Opinion Battles Round 10 Best Anime

Check out Round 10 of Opinion Battles! This time we’re sharing our choice of Best Anime. It seems like Studio Ghibli’s movies are taking a lot of the spots here. My choice is My Neighbor Totoro. Head over there to see the other choices and drop a vote! 🙂

Happy Monday (or Labor Day, if it applies) everyone!

Movie Reviews 101

opinion battles

Best Animé

When it comes to animé we have had some of the most beautiful animated movies of all time, usually coming Japan we have decided to pick the our favourites from the amazing cinema that just doesn’t get the praise or chance in mainstream cinema.

So far we have only ever done Best of films but for the next Opinion battles we are going to pick Worst Sequel, if you want to take part email moviereviews101@yahoo.co.uk by 20th September 2015

Darren – Movie Reviews 101

The Castle of Cagliostro (1979)castle

I have to pick this one because even though I do feel certain films could be more complete films but this one could easily be the most fun I have had watching an animated movie. The action adventure side is so perfect for animation while the comedy is nailed down brilliantly. To further my case for this…

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Childhood Films Blogathon!

This past weekend, its all about the Childhood Films Blogathon by Let’s Go To the Movies run by Caz! I know I’m a little late to the party but I still wanted to give it a go.

Childhood Films Blogathon

I’m a pretty nostalgic person.  Nostalgia can get me through a lot of my childhood movies.  Although, I’d say most of my choices are pretty standard.  However, growing up in a Chinese family from Hong Kong, my choices are a mix between Hong Kong comedies and English animation.  What you also need to know is that I love animals.  I still am a sucker for movies with animals.  So as I put the list together, I realize that sort of thing along with some classics, Disney, Studio Ghibli, and some that I almost forgot about. I originally had a huge list of about 20 but after some thought, I decided to do a list of 15 Childhood Films.  Most of them still can grab my attention.

Enough of this rambling, let’s do this! Its not in any particular order…I just can’t list them that way and make those choices.  Plus, I’d have to rewatch a few of these.

1) Balto (Review)


My childhood involved a lot of watching Balto.  Its a fantastic story of a wolf dog in Alaska.  Not only that but the humor is awesome.  I think as I rewatch this now, I still laugh quite a bit. Its an adventure to watch Balto and his friends find the cure for a city.  One of my things on my bucket list because of this movie is to ride those sleds pulled by dogs.  I can’t remember what to call them in English anymore.

2) Mary Poppins

mary poppins

Mary Poppins holds one of those crazy memories where I got really mad at my parents when I was a little girl.  When you’re little, these things matter more.  Its also the reason why I didn’t get to see the beginning portion of Mary Poppins until recent years when I bought a copy of the movie for my Disney collection. Mary Poppins is that nanny that you wanted, even if you didn’t have nanny.  They took to adventurous places and fantasy lands and that cheery disposition can make us smile any.  Mary Poppins is “practically perfect in every way”. In my mind, she still is.

3) The Sound of Music

the sound of music

Talk about a musical adventure that lasts through time.  The Sound of Music meant a lot less about the story than it was about the music when I was younger.  Now, I understand more the war and all that 16 going on 17 business 😉

4) My Neighbor Totoro

my neighbor totoro

I grew up with Chinese dubbed versions of Miyazaki movies.  Because Miyazaki movies were released in gaps of years, it usually meant that different ages had different ones that grew up with them.  Mine was My Neighbor Totoro.  While Castle in the Sky and Nausicaa were my cousins’ favorites.  This remained the one that stuck the most with me.  Plus, who can’t love kids whose Chinese dubbed names was as simple as Tissue and Toilet Paper 😉 I’m not even joking. Thats what it sounds like. And then various furry cutesy creatures that were magical and needed to brush their teeth but dropped nuts on their path which the little girl called drumsticks (chicken drumsticks).  I know its a weird translation but these little details stuck to me.  Especially when my childhood best friend and I used to re-enact the whole scene under the house where the little Totoro creatures were running from the little girl. Can you tell I still love it to bits? I can talk hours on this so I’ll stop now and move on to the next one.

5) Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey

homeward bound

Thinking about it, this movie popped in my head fairly quickly.  What’s weird is that I haven’t seen this one in at least a few years.  It still has some good moments and that ending still gets to me.  The voice cast for this unexpected trio is fantastic (not that I knew that when I was younger). I’d definitely need to jump back into this one again.

