Weekly Photo Challenge: Dialogue

It’s your turn now: for this week’s challenge, bring together two of your photos into dialogue. What do they say to each other?- The Daily Post

Dialogue with photos is not my forte.  My brain can link the most weirdest things together. Except I just thought an occasion a few years ago that merits a bit of dialogue.  Its just two angles with one beautiful subject and they express the beauty that lasts a moment before it flutters off.

I’m hoping I’ll get to go back to the Butterfly Conservatory in Niagara Falls eventually but here’s a little memory.

Butterfly Conservatory

Butterfly Conservatory

I was quite the butterfly magnet that day because that conversation could continue right along to this…

butterfly conservatory

butterfly conservatory

Its a bit reversed as the last picture was the first butterfly that landed on me and then halfway through the above two landed on me at about the same time.  And that one on my hand, would not let me leave….

How’s that for dialogue? Not sure what it says but at least it tells a little story of my memorable day at the Butterfly Conservatory at Niagara Falls in 2011.


How Many Times Is It Already This Year? Here I Come Toronto! :)

I don’t even remember how many times its been, maybe its the 4th?

Either way, I’m off for the weekend to Toronto.  This time, the bunch is a peculiar one with one of my childhood friends and her fiancee and who is my buffer, you ask? My mom! Thats right! She has some business to take care of in Toronto and I haven’t had a trip with her this year so we’re going for a weekend trip away 🙂

A 5 to 6 hour drive with my mom will prove to be a very challenging task.  Lets hope she tucks the criticism in the back of her mind and let me do my thing: driving I mean.  Its been a while that I’ve left for Toronto in the evening so I’m hoping all will be a-ok!

I’m excited for what we have planned, at least the highlight event! I’ll be back with an update post some time this weekend.  If you are in the Toronto downtown area, I’d love to hang out (without my mom).  I am 27, haha! Maybe tell me the hot spots to go at night to experience some form of night life with my friends.  Drop me an email, tweet me, maybe a comment here, I’d love to hear it 🙂

As always, before any road trip, I leave you with some music! TGIF, right!

I’m totally seeing the awesomeness of Hunter Hayes!

Have a great weekend! 🙂

Halloween: Pumpkin Inferno at Upper Canada Village

A year ago, my visit to Pumpkin Inferno was what brought my views up to this crazy level that took me about another 6 months to break.  Word of mouth is a crazy and awesome thing, just my boyfriend’s coworker sharing it on their Facebook page and boom! My views were crazy.  If you’d like to see that post, check it out HERE!

This year, I went with not only my boyfriend but 6 other friends including fellow blogger Day’s. Earlier than last year, so that it wouldn’t be as cold.  This past weekend was the first weekend of its launch (if I’m not mistaken) and man, was it ever crowded at the beginning of the trail.

Compared to last year, they had similar pumpkin carvings but they did change the trail and modify how certain exhibits looked and then they added one new exhibit called The House of Horoscopes.

A quick look at the better pictures that I took for Pumpkin Inferno! 🙂

It was still very fun.  Plus, the crowd spread out once we got into the wider area where the actual trail spreads out to both sides.  Going earlier this year also gave us a warmer weather.  If you do go, dress warm.  I felt comfortable with jeans, tank top, t-shirt and sweater (layers do miracles) and then even added a scarf once the sun completely went down.

Its definitely a great experience! I still had lots of fun. The creativity behind this entire event is so awesome!

The House of Horoscopes was my favorite as if there wasn’t that many people, the best way was to lie down on the grass and admire the details, just like you would if you were looking up at the stars and searching constellations.  By the way, there are certain areas in the path where its darker and if you lift your head, you see a sky full of stars.  We took in a bit of that rare scene.  Living in the big city has that disadvantage.  We’re lucky if we even see a star in the sky, let alone a sky dotted with them just sparkling away!

If you are close to Upper Canada Village, its well worth it.  Our drive was about an hour and 40 minutes each way and it wasn’t long and tiring either.  Nothing really ever replaces fun times with friends 🙂

Weekly Photo Challenge:BIG

This week’s photo challenge were going BIG.  Here is some significant “monuments to show the characteristics of that city and Canada on my Western Canada Bus Tour in 2009.

Big Nickel in Sudbury, Ontario


Big Canadian Goose in Wawa, Ontario


Big fish in Kenora, Ontario

I don’t know if you’d ever seen these machines in action, I remember making one in Science Camp when I was younger and it was so much fun.  I’ve been noticing these all over the place now.  BIG GOLDBERG MACHINES!


Goldberg Machine in Granville Island, Vancouver, British Columbia

Pumpkin Inferno!

So continues the Halloween month, right? Its not only going to be movies, as you saw with my Japanese Pavillion post.

On Sunday evening, my boyfriend and I drove over to Morrisburg, Ontario (about a 2 hour drive) to go see Pumpkin Inferno at Upper Canada Village.  Pumpkin Inferno is this year’s event from 6:30pm – 9:30pm and it features a little trail in the dark with  jack-o-lanterns.  Maybe you don’t think its impressive but check this out: 6000 Jack O Lanterns everyone! Thats is a lot! On top of that, there were different themes as we walked along.  Some were multiple pumpkins put together to shape up a person, a thing, a creature, an animal, etc.  It was pretty amazing! If anyone is in the area, you definitely should check it out! My suggestion though (something my boyfriend and I forgot to do) is to dress warm.  You are in the middle of nowhere so its cold.

I took it as a little night shooting, to get to know my camera just a little better also.  Here are a few to share with you!

It was a little trail with different themes and scenarios.  I showed you a few here in somewhat of the correct order.  The first part was a Sound and Light Show and it was really amazing.  After that was a Haunted Mill and dived under the sea.  We went into heritage town with totem poles.  Then, we walked through Candyland, to insect world, into the Wild West with Zombie Westerns.  We went to China and Egypt (even Polynesia, but I didn’t add that here).  We saw the Headless Horseman and Mermaids guarding the bridge to safety.

There’s a lot more than what I showed here.  It was pretty cool.  They even had pirates and their treasure and clocks, zombie weddings and RCMPs, Lizards and Hitchcock’s “The Birds”.  It was all so beautiful.  My pictures really don’t do this event justice.  I highly recommend it to those around the area.  Dress up and go out! If you have kids, bring them along! I think for us, we saw only one other couple without kids, if not, they were there to do photo shooting with all their gear.

Nice little tour to ring in Halloween, right?

Weekly Photo Challenge: Wrong

How do we define with is right and wrong?

Most times wrong is what is socially, morally, ethically determined that way by the society or the group that we reside or interact with. Wrong are mediums that cause imbalance and perhaps even destruction.

The most common form we see around us is pollution.  The factor that is ruining the appearance of our world, our cities and the environment.

These two were taken last year around the Trois-Rivieres area near a plant.

Below was in a lily pond in Niagara Falls.  Garbage ruined this beautiful shot…

In a more legally structured wrong, its when someone breaks a law and gets sentenced to jail.

In the same trip around Trois-Rivieres, we visited an actual prison museum from back in the days.

Taken within one of the cells was the male living quarters for someone who has been deemed wrong by the society for whatever crimes he has committed. On the walls, it says, ” I loved, I suffered, now I hate”.