A Word A Week Challenge: Angle

Another abstract word in Sue’s dictionary 😉 Sue from A Word in Your Ear’s challenge is starting to get tough.  This week we have ANGLE! Please head on over to check out her beautiful and amazing site right HERE!  You will find other wonderful responses and the way to participate if you’d like to 🙂 Just remember to linkback so she can see it!

Now lets check out what I came up with (because I know you’re dying to find out..haha)

I found most of these pictures in my past Hong Kong trip in November!

The angle of the long set of escalators going upwards :)

The angle of the long set of escalators going upwards 🙂

How about the fantastic angles of the metal structure on a pier?

How about the fantastic angles of the metal structure on a pier?

Angles on illuminated displays in Ocean Park

Angles on illuminated displays in Ocean Park

The angles on a small water mill...is that what you call it?

The angles on a small water mill…is that what you call it?

The boxed angles in the old-fashioned trams in Hong Kong

The boxed angles in the old-fashioned trams in Hong Kong

I realized that on another perspective, I like to take pictures from a lower angle aiming upwards…like these

This person just ended up in my picture...by the beach on Lamma Island

This person just ended up in my picture…by the beach on Lamma Island

Along the streets of the Old Hong Kong area of Ocean Park

Along the streets of the Old Hong Kong area of Ocean Park

Would you have approached this challenge in a different way? What angle do you like to take pictures from? Upwards or downwards? Do you like to observe the angular structures of the roofs?

Remember to visit Sue’s blog A Word in Your Ear (link above) and join in to this awesome challenge if you have some ideas of your own 🙂 If not, go on and check out the other cool entries!!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections

I love reflections, especially in the water.  Seeing as this is still the weekend and I’m wrapping up Hong Kong month.  There were a few more photos from Ocean Park that was all about REFLECTIONS, but this time its the magic of REFLECTIONS in the mirror.



Thats right! I do that sometimes when I don’t want to buy something. I try it on and take a picture for memories.

Its usually funky hats or headbands in this case.  Do you do it?

Next up, I took you to Sea Jelly Spectacular in Part 2: Ocean Park.  The key to that exhibit was how it was a kaleidoscope concept so we were surrounded by mirrors.


No one did this when I was there.  Everyone was mesmerized by the actual tank of jellyfish and I was too.

The wall around us was full of mirrors.  Just look at this reflection…isn’t it amazing?


Can you tell which one is the actual tank and which one is the reflection?

Weekly Photo Challenge: Thankful

Its really simple. I’m a simple person. When we talk about being thankful, I’m thankful for just being alive and having what I have now.

I’m thankful to be happy everyday and to be able to enjoy the small joys of life.

I’m thankful to be surrounded by family and close friends and boyfriend that stay supportive of me.  Thankful to be able to see my family this time in Hong Kong especially both my grandmothers. One of them you have seen in the A Word A Week Challenge for Love a few weeks ago.  You can click HERE.   to see it.




I’m thankful also for having the chances to see the world and travel close and far away and seeing the beauties of this world.

I have so much more to be thankful for that I can’t show here.

In honor of all this, I have been showing my thanks for the past month since Canadian Thanksgiving or somewhere around there.  I am thankful to all that drop by my blog.  Thank you for visiting and hope you enjoyed

A Word A Week Challenge: Journey

Being on vacation means I’m always on a journey somewhere.  In Hong Kong, its all on public transport and sometimes it was over an hour of travelling.  It made Sue from A Word in Your Ear’s word for this week JOURNEY seem so on the spot.  (You can join into her challenge here for more details)  I had to think about which part of my trip felt like a journey.  Leading up from Ocean Park feature for the weekly photo challenge of green, I’m a bit late with this week’s word but I still wanted to participate to demonstrate my journey into the old days of Hong Kong. Hong Kong is different from China in the way that it was influenced by Chinese culture but also because it was a British colony before 1997, it has been influenced by colonial architecture around Hong Kong.  This makes Hong Kong into a different phase in its early days before modernization.  This part of Hong Kong is the part I want to show you.  Ocean Park now features a Old Hong Kong street area.  Here is a gallery to show you my journey through that.

Here is the walk down old Hong Kong street where we get an idea of how the stores looked.  There were side carts and people that sold fruits and vegetables and other goodies on the side of the street as well.  There were posters on all the walls advertising perfumes and lotions, ointments and messages from the government such as to preserve water.  One of the issues is that people needed to get water at a certain place and they only had a certain amount they could get so they would use old oil cans to fill it up and bring it back home to store and use accordingly. There is the old double decker buses and the first generation trams.  You even have the booth for where the traffic control officer would stand before traffic lights existed.  Also, there are rickshaws and we even get the actual frontal display of the theatres and how they looked.

I’m all about history and heritage when I talk about Hong Kong and I feel that as someone whose family is primarily born in Hong Kong, I find it important to understand how my grandparents and parents lived when they were younger and understand the past society.  It has been a tremendous change from back then till now.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Green

Whenever we do colour challenges, the choices are endless. On this trip, I went hiking, went to gardens, and visited parks. I really don’t have much to say hut here, I will present a selection of GREEN from Hong Kong.


Here is one of the most popular trees in Hong Kong. You can find them in parks and hiking trails.


This is one of the coral reefs grown in Ocean Park in the Aquarium. This part is a new addition in the Park within the last two years.


Coming out of the Amazing Asia adventure area, we go into ten goldfish area and here we see big pots of water with beautiful lotus.


Also in the Ocean Park, we went to the hilltop area of the park where we saw another new section called Rainforest Adventure.


This is one of the many highlights of the Ocean Park to me and we made it just in time to see it before the exhibit closed.This represents a JellyFish Kaleidoscope.

I’ll be posting a post or more on the park as there are many nice areas with beautiful discoveries and it’s always the place a like to visit whenever I go visit Hong Kong.