6) Cinderella (Review)


It was a battle between Cinderella and The Little Mermaid but I did watch Cinderella a thousand times more. I may have had a gap of not being so girly-girl when I was younger.  And I’m still not.  I like dresses and beautiful gowns and all that stuff but I still prefer wearing my workout clothes and baggy shirts but that doesn’t mean that I don’t like sitting down and watching me some Cinderella.  Fantastic songs and just the classic fairy tale 🙂

7) The Land Before Time

the land before time

I’m going to go on record here.  I haven’t watched the first one quite so much as I have the sequels. Why? Just because I didn’t own The Land Before Time and I did for the 2nd-5th one. Believe me when I tell you.  I like the 2nd and 5th quite a bit because of the character Chomper, a baby T-rex. The Land Before Time was also the time when I really liked dinosaurs a lot.  Archaeology was a thing and these characters were just awesome. I have to say though, I did rewatch it a while back and it doesn’t quite stand the test of time but  nostalgia made me like it a lot more than I probably should have.

8) Babe


I always wonder if people know about Babe. Babe is so clueless and honestly, his life is a mix of tragedy and luck all mixed together.  But Babe has a lot of lessons also and as kids, we learn a lot about it because while Babe is learning how to deal with others, I was also in that phase of my childhood.

9) Its Take Two

it takes two

The Olsen twins was a thing when I was a kid like Full House was also. While I don’t remember quite so much about Full House, Kirstie Alley was also huge during this phase and all those factors got us to rent this movie and eventually tape it off TV.  Summer camp, friends, kids matchmaking and all the crazy that goes along with it. This movie taught me what sloppy joes were and man, do I crave one every time I watch it.  Although, I haven’t seen this in a while until last summer (or this one, I can’t remember) on the plane and didn’t even get a review up but I still liked it a lot.

10) Mrs. Doubtfire

mrs. doubtfire

Robin Williams is a staple in my childhood.  He was the man of many voices.  He was fun as a voice for Genie in Aladdin and he was also the father who would do anything for his kids, even if it meant being their nanny and going through the craziness of having to transform into an old nanny.  On top of that, he had to boast his skills by being a British nanny and everything after that is just hilarious.

11) Once Upon a Forest

once upon a forest

Once Upon a Forest is that lost one.  I don’t really think anyone knows this one too much because guess what, FernGully came out at about the same time but of course, being a kid to my parents, they didn’t know FernGully (which I only saw after I started this blog) but my collection was all about Once Upon a Forest.  Animals surviving after their home is trampled by humans invading their forest space and having to save their friend by finding a cure far far away.  Once Upon a Forest needs another viewing from me desperately.  I don’t know how I’ll feel watching it now but I think I’ll still love it 🙂

12) Tricky Brains (Review)

tricky brains

Another staple of my childhood was Stephen Chow. The Stephen Chow now is not who he used to be. Although, he still has quality humor, its slightly changed from the movies that he started with.  The movie that my cousins and I sat around to watch the most was Tricky Brains.  Stephen Chow is absolutely absurd in this as the trickster who wants to ruin this guy’s engagement to a rich girl pretending to be poor by being the guy’s long lost brother. The tricks he pulls are just roll on floor laughing funny.  Of course, I had to not learn all the swearing and slang. It was the deal for me watching Stephen Chow when I was younger.  Still, it was a ton of fun and just fantastic memories with my cousins.

13) Future Cops (Review)

future cops

Future Cops was also a big thing because it had three of what we called The Big Four (Andy Lau, Aaron Kwok, Jacky Cheung) in this. They were the stars to be in Hong Kong in early 90s.  They were fantastic actors as they were talented singers.  Adding in Ekin Cheng, Simon Yam and another comedy actor less renowned around the world, Dicky Cheung, mix it up with the best combat game ever Street Fighter and put in futuristic sci-fi thing and we have Future Cops.

14) Rainbow Brite and the Star Stealer

rainbow brite and the star stealer

Who even knows Rainbow Brite? I wonder that all the time! I did.  I even had this little plush toy that I still have from this movie (or I think it was a show).  This is the one that I have added into my collection in the last few years but never got around to watching again.  Definitely something I’m looking at doing but its also one I think might not stand the test of time. Who knows, right?

15) All’s Well That Ends Well (Review)

alls well that ends well

Just for good measure, another Stephen Chow’s movie had to go on here.  Plus, it was a Chinese New Year movie that had somewhat of a parody thing going for it with replicas of Ghost and Terminator at certain points.  Its a hilarious ride for this one especially with the loving memory of Leslie Cheung who was a huge pop star that the Hong Kong entertianment industry sadly lost in 2003.

