My October Adventures

In a blink of eye between 31 Days of Halloween and festival coverage, October wrapped up. Our partial lockdown has been extended for another potentially 28 days as Montreal hopes for the new cases/deaths number to decrease in the next month instead of the current constant. I’ve reverted in the middle of October to a partial work at home status which is kind of the best scenario that I could hope for. With that said, its been a fairly calm month as we kept to regional protocol and stayed home other than to pick-up the occasional food pick-up or grocery runs and mostly for work purposes. After a little glimpse at what’s going on personally, let’s see what I managed to muster up for this month’s adventures…its mostly recaps at this point. Let’s check it out!

Festival Du Nouveau Cinema 2020

Festival du Nouveau Cinema ran for the majority of the month. It was a wild ride as this festival always has deeper movies and takes a little more time to process which makes the writing process in a tad of a delay since I’m not going to lie that the movie choices started a little rocky. Still, I wanted to do a little something for it and here’s the rankings from best to worst (obviously in my opinion) of the 19 films that I watched based on my current feelings and memories of them:

  1. Topside
  2. My Salinger Year
  3. Red Post on Escher Street
  4. Caught in the Net
  5. Moving On
  6. La Hija de un Ladron
  7. Violation
  8. Undine
  9. Poissonsexe
  10. Wisdom Tooth
  11. Mum, Mum, Mum
  12. Cocoon
  13. The Book of Vision
  14. Drowsy City
  15. The Tremor
  16. The Cloud In Her Room
  17. Sin La Habana
  18. Kill It and Leave This Town
  19. Siberia

That’s the rankings. Half of the movies have been reviewed at this point and there will be the rest of the reviews going up in the coming week.

Halloween Marathon

This year was a little different as I aimed to do 31 Days of Halloween/Horror which overall worked out as I did mostly double features and then wrapped up the last few days with Blood in the Snow Festival coverage. There were some off days and I had fallen behind by one day with a week left and pulled it together to wrap up on October 31st. I consider that a win even though I didn’t count the TV Binge of The Haunting of Bly Manor as one of the days, which I probably should have. Out of all the movies, here’s the top picks that I saw in no specific order:

  • A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night
  • Raw
  • Unfriended: Dark Web
  • #Alive
  • Trick ‘r Treat
  • Happy Death Day
  • For The Sake Of Vicious

You can find all the reviews and full list of this year’s and previous year’s Halloween marathon HERE!

Blood in the Snow Festival 2020

Blood in the Snow Festival 2020 started up at the end of October and is going on until November 7th. Different from Fantasia Festival and Festival du Nouveau Cinema, its showing on Super Channel and has a specific schedule for the different features and programs airing. You can find all the info for how to sign up for Super Channel and schedule on the festival’s site.

I’ll be covering everything here: shorts programs, features, pre-feature shorts and perhaps the Web Bites if I figure out a good way to do it.

Trying New Restaurants

1930 Shanghai

1930 Shanghai is a restaurant that specializes in Xiao Long Bao which is the Shanghai soup-filled dumplings. They are one of my favorite foods. This place makes decent ones. While they look the same here, I had one order of the normal pork -filled flavor and then had one where it was chicken and mushroom. Both were really good.

Comon Restaurant

I’m usually not a huge fan of Fried Chicken nor do I tend to eat it a lot but my friend told me about this place and picked up some chicken. . Their take-out boxes for the chicken are in pizza boxes which is pretty creative. I ordered a Bibimbap which was pretty good but felt was a little overpriced for the size and the taste wasn’t anything too different from other places. The fried chicken is also pricier but it does taste really good. I ordered the Fried Chicken with Green Onions (pretty obvious) but unlike some other restaurants in Montreal, their chickens are all bone-in, which isn’t a huge problem since I like bone-in meats but definitely something that others might want to keep in mind if you want to try it out.

Cute Kitty Pic

That’s it for this weekly adventures!
What have you been up to? Any Halloween celebrations – simple or not?

My October Adventures!

Weekly Adventures (2)

Welcome to the October Adventures! Its been a crazy month full of lots of things going on. Suffice to say other than cooler weather and some really windy and rainy days where we got some of the closing gardens and other preparing the house for winter thing going on (which I won’t talk about because I’m not sure anyone wants to know about it), it was a clash for festivals. Let’s look back and see what happened!

Hiking: CIME Haut-Richelieu at Mont St-Gregoire


I’m not sure how many more hikes we can get in before the season is too cold to go, but we’re taking them as we can between festivals and other commitments and getting the house ready for the winter season and whatnot. After a much debated weekend with bad weather looming over our heads, the weather finally changed and we decided to go for a hike a little closer to us and went to the nearby tourism area and found CIME Haut-Richelieu at Mont St-Gregoire which had a very reasonable 4km hike. It was steep and rather quick elevation with lots of steps and stairs and rocks to walk over. We took the panoramic trail and got a pretty nice view of the area around.

