a while and I felt it was the right time! 🙂

I will also be looking for a film for the Shitfest so there might be a few interviews from that as well 🙂 I will be changing my horror packs since the current one seem to not be going anywhere.  So maybe this one will hit the jackpot right away!.

August is going to be recommendations month! Drop me more if you’d like 🙂

Hope you had a great weekend! Lets have a great August together 🙂