Photography 101: Landmark

Landmarks are everywhere: iconic places, meeting points, markers on a map. Today, consider a unique point of view as you photograph a landmark.

Once you’ve chosen your landmark, move around to experiment with your POV, or point of view. Today, crouch or lie on the ground to get an interesting street-level angle, or walk around your landmark to examine every possible perspective. – The Daily Post

What is a landmark in Montreal? How about more specifically in Old Montreal? Most of you will know the waterfront and even more of you may have heard of the Notre Dame Church.  That is my star landmark.  However, choosing an angle proved to be harder. One that appealed to me the most? Thats an even harder decision.

Notre Dame Church

Farther away side view

Notre Dame Church

Crouched down by the steps going up

Notre Dame Church

In the open space in front of it with the statue

The morning sun got in the way a little so I tried to hide in the shadows.  My Samsung Galaxy S3 can only do so much 😉 If I didn’t have to rush off to work, I’d probably have tried some effects on it.

What is the first landmark that pops in your mind from your city?

Christmas Lights, Hangouts with Friends, and Movies!

This weekend has been crazy with horrible snow and ice and all sorts of crazy precipitation.  I spent a good part of it shoveling and sitting at home catching up a lot of stuff. Thats actually a pretty good thing, except the shoveling part since I like fluffy snow but technically I was just picking up ice pellets and it was crazy heavy.

Now that I’ve had my rant on the weather.  Friday night was super awesome.

You know that crazy person that walks in a crazy snow storm and then pulls out their camera to take pictures, yeah, that was me! I have to revisit for a few shots in Old Montreal but in front of the Notre Dame Church it had some super nice lights.

Notre Dame Church Montreal

Lights outside Notre Dame Church

Old Montreal, Quebec

Outside Notre Dame Church

That snow in that area was so high.  I almost fell flat on my face walking across there to continue on my path to meet up with my friends. The night out with friends is always fun.  We went to Les 3 Brasseurs (me and my best friend’s favorite hangout spot) for dinner. We all had steaks.

Les 3 Brasseurs Montreal

Steak at Les 3 Brasseurs

It has some fried onions and sweet potato fries and cooked vegetables as sides.  All very delicious! I had  craving for beef so that pretty much took care of that.  Afterwards, we headed to play some Glow in the Dark mini-putt at this joint that opened up their branch in downtown called Putting Edge.


Putting Edge Montreal

Going into Putting Edge


One of the ending parts.  Very cool! :)

One of the ending parts. Very cool! 🙂

You see the shadows of my friends at the far end if you look really hard. I was the last person since I was responsible for the scores.  I was doing so well in the beginning and then ended up losing.  I was never very good at this but hey, it was super fun and thats what counts! 🙂

After that, we ran off to catch a late night movie: THOR THE DARK WORLD in 3D! Yay! The review for that will be going up tomorrow. But at the theatres, we had a bit of time before the movie so we played a game of air hockey and fooled around with the movie promotional panels there.

First for Captain America…

My best friend and I

My best friend and I

And then, right next to it was Rio 2! I never saw the first one but I was in the mood to be silly and my best friend joined me also 🙂


Hilarious stuff, right? I was out pretty late.

Saturday was a day with one of my good friends as well.  He needed to wrap up his Christmas shopping and I decided to tag along. We went for a nice brunch at Allo Mon Coco in Quartier Dix30.

His meal: Weekend Special Egg Benedict

His meal: Weekend Special Egg Benedict

Allo Mon Coco Dix30

My meal: 2 eggs with bacon and sausages!

Super delicious! Was great! 🙂

Despite walking in the on and off ice pellets falling from the sky, I stopped and took some shots of Christmas decorations.

Square Dix30

Christmas Tree in Square Dix30



Square Dix30

Around the Christmas tree in Square Dix30

Sunday was a lot more calm as I was mostly trapped at home from all the ice pellets and the snow truck passed by two times and I wanted to punch them because I couldn’t shovel fast enough.  It took me two separate times: the first about 20 minutes and then after that, an hour and a half or so to wrap up everything.  I had already shoveled another 20 minutes the day before probably on Saturday after the shopping.  Winter just started and if ice pellets are whats happening, I’m already fed up.  Any volunteers?

Either way, we celebrate the Lunar Calendar’s celebration of Winter for dinner tonight and my mom whipped up a simple and delicious meal.


My mom is THE best cook in my life! 🙂 She’s just awesome! If I could acquire a fraction of her cooking skills, I’d be set.

This weekend, I also managed to bake three different treats, it’ll be up very soon, so keep your eyes out for it! 🙂 I just have one more thing I’d like to do, then it’ll be pretty cool.

I’m already late with my weekend personal post so I’ll end it here!

Hope you had lots of fun this weekend!

I’m looking forward to my time off very soon to catch up on TV series, 2013 movies and maybe more baking, or and I have a specific sort of movie I need to watch…its just so much more fun to watch Christmas movies..haha!

Here’s a cat picture of my darling cat who is using her way to move me from my chair so she can sleep on it last night (and every other night as well).


Don’t we just love cats? Talking about that, its bedtime for me!

Good night/evening/morning to all of you, wherever you are! 🙂