Here you go! This just made me want to go back and watch all of these. I had a few runner ups but I just didn’t have time to make this any longer, like The Jetsons Movie or another Disney feature like Lady and the Tramp and The Little Mermaid. Although to be fair, I was a tomboy when I was in elementary so I had a phase where I didn’t watch Disney princess movies much. Memories and nostalgia, love it all!

A huge thanks to Caz for thinking up this blogathon and taking me a journey back into being a kid all over again 🙂

Unboxing: Nerd Block (May 2015)

All the unboxings are coming up again! Ever since I got that Nerd Block Grab Block one before, I get the newsletters for these things and although I’m not a frequent Nerd Block subscriber, I had to get this one because the key item here was My Neighbor Totoro.  If any of you  have been around here for a while, you’ll know that I LOVE Studio Ghibli and Hayao Miyazaki and possibly my favorite animation in the whole entire world has to be My Neighbor Totoro.  So I got that email and went to get it right away.  Toss the budget out of the window, who cares? Haha! I do care but the damage is not that bad so its okay 😉

Let’s open this one! Nerd Blocks and Arcade blocks don’t normally have themed months but this month they did and it was Ani-may! 😉

 Nerd Block: ANI-MAY


My Neighbor Totoro Pins

Nerd Block

First goodie to come out of this was the reason why I ordered this block in the first place.  I was getting a little tired of pins but any gear with Totoro is a win for me.  They are absolutely adorable and it’ll probably go straight onto my duffle bag 🙂

Evangelion Manga

Nerd Block

Did I ever tell you that I used to love reading mangas? I had my Cardcaptor Sakura, Fushigi Yuugi and Imadoki phase with some of the more memorable ones that I own and still read once in a blue moon.  So here we are, I’ve heard a bit about Evangelion before so I’m pretty psyched that we FINALLY got a book in one of these blocks.  This is really cool, especially when its in ENGLISH.  They usually are just available in French back when I used to read these. I’ll do a little review on this when I finish up with this one 😉

Cowboy Bebop Brandana

Nerd Block

This item is the one which had me scratching my head a little. For one, Cowboy Bebop, never heard of it. And two, what the heck is a brandana? Apparently, its a convertible bandana and there’s like 16 different ways or something to use it.  I’m not sure what to do with it just yet.  But it could be useful… in time 😉

Attack on Titan Cinch Bag

Nerd Block

I have no idea what Attack on Titan is but the simplicity and dark green shade of this cinch bag works for me.  I can definitely use something like this.  It sure beats having to use a purse or a big messenger bag that I use for work.  It’ll have its use for sure especially when I’m going out for photo shoots or quick trips out. Plus, how nice is that design, right?

Dragonball Z Funko Pop!

Nerd Block

Dragonball Z!!! There is really no other words to describe my reaction to this! It was pretty much part of my childhood.  I don’t quite remember the names of some of the characters but it is an iconic show and probably one of the first to break into North America.  Plus, because of these mystery boxes, I’ve been really into collecting Funko Pop! figurines so double happiness!! 🙂

Gundam T-Shirt

Nerd Block

It may sound kind of crazy but my boyfriend and I both sat around trying to figure out where this was from before looking at the description card. Gundam Wing is pretty much a huge phase in anime world also.  This shirt looks really great and probably one of the more slick and serious ones.  I’m happy about this one also! 🙂

 Overall, this box was really awesome! I was a little skeptical on the theme anime but it turns out I’m not so bad on this after all.  I mean, Totoro, Gundam, Dragonball Z; Funko Pop!, buttons and manga! Its absolutely cool. Maybe not enough to do a permanent Nerd Block subscription just yet but I’ll keep my eyes out for any fun themes.

Do you like anime? What mangas do/have you read? Any goodie that you like from this?

Breaking Emotions Blogathon: Breaking Love

breaking emotions blogathon

Can you believe its already the last set of emotions for Mettel Ray’s Breaking Emotions Blogathon? I can’t! Because that also means its nearing the end of the month.  The fact that I’ve managed to get all of the previous emotions done has actually surprised me.  With all the writing and craziness right now (I’ll fill you in later), its been rather unbelievable in both a good and bad way for this November.

