Netflix A-Z: Geography Club (2013)

We’re back with another Netflix A-Z! It was supposed to be a romance but I just wasn’t feeling it this weekend and the husband wasn’t down for another one of those so I have no idea how we landed on this one but it was on my list.  I like watching teen movies and this one was definitely different.  I have never heard of it before but there are some familiar faces in it.

Let’s check out Geography  Club! 🙂

Geography Club (2013)

Geography Club

Director: Gary Entin

Cast: Cameron Deane Stewart, Justin Deeley, Meaghan Martin, Andrew Caldwell, Ally Maki, Teo Olivares, Alex Newell, Nikki Blonsky

At Goodkind High School, a group of students with varying sexual orientations form an after-school club as a discreet way to share their feelings and experiences.-IMDB

Geography Club is a decent teen comedy.  Its kind of in the middle of the spectrum.  There are many times that its obvious that the technical aspects of the movie need some help.  It could have some sappy or clunky dialogue.  The story’s flow is a little weird some times and even the scenes are a little awkward.  However, the message its trying to send is absolutely commendable.  It tries its best to highlight the teen issues especially of those that are hidden and scared to expose their sexual orientation or just who they are and how they feel because of fearing that they will become an outcast. With the different characters here, it introduces a gentle way of tackling the issues from deciding to stand up for who you are openly to tackling it in secret, whichever standpoint is in play.

Geography Club

While I think the script could’ve benefited from a little bit better dialogue and whatnot, I did enjoy this one in all its predictable glory.  That is mostly because there was a lot of familiar faces to me.  They aren’t big stars and yet they’ve done some memorable stuff in the past.  First of all, it has to be the main guy’s love interest played by Justin Deeley who was seen in one of my favorite characters (even though rather shortly) in the CW series reboot of 90210.  He is kind of the selfish character in Geography Club in the whole situation and maybe even a little sad because he plays the spectrum that is scared to lose what he has because of what others would say.

Geography Club


Moving on, two of the members of the Geography Club were in rather musically inclined movie/TV show.  The girl is Nikki Blonsky who plays one of the girls in the Geography Club and she was in one of my favorite musical movies ever, Hairspray, playing the main lead, Tracy  Turnblad.  I took a second to breath in that fact, because I absolutely love her. The other plays another member called Ike who plays a similar sort of character for a season or 2 of Glee. As for the main guy, Russell is played by Cameron Deane Stewart who looks familiar and after some research, I realize that he was in Pitch Perfect for maybe a split second in the shower scene.

Geography Club

There really isn’t much to say about Geography Club.  Its a young cast here and they did good in moving the message along.  My main issue with it was how it was shot.  Some scenes and the angles really made it a lot more sappy and cheesy than it should’ve been.  It kind of made whatever it was trying to do somewhat in your face and I’m not a huge fan of that. However, I did end up caring for some of the characters here and watching Russell grow as he learned to embrace bravely who he was, regardless of its standing up for what he believes in or his orientation. Its a hopeful movie that sends a positive message to accepting others and highlighting certain high school issues that can occur.

Have you seen Geography Club?

We are starting Valentine’s Marathon with the next Netflix A-Z selection!
Can you guess what is H selection?

Hairspray (2007)

I’m a huge musical person! I love it all, well almost all…I have some issues with say, Nine.  Not the musical quality just the movie in general.  However, after a whole month of horror, torture, slashing, crazy people, I’m ready for some singing and dancing.  Corny movies are perfect for this phase and I’ve watched most of them so its perfect for this month while I’m writing like crazy 🙂 Hairspray is my absolute go-to movie when I need a lift in spirit.

hairspray posterDirector: Adam Shankman

Cast: Nikki Blonsky, John Travolta, Zac Efron, Brittany Snow, Michelle Pfeiffer, Christopher Walken, Amanda Bynes, James Marsden, Queen Latifah

1962 Baltimore was influenced by the local TV show, The Corny Collins Show.  It featured a bunch of high school students who everyone wanted to be.  A “pleasantly plump” (as IMDB describes her) Tracy Turnblad (Nikki Blonsky) lives and breaths the show, especially every month’s Negro Day.  Her and her best friend, Penny (Amanda Bynes) both run home after school to catch it and learn the new dance moves.  When there is an empty spot on the show, Tracy auditions for it but is turned down by the very snobby TV manager, Velma Von Tussel (Michelle Pfeiffer) who believes in upstanding the norms of skinny and white being the way it should be. When the show’s star, Link (Zac Efron) invites Tracy to go audition a second time at the dance event at school, Corny Collins (James Marsden) adds her in right away.  Her ideas of supporting integration doesn’t take a favor to Velma and along with her daughter Amber (Brittany Snow), they try to stop her. Despite all their efforts, she brings a whole new wave of thought to everyone around her.

hairspray 2

I really don`t think any other movie makes me as happy as watching Hairspray 🙂

Thats what I tweeted after watching Hairspray once (for the millionth time) on Friday night.  What I love about Hairspray is that it has catchy tunes and the cast is absolutely fantastic.  Just look at the list above! Its filled with actors and actresses I love.  A lot of those when I first saw Hairspray had surprised me that they had agreed to take part in this.

hairspray velma corny

Christopher Walken, really? Man, was he hilarious! Michelle Pfeiffer totally kicked some butt at being the racist and full of prejudice mother.  I’m a huge fan of Amanda Bynes back then because of She’s the Man and Brittany Snow because of John Tucker Must Die.  They were the teen flicks queens in my book (alongside Lindsey Lohan).  That one reason I want to see Brittany Snow’s career get better because she’s a respectful actress and I was happy to watch Would you Rather for Halloween (review HERE if you’d like to check it out).  These are all supporting cast.  My favorite would have to go out to John Travolta in what I assume is a body suit and playing as a woman.  He was impressive, especially when he did all the sequences with Christopher Walken, who played her husband.  However, the biggest joy I had was watching Queen Latifah on screen and everything she sang, its a total mood lifter.  Of course, our lead has to be amazing as well.  I have never heard of Nikki Blonsky before Hairspray and never after either. However, nothing takes away the fact that she was so fun to watch on screen.  She danced and sang and just took it away.


Hairspray doesn’t have a lot to talk about.  Its nothing that focuses on anything deep and profound but it does try to inspire change and to be open mind.  In the time that its set in, this was the situation they were in: the rights of blacks and whites.  Physical appearances like skin color and size was an issue that divided up people.  However, its as always, art, music and dance closes the gaps, with the help of a a few outstanding individuals who want to instigate change. Most of these musicals tend to carry a lot of inspiring messages. Its uplifting to watch it.

hairspray stubbs

Hairspray may seem corny to the max,  (maybe thats why James Marsden’s character is called Corny  Collins) but it packs in a lot of fun and good times.  Its filled with catchy songs and cute dances.  The cast is funny and silly most of the times and its really hard to not just laugh out loud, if you’re into musicals.  In whole, its just some good energetic and full of passion. It never fails to make me jump out of my chair and do some dorky dancing 😉

If you’re having a bad day and you like musicals, this is an absolutely awesome choice.  Even if you’re having a great day, it’ll make you feel even better 🙂 I actually played this movie a second time later that night, just to give you an idea how much I love it.