Musee Grevin Montreal!

Saturday afternoon was a long awaited date outing with my boyfriend.  With the season changing and the house hitting its final few weeks of fixing up (hopefully), I’ll be officially moving in soon enough.  We’re both taking out more time to take care of the house, so when my Tuango deal was expiring really soon and it was literally the last weekend, we’d have time to go. We took the afternoon off the house and headed downtown.

Musee Grevin located on the top floor of the Eaton Centre is a wax museum originated from France, I would imagine.  I haven’t been to any Grevin’s before but I do love to head to wax museums.

It took a little over an hour to get through the whole course.  I found it a little short but that’s probably because we skipped over the getting your sketch or sculpture booths because the line-up was just way too massive.  We did take a lot of pictures and the themes of each area was pretty great.

Musee Grevin

Palace of the Seasons

The museum started after going up 3 floors and walking down a dark but LED blue lights hallway into a room called Palace of Seasons (translation) and it was a mirror effect sort of show with a short artsy video playing the lapse of the changes in season and then the doors opened and we stepped into the museum route.

There are the better pictures of the bunch that we took:

The gallery went from Palace of the Seasons to these galleries: Paris-Quebec, The Sports Temple, Hotel Grevin, Nouvelle France, Belmont Park, Wings and The Ballroom.

One of the coolest was passing through the tunnels to the astronaut.  It was a little mirrors trick again but it was an awesome one so of course, I accidentally saw a really  nice effect like this:

Musee Grevin

The angles of the mirror caught a few different angles of whoever was under it.  That was pretty awesome. I only had my camera so its not as nice as I’d like.

I had no idea what to expect with Musee Grevin.  There were some wax figures that didn’t look like the person.  There was also a lot that did.  Plus, it was a fun day and the museum itself, even without the coupon wouldn’t have been particularly pricey either.  I’d say it  was worth are money.

Its a nice Saturday to go out with my boyfriend and be all silly. 🙂

Have you been to a wax museum? Where was it? Do you enjoy them?

My Weekly Adventures (plus a final callout for votes)

Welcome back to my weekly adventures! Its been refreshing to not have to waste my brain cells on writing some smart title because I really never have any stuff. Not that talented in that area 😉

This week’s adventures are really not quite adventurous and I really had to strive to find what to do for this.

We’ll do this day by day and step by step.

1) Girls Movie Night

maze runner poster

On Tuesday  night, I went with my girl friends to go see The Maze Runner.  I miraculously managed to get the review up the next day.  If you happened to have missed it, please head over HERE to check it out if it interests you 😉

2) Montreal Comic-Con Tee Turtle Shirt came in!


Ghibli characters crossing the street? Enough said, no?

3) Vampire Diaries Season 5

vampire diaries

On Friday night, I came home to wrap up the last two episodes of Season 5.  Although the first few episodes of the fifth season was a bit slow, it does pick up relatively fast.   The season finale has me looking forward to Season 6.  Plus, it gave me a pretty weepy evening when I couldn’t help but shed a few emotional tears with that somewhat dramatic ending. Cliffhanger season finales are just so great but just so frustrating also.

Next season is starting Oct. 2nd (I think) and you bet that I’m going to be catching that episode whether its on TV or the day after streaming on CTV (Canadian channel when I only have bunny ears).

4) Afternoon Date with my Boyfriend

Musee Grevin

Our Tuango coupon deal was going to expire at the end of September so we used Saturday afternoon to go on a little trip to downtown and visited one of the newer museums.  What the museum is? Can you guess with the picture on top?

I’ll be posting up on that tomorrow once I have time to sit down and sort through the pictures tonight 🙂

5) Getting started on watching the Halloween Movie Marathon

With the extensive series of Friday the 13th being the main feature, my boyfriend and I have started watching the Halloween movies this year.  Only the main feature ones for now.  How far I am? Well, I’m not going to dive into those details but once October starts, I’ll have my reviews up. I have a general run down set from the current results.  I’m taking the top 3-5 movies in each category in the voting polls that I had up 2 weeks or so ago.

With that said, as relentless as this sounds, FINAL CALL OUT for the voting on Halloween movie marathon! Tomorrow is the last day! 🙂

If you didn’t vote and would love to participate or just help a girl out or voice your opinion, head on over HERE!

If you already did, thank you so very much! You’ve just chosen the movies I’m going to watch for Halloween and I really hope that your choices get picked.  If there is any particular ones you’d like me to look at, feel free to leave a comment and I’ll make sure to add it to the marathon or the next recommendations month 😉

ALSO, as a bonus,  I’m planning on going to see some horror movies in the theatres. There’s a few I’m interested in but I’m going to need my boyfriend to go with me so he has the final decision in these situations.  Lets hope it happens 😉

6) Water and Transportation support for Oasis Half-Marathoners!

It was the real deal yesterday for my friends.  I woke up bright and early to take 3 of them to their 10K/half marathon.  I spent another hour and a half navigating through all the closed roads.  Thank you to my phone GPS, I managed to figure and regroup and finally found a parking spot. Then proceeded to wait for them to get back.

