Game Warp Podcast: Interview with Alice & Smith

Elwood and I sit down with game developer Patrick Greatbatch from the company Alice & Smith. They are the masterminds behind the first Permanent Alternate Reality Game (PARG) called The Black Watchmen. From there, they have been building up games expanded from the same universe. Ahnayro: The Dream World currently is on early access on Steam with two tables ready to be deciphered. Our impressions of the Early Access version of Ahnayro will be coming up on That Moment In as well as The Black Watchmen

Also, at the time of recording, they had just launched the Kickstarter campaign for their next game also in the same universe but as the military hacking unit of The Black Watchmen called NITE Team 4 which is at this point is heading towards their third stretch goal.

We talk about what PARG is and the mindset behind building community based games as well as creating these puzzles and atmosphere that The Black Watchmen universe is set in. Patrick also tells us a lot of fun stories from the wonderful community they have built.

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