Canada may be done with its Thanksgiving but I heard its the American Thanksgiving so I figured I should stick with only Breaking Love.  Plus, I don’t think I can think up 3 scenes that I truly hate that much.  Maybe anything with Rob Schneider *eye twitches* and I’m not about to go there.  So yes, its Thanksgiving and I’m staying happy and trying to bring some awesomeness to your life too and breaking love.  You can check out the details of that right HERE!  Maybe you’d like to break love too (its a good thing, ok?)

I’m looking for scenes that you love and adore until the end of time, scenes that just pop up in your mind while walking to the store and are just simply awesome. What are the scenes that you love the most?- Mettel Ray

Lets do it! 🙂 I tried to do it in some form of countdown but they kept shifting in my mind so I just gave up!


City of Ember – Opening scene/A Way Out

City of Ember

Following the clues

City of Ember

Is this the way out?

I know that two scenes but I’m horrible at choosing.  I chose 5 movies as is.  Any of these movies, I could’ve easily pulled out 5 scenes and just use it for the blogathon.  City of Ember is fantastic.  Its fun and even though, I’ve watched it so many times I know what happens when, I always sit around mesmerized by the beauty and detail of the city, the hunt for clues and just the sweet, sweet happiness in discovering a way out.  I love the scene of when they think its just darkness outside but then they see their first sunrise.  Its about those small things in life that we take for granted.  I love it: the excitement, the adventure and staying hopeful. I actually reviewed this movie earlier today so you can check it out HERE if you’d like! 🙂

Howl’s Moving Castle – Meeting Howl

I’ve seen almost all of the Miyazaki flicks.  I had to put on something animated because that defines me: Disney, Pixar, Dreamworks, especially Studio Ghibli. Thats why it won over choosing a scene I love from Disney.  Miyazaki is an amazing director and storyteller. His animation is close to flawless and to me, the first time I saw a Studio Ghibli movie on the big screen was Howl’s Moving Castle.  Sophie meeting Howl was possibly one of the best scenes when he takes her for the first time on a walk on the sky to escape.  Christian Bale has a sexy voice, ok? Made it even better.  Plus, I personally remember whispering to my best friend in the theatre that if only there was such a handsome man in real life. It was enchanting and magical, a great start for an even more awesome movie. And you thought I would pick My Neighbor Totoro, eh? 😉

Hugo – What is Your Purpose?

I’ve heard that Hugo has a lot of dispute as to how many people like it or not. I loved the movie from start to the finish.  The score was awesome, the adaptation was beautiful and Asa Butterfield is a young talented actor or carried his role really well.  Plus, it actually gives justice to the book itself that it was adapted from.  Why did I pick this scene? It was a no brainer.  I love the quote.  I love the situation that it was said and the meaning behind it all.  It brings a deeper hopeful meaning to finding the purpose of our life.  That quote pops in my head whenever I feel like my life is going nowhere.  I can’t be a spare part, right? DEFINITELY! 🙂

Step Up 3D – Moose dance sequences

I hope the videos work since there wasn’t any embed link.  Step Up franchise is awesome not because Channing Tatum and his current wife in my book.  Ok, ok, I admit that Channing does have a nice bod but then I would’ve picked Magic Mike. Just saying… The first Step Up was possibly the best in script and inspirational.  However, for me, my love and repeated viewings goes to watching Moose (Adam Sevani) on screen. His dance sequences lights up the Step Up flick (and franchise) and seeing as he is one of the main characters in Step 3D, it seems appropriate to choose it.  I have probably 4 other dance flicks I could’ve chosen but for me, this one really is awesome! Love it to bits 🙂

Pride and Prejudice – Bewitched

Pride and Prejudice is one of my favorite movies. I probably watch it at least 4 times a year.  I think I’m actually due to watch it soon.  This is a super romantic scene and its set so nice with the sun blazing in and just makes me all giddy and joyful.  I’m a romantic, and a hopeless one at that. I seriously thought about doing this whole post with this movie but then I’d think, I’d just overdose you all.  So yes,  “you have bewitched me body and soul” equals my love for this scene.

There you go! Scenes I love aren’t necessarily the best movies in the world but they do merit my love for different reasons. It warms my heart, relaxes my body or charges up my energy.  Whichever it is, I’ve watched them tons of time.  These are just the ones I found came to me first but as I wrote this I have about 15 other scenes to put in. Tough choices…

What are scenes that you love? Ones that you love so much that you’d never get sick of it or those that your mind thinks about randomly?

Thank you to Mettel Ray for hosting an amazing and awesome Breaking Emotions blogathon! I loved it! 🙂

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you! 🙂