Guest Podcast: MBDS Showcase (Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist/Little Miss Sunshine)

Who knew that I’d be back doing movie podcasting as a guest, right?

I love video game podcasting. Its been a fun, new and great adventure. For this episode, my Game Warp co-host Elwood Jones, who is also the host of his own podcast, Mad Bad and Downright Strange Showcase asked me on a second time to talk about a pair of movies in his 1001 cult film list that he aims to work through. The first time is this one HERE, and it was actually how we ended up meeting up and then soon after, started up Game Warp. A nice little story of how friendships happen on blogging and also why I love doing this so much.

On that note, last time we picked a pair of Hong Kong action films. This time around, I wanted something I was familiar with and remained slightly light so we went with a pair of movies that I love to absolute bits, which also gave me the excuse to watch them again and they are Nick and Nora’s Infinite Playlist and Little Miss Sunshine! Who knew that I missed movie podcasting so much, right? With that said, it was a fun episode to record.

Here it is! (I can’t embed the player for Podomatic somehow so please click on the link to open up the player.)

Hope you enjoyed it!
Remember to check out MBDS Showcase if you enjoyed!