Opinions Battles Round 5 – Non Disney/Pixar Animated Movie

Welcome to Round 5 of Opinion Battles! This time we’re sharing our favorite films of non-Disney/Pixar animated movie. Anime was also excluded. My choice was none other than my childhood favorite that I watch at least once a year, Balto. I wonder if a lot people do know about this animation but still, its one of my favorites thats held up over time.
Head on over to check out the rest of the choices. There are some fantastic ones and remember to give your favorite a vote and share this with your friends so we can get more people involved in the poll 🙂

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Non Disney/Pixar Animated films

This weekend we have just had ‘Minions’ come out so what better subject to look at than Non Disney/Pixar animated film. We have also chosen to avoid animé as we will look at them later in the year too. We all have a place in us that like to watch animated films but just which is our best choice.

Our next subject with be parodies/spoof (comedies that make light of a serious idea) films, if you would like to join in email moviereviews101@yahoo.co.uk by the end 12th July 2015.

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The Lego Movie (2014)ego

When I look for the best animated films I always look for one that I can pick up and watch from any point of the film. I enjoy watching this one because it has so many clever references, characters you will know in supporting roles but most…

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