Halloween Marathon: Residue (TV mini-series, 2015)

As a little break in between the two featured franchises, I managed to finally check out TV mini-series Residue. I’ve been meaning to since I saw it on Netflix a few months ago but never actually got around to it. Residue is only 3 episodes long and each episode is about 40-45 minutes long. It is completely doable to do in one sitting. I took it as a movie which is generally the length of any movie now.

Let’s check it out!

Residue (Mini-series, 2015)


Director: Alex Garcia Lopez

Cast: Natalia Tena, Iwan Rheon, Jamie Draven, Danny Webb, Franz Drameh, Adrian Schiller, Eleanor Matsuura

The government cover-up of the causes behind a massive explosion in a futuristic UK metropolis spur photo journalist Jennifer Preston on to search for the truth and in the process blow open a paranormal phenomenon haunting the city.-IMDB

I’m not one to watch mini series frequently but Residue looks to have a well-crafted atmosphere or the poster shows it like that. On top of that, Residue has Natalia Tena and I absolutely loved her in Harry Potter as Tonks and even more in ….. There is something about her that makes her really fun to watch in her roles. Maybe it is because she shows off characters that are more of a tough and brave girl. Her roles show off a lot of personality and that is always nice to see. That is no differerent for Residue.


Residue is an incredibly atmospheric mini series. Plus, it has a rather unique take. The production setting itself attributes to it a lot. The mostly evacuated city and the quarantined zone both hold a strong contrast. There is a strewn of characters aside from Jennifer, Natalia Tena’s character, that take us to look at how people from different backgrounds and sectors of this new dystopian future world is reacting and adapting. A lot of the amusement of the series goes to this factor as we see the political side, the underground gang and even the police force and also the unnoticed that sneak around. No one knows everything but everyone seems to know a little as they each seem to be intrigued to find out more. And it is because of these range of characters that make us also want to learn more about what is actually going on after the explosion.


While Residue has a great production set and story premise and even really great cast in each of the roles, the one thing that lacks a little is the relationships between the characters. It is hard to care too much about a character when we don’t quite understand the importance of their roles to the people they are linked to. The mini series dumps you into the story rather quickly. We know that our main character Jennifer and her boyfriend Jonas are very much in love however we lose a sense of where it all lost track months later and its hard to pinpoint where they are in their relationship anymore. This has a lot to do with the fact that the mini series is only three episodes. If there was more time, probably more care would be place into building the characters more. At the same time, possibly the role that gets the most lost in the equation is the cop Mathis who we know has some sort of addiction or problem and ends up losing his daughter in the explosion. He looks like a rather young character so its hard to imagine that he did lose a daughter and we don’t have any pretext as to what went on and how he turned out to be like that. The devastation is expected but he seems to be the less developed character that may have gotten more especially with his turnout.


It is hard for me to look at Residue and not question whether it would have been a fantastic full series. There could be so many angles to take this especially with everything in place. At three episodes, there just isn’t enough to justify a lot of what is going on and many times, especially the ending, there is a sinking feeling of wanting it to be more. However, for some, perhaps this is the brilliance as it will leave the audience guessing the outcome in a rather open ending. Honestly, I like Residue a lot despite the minor faults here. In some ways, while I didn’t connect to the characters as much as I’d like to, the atmosphere resounded with me and got me a little creeped out and some genuinely chilling moments. And if this ever did turn into something with more length, I would be totally on board to see it built more. It would be fun creepy ride that just doesn’t seem to be in the TV market right now.

Have you seen Residue? What are some mini series that you like?

Valentine Marathon: Tonight You’re Mine (2011)

Spontaneity is this lovely lovely trait that I sometimes like to let loose.  If I was to use one word to describe this Valentine Marathon, it would have to be that.  I really just looked at my list and jotted down a bunch of choices and then kind of kept changing an extremely tentative schedule, especially after it just fell behind after the last weekend.  Honestly, I was originally going to watch Sense and Sensibility, because the package just arrived from Amazon or Much Ado About Nothing but I wasn’t really in the mood for fancy English so I went for a shorter runtime and a much more up in the air movie that I knew nothing about called Tonight You’re Mine.

Tonight You’re Mine’s original title is “You Instead”.  Perhaps you know it as that.

Its an indie romantic comedy of sorts so lets give it a watch! 🙂


tonight you're mine

Director: David Mackenzie

Cast: Luke Treadaway, Natalia Tena, Ruta Gedmintas, Alastair Mackenzie, Matthew Baynton, Rebecca Bronson

 T in the Park holds nights of the biggest  music festival in Scotland with known and aspiring bands.  One of these are big time duo, The Make. As the boys Adam (Luke Treadaway) and Tyko (Matthew Baynton) stop to jam a tune, they are messed with by a upcoming girl band, The Dirty Pinks lead by Morello (Natalia Tena) and her girls. While breaking up their conflict, the security handcuffs them together and disappears in the chaos, leaving them trapped together despite disliking each other.  For the next 24 hours, they are tied to each other, taking a glimpse at each other’s life: boyfriend/girlfriend, music, performances, hanging out, etc.  Its then they realize that there’s a connection that grows.

tonight you're mine

Tonight You’re Mine (or You Instead) is an through and through independent romantic comedy.  Its story is pretty simple but the feel-good factor is off the charts.  Why do I say the story is simple? Well, its your typical boy meets girl, hates each other, spends time together (forcefully) for 24 hours and then connects and falls in love.  There is always a conflict that happens before they get together.  I don’t usually comment on camera but in this one, its what makes it feel extremely indie and makes it feel like an extremely real event happening.  The focus sometimes goes off and it emphasizes the mood and atmosphere of the scene they are in. Its not only real but its extremely spontaneous, making this double the fun.  Plus, this is following two rock stars so the music helps make this so much fun to watch. I personally love really music-oriented movies so this one worked for me A LOT!

Tonight you're mine

I think a lot of the awesomeness goes out to the cast to put their hearts into this.  There was an amazing chemistry and mood set.  It was also this witty stuff going on especially when both of the main characters, Morello and Adam both had their own relationship and they needed to get along with each other but they also showed that they both were these incompatible relationships.  Although there are some pretty fantastic connection even with these supporting characters playing the boyfriend and girlfriend, the chemistry between Morello and Adam emphasizing their connection brings up a lot of really fun times and there’s even a deeper moment somewhere in there. They are both really colorful characters.

tonight you're mine

tonight you're mine

“I need a hug”

tonight you're mine

Natalia Tena as Morello and Luke Treadaway as Adam just makes you fall in love with them throughout the 80 minutes run time.  They go through some performances, breakups and quiet moments.  It gives their progress so much awesomeness in every moment.  I really have no other words than awesome for this. It just made me feel all awesome, warm, fuzzy, giddy, happy.  Its been a while I’ve felt so great after watching a movie. Now, where are these two talented stars? I need to search up their other movies!

Before I recap, this is one of my favorite moments in the movie and thats probably also the turning point in Tonight You’re Mine. Wait for the mash-up to start first at around 1:00.

Overall,  Tonight You’re Mine is an amazing indie feel-good romantic comedy.  Its gives a refreshing simple story set in a music festival full of awesome music.  The colorful leads breath life to their characters, Morello and Adam and their chemistry is absolutely unbeatable.  I absolutely highly recommend it! 🙂  Its been a while I’ve felt so passionate about a movie!

I’m so tempted to watch it again tonight but Valentine’s Marathon is still going on and I’m doing this night by night.  I can’t wait to add this to my movie collection!!

Have you seen Tonight You’re Mine? Did you like the little clip? Have you seen Natalia Tena and Luke Treadaway in other roles that I should check out?