Festival Du Nouveau Cinema (October 9 to 20)

Fantasia 2019 (1)

Festival du Nouveau Cinema kicked off on October 9th with the program mostly starting the next day (since press doesn’t access to opening and closing films). With that said, this is the first day doing media to cover this festival so a little of the jitters as this festival has some rather deeper films and a lot of the films themselves are all about taking chances with the synopsis provided as well as having very limited evening timeslots to fit them all in making the scheduling very time-consuming and constantly going through changes during the festival. However, that is behind us now and things went fairly smoothly. I had wanted to do on average one review per day and overall, I managed to achieve it.

Here’s the full list of films if you missed any of them:

  • Little Joe
  • Color Out of Space
  • Family Romance LLC
  • Diner
  • Adoration
  • Sole
  • J’ai Perdu Mon Corps
  • Mickey and the Bear
  • A White, White Day
  • Dirty God
  • Carte Blanches Shorts : Aujourd’hui ou je meurs; Pluie sui tole volée

Highlighted are my top 5 in no specific order. If you want to know my top movie, its Diner. Hands down, no competition because while the other films were great, this one has rewatchability in its favor.

Sherbrooke Met La Table & Parc de la Gorge de Coaticook

Like previous years, we take a day out to the Eastern Townships to go check out a restaurant part of Sherbrooke Met la Table. This time, we decided to go back to one of the first ones we tried called OMG Resto which is actually located in a what used to be a church. We went for the lunch menu but ended up getting the normal.

After that, we headed for a little hike at Parc de la Gorge de Coaticook. We had previously gone at night for Foresta Lumina. Its a nice little family trail although has a lot of steep stairs and slopes.

Toronto After Dark Film Festival (October 17 to 25)

Toronto After Dark Film Festival

Overlapping the last few days of Festival du Nouveau Cinema was receiving the approval for remote coverage for Toronto After Dark Film Festival for its short films, which was a lot of them. About 95% of the films were available and I managed to review almost all of those available. All the movies are above and I’m not going to list them all separately but just in how I batched them in the posts and then share my top 5 (which will be hard).

I don’t review a lot of short films over here but this festival’s shorts definitely opened my eyes to some very creative premises and some outstanding stories. With that said, these are my top picks:

  • Turbo Killer
  • Hearth
  • Barbara-Anne
  • La Noria
  • Moment
  • The Haunted Swordsman

Lambcast: Evil Dead Franchise

Nothing like a little last minute podcast call-up to add into festival season. However, it did help binge watch the Evil Dead Franchise to prepare for the Evil Dead discussion over at The Lambcast with a bunch of people with rather interesting opinions about this one. Its always a fun time at Lambcast recording so head over to check out the episode HERE.

Battle of Ingredients


With the summer and warm weather going away and festivals slowly fading in the background with events and such, we’re back on track with Battle of Ingredients. October Battle of Ingredients is the Fall BBQ. The post is a bit delayed but its currently in the works. Expect it up next week some time.

Other than that, November Battle of Ingredients is always hiatus due to our checking out the MTL a Table event. We will be checking out three restaurants this year if all goes to plan so I’ll be talking about it as it happens!

Game Warp Podcast is Back!

We’ve been on a huge podcast hiatus for Game Warp. While we have been getting back on the blogging side of things, which is always a great start and will continue to be focused on the blog. The podcast is back in our recording schedule. After some changes a few months ago and the festival coverages and such, we have moved ourselves onto Anchor and be an audio podcast from now on. I’m sure I mentioned it before. The episodes will be audio format only available on Youtube as well.

To kick things back into action, and to show our diversity on this whole rebranding thing we’re doing, we start off with something a little different and that is a discussion on Essential Horror Games!

You can check out the episode over on Game Warp HERE.

Halloween Marathon Wrap-up

With all the crazy stuff going on in the final 2 weeks of October, suffice to say that the marathon somewhat didn’t quite happen although Toronto After Dark did work in my favor on that level. I still have one double feature to come out for the marathon and it will be done ASAP. However, in general, things are wrapped up here! Its been a fun month and I actually got quite a bit done in the first half of the month.

Upcoming November Events: MTL a Table, MEGA MTL, Blood in the Snow Festival

Cute Kitty Pic


That’s it for the October Adventures!
What have you been up to?

Exhibits and October Annoucements!

Usually I post up my personal update on on Saturday but since I had one midweek HERE, I decided to wait for tonight to give you the fresh news as to whats up in my very awesome (but mostly boring) life 😉

My eye is doing very well by the way! 🙂 Its probably going to be a slow recovery but it will get there and thats the great part about it, right?

