A Word A Week Photo Challenge: Industrial

This week’s Sue has chosen the word INDUSTRIAL! I spent a whole week taking forever to get this post up…hoping that I would get a chance to walk around Montreal and snap some pictures.  However, work still seems to have rules my life.  At least, I have a long weekend, so what can I complain about?

Instead of Montreal, I bring in more Hong Kong pictures.  I took a lot of pictures so its turning out to be quite useful.  Hong Kong is quite an industrial place filled with industries because of its geographic location and it differs from where you are on the main island, or outlying islands.  The public transportation is very varied.  With the handover, the phenomenon I hate the most and probably could ramble on forever would be the land filling operations. In order to expand the economy, they only way for them to have more space is to fill in the ocean with land.  I extremely hate this.  Hong Kong is essentially a harbor, and what is the meaning of some day just closing up the water.  It wouldn’t be a harbor anymore, right? Anyways, enough of this rambling, it’ll just get me all worked up.

Here are the industrial Hong Kong pictures!


Ocean side industry and plant


Not the MTR but another form of train KMR…New Territories public transit


Boats, cranes, water…My guess is they are filling the ocean…


Preparing for business


Fishing Boats (I think)


Plant on outlying Lamma Island


Double Decker Bus

Here we go! My interpretation of INDUSTRIAL.  Everything industrial has its good and its bad.  We just always have to hope that industrialization will bring more pros than cons to the society and all other elements involved.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Peaceful

Peaceful is a term I use to describe several different sorts of places, mostly places where people are minimal and you feel like you’re at one with nature or calm and tranquil.

1) Fields of flowers

This was taken at Bleu Lavande in Eastern Townships of Quebec.  This area is a world of peacefulness/calmness.  Walking through the fields felt so wonderful and stress-free.

2) Mountains and peaks

This was taken as I was hiking up this giant slope with my friend in Hong Kong to find this monastery.  In a bustling city with dense population, the new territories gives us the sense of tranquility, but when you walk up these little secluded places like mountains or trails, it brings you into a whole new acquaintance with the idea.  Staring out into mountains covered in giant trees, you can’t stop yourself from feeling like you’ve become a part of nature.

Peaks are usually very touristic and in Hong Kong, its no different.  There is one part on the Hong Kong peak that I always go to and it gives you this view above.  Not a lot of people actually go there but something about being at the peak lookout in a busy and/or densely populated city like Hong Kong (or downtown Montreal) that brings you to feel peaceful.  Maybe its feeling like your the king of the world or just simply how you can’t see all the people down there, but whatever it is, its what makes me love going to peaks.

3) Temples

To be honest, I’m not a very religious person.  I don’t follow many religious practices except maybe offering incense to deceased loved ones or to Buddhist gods in temples or whatnot.  We have to admit temples are quiet and calm and therefore peaceful.  When you walk into a temple or even a church, we feel at peace with whats around us and whatever is going on in our minds.  I feel that peacefulness is most abundant among sacred places in those with Taoist and/or Buddhist themes.  Being at one with nature and flowing with nature and the elements of life are strongly emphasized.