This weekend has been absolutely fabulous weather and this morning was my hangout with my girl friends.  One of them is a fellow blogger Day’s Lee.  If you haven’t visited her blog, you definitely should.  She’s new with the blogosphere so give her some support 🙂 She’s a great friend and previous coworker of mine and we always have lots of fun along with our other friend (who I was bridesmaid for back in May).

Today’s girl outings started with a delicious brunch at Quartier Dix30 at Oeuf & Cie.

Oeuf & Cie

Breakfast at Oeuf & Cie

After that, we went off to Old Montreal at the Point a Calliere Museum to see The Beatles in Montreal exhibit.


The more detailed post will go up for this exhibit and another one that this ticket allowed access to called La Route du The (The Tea Route) will go up some time on Monday.


Both of the exhibits were really awesome and I urge you to drop by tomorrow to check it out.  After I post this, I’ll be flipping through the pictures in detail to get the post done 🙂

Tonight, I also had a long awaited date night with my boyfriend 🙂 We went to see Riddick.  The review is coming up.  I didn’t end up rewatching Chronicles of Riddick so to keep things short.  It was a tad slow and I saw about 70% of that movie and slept through the other parts.  Maybe I will revisit it one day but since I already saw the new one. I might as well do that review first.  I’m sure its more relevant as well.  That should go up tomorrow as well.

Aside from all the blog drafting, here is the OCTOBER ANNOUNCEMENT!

Most of you probably weren’t following me last October but I did a very interesting (for me) Halloween marathon that featured almost 30 movies (if I remembered correctly).  10 animated, 10 thrillers, and ending with 10 intense horror films.  It was crazy hectic so I’m going with less this year and well, I have the lineup done already for the most part.  The highlight will be my Halloween series marathon.  I had a debate between that and Friday the 13th…but that won because I had recently bought all the movies when I was in Burlington 🙂 I will also be doing random horror of all kinds here and there.  My goal is to have the first review up on Tuesday.  I’ll be aiming for about 15 movies in this marathon.

For October, I’m going to keep it mostly Halloween theme so I have some baking planned and a few exhibits (one confirmed so far) planned.  It’ll be fun! I also have a few movies that I want to see in theatres so if all that happens, October will prove to be a very eventful one that one will make up for this past one and the coming one in November.  Lets not get ahead of ourselves though 🙂

Before I head off, here’s a cute little picture of my cat, who is encouraging me to sleep all the time and succeeding this week…


Remember to drop by again and check out the exhibits and for the eventful October Halloween month ! 🙂

If you have any movies you’d like to suggest (preferably on Netflix), I’d love to hear some suggestions or recommendations! What do you usually like to make for Halloween?

Last year, I also did a piano cover of Candyman theme (you can see it HERE)! I was thinking of doing another one, any horror movie theme song that you’d like me to do?

Hope you all had a great weekend!

A Word A Week Challenge: Year

2012 is coming to an end.  I have parties planned for that supposed end of the year and celebrations for Christmas with family is setting in.  The calendar is filling up and even the planning for Christmas gifts are starting. Sue from A Word in Your Ear ‘s A Word A Week Challenge features the word YEAR! To join the challenge, click HERE for more details!

Since 2011, I’ve had this New Year’s Resolutions deal with my best friend.  We both send each other our own list of resolutions or whatever amount of goals you want to achieve.  At the end of the year, either of us (or whoever remembers) will send off the email and see what we’ve done.  At the end of December or beginning of the new year, we send each other our next list.

At the beginning of this year, I sent her 10 goals that I hoped to achieve.  I’ll try to put it in pictures for all to see.  For the record, I still have one month so I can still try to get half a goal done.  At this very moment, I have 6.5 done.  I’ll share a few here to represent whats makes this YEAR memorable.

Work out regularly and stay fit for dragonboat: Lets say that I modified that and eventually brought the gym back home.  I started training at home with weights and just simple body weight exercises. And I had dragonboat so for the first nine months it was a success.  If you are into this, you should try out Pumps & Iron, she posts up crazy intense workouts!


These are the rewards for the hard work of my whole team during the Montreal International Dragonboat Festival!

Buy a guitar and start learning: My friends got me a surprise birthday gift and I have been trying to learn it bit by bit.


Go to visit family in Hong Kong (done in November)


Pinwheels are the symbol of wishing for happiness to whoever you want, changing your luck

Its something I wish for my family.

Beat my records of words in NaNoWriMo Challenge (I won so suffice to say I beat my words)


My notes during NaNoWriMo

Some of the other goals that are done included:

– Passing my Piano History 1 Exam

– Improving my photography and getting to know my camera better (what do you think? I think I improved..but there’s always more work of course)