Oasis Marathon

Oasis Marathon

Everyone did great times and some had their personal high.  Plus, they all got a bonus with the run with a free beer.  They were all tired but extremely proud, I’d have to say 🙂

I’m not much of a runner but there are times, I do consider training to attempt a 10K.  Who knows? Maybe one day I will.

7) Painting almost done!


Our basement is completely done painting. Its looking pretty joyful and colorful, which is good because its also extremely dark already. The lighting is bad here but the walls are mint green 🙂 I think it turned out lovely. While I was busy with helping friends out, my boyfriend was hard at work. That leads us to my next point…

8) Gardening progress!

Sunday was indeed a busy day and it took a lot to keep going. I came back and had lunch and eventually got back to my place to continue the gardening.  I actually drafted out the yard setup in my notebook to know how to proceed. A few things were accomplished after that.

Raspberry plant in the ground

Raspberry plant in the ground

Crimson Star moved and Spring bulbs planted

Crimson Star moved and Spring bulbs planted

My side plot is getting most of my attention.  You can see the green leafy plant next to chrysanthemums and thats the crimson star.  It flowers in summer.  Also, right next to it, with all the black top soil is spring bulbs.  I’m not sure if I planted them too deep, so we’ll see in Spring 2015, right? Thats just the first phase.

I’m clearing out some plants and making them smaller in the front yard so I can keep planting more bulbs.  My yard is mega depressing in spring on the flowers front so I’m seeing to it that next year, it’ll be different 😉

9) Planning for some Changes

Its a bit early to talk about it and life’s been really kind of taking a front seat over the blog(s).  Between the house and getting anything on Tranquil Dreams, its taking me forever to get some write-ups to other bloggers that I said I would.  That makes me feel pretty bad so I’m going to be working on those ASAP. If I owe you anything for any blogathon/series, I promise you, they will get there soon. I’m a bit fuzzy on deadlines right now but I’m trying to get them in.

Surprising fact is that my brain loves to overwhelm itself even more as I try to organize myself.  I think it just likes to be in constant chaos.  What do I mean? Somehow, I’m inspired for a few tweaks for the blog, which I’m sorting out the little bits and pieces to launch for next year.  Perhaps, I’m playing around with a rating system, a long term project and I’m deciding when that new segment, Crush of the Week/Month should launch. I’m just debating if it should be weekly or monthly. 

10) Ending these adventures off with some music…

You thought it’d never end, right? Well, I like to end in style and here we are. The first is a little piece from The Piano Guys called Batman Evolution.  The score arrangement is pretty genius!

Second, its a song I recently heard on the radio: Wanderlust by The Weeknd.  It has a nice beat 🙂

Thats it for this week’s adventures! 🙂

How was your weekend? What series are you watching? Anyone also closing up their gardens before the frost arrives? Any music addictions lately? 


Exhibit: The Beatles in Montreal

The Beatles is one of the biggest musical sensations that hit the world.  I love a lot of their music.   My parents love their music and I know some of my relatives even would know their music.  Long after they have broken up and now even two members are no longer here, they still remain very dear to many people, especially those that were able to witness their presence.

I was extremely excited when I heard The Beatles exhibit was going to be in Montreal for a year at the museum in Old Montreal called Pointe a Calliere. Pointe a Calliere is Montreal’s Museum of Archeaology and History.  One pass for this exhibit costs $20 and lets you gain access to every exhibit, temporary and permanent, available at the museum.

The Beatles in Montreal exhibit

The Beatles in Montreal begins!

This exhibit is not in the main building but the secondary one, Mariner’s House, situated across the street and talks about The Beatles career and history.  It holds a lot of their gold records, past performance videos, a very expensive car that they had, pictures, posters, and one of the most interesting was all the fan/promotional merchandise that was available. They even had about 20 guitars that they had used.  Some are replicas as they were broken on stage or in some other ways.

The Beatles in Montreal exhibit

The famous Rolls Royce!

The Beatles in Montreal exhibit

Some of the guitars on display

A room of The Beatles merchandise

A room of The Beatles merchandise


The Beatles in Montreal exhibit

Gold records that lined the walls


The Bealtes in Montreal exhibit

Posters were all over the place as well

The Beatles in Montreal exhibit

Portraits of the individual band members

The Beatles in Montreal exhibit

Jukebox that had their songs

There was even one area where they had a karaoke area and you could sing karaoke with The Beatles and be a 5th Beatle.

The Beatles in Montreal exhibit

Singing with the Beatles

Look at my friend and I singing our hearts out 😉 We were just pretending but we did manage to play two videos and record it. Here’s one of each.  I’m sure most of you can guess the songs.

The Beatles in Montreal exhibit

Twist and Shout karaoke

The Beatles in Montreal exhibit

I Want To Hold Your Hand karaoke

One of the best parts was at the end of the exhibit when they showed a portion of the video from their rooftop performance at Apple Studio.  They put the screen on the top and gave us seats to somewhat relive that experience.

The Beatles in Montreal exhibit!

My friends with their headphones listening to the rooftop concert!


The Beatles in Montreal exhibit

Screen up top with the rooftop video

Throughout the exhibit, one thing was undeniable.  The massive impact they were and the musical phenomenon that swept the world.


With that last sign: Across the Universe For All Time, that marked the end of the exhibit! The exhibit was a great memorabilia of this this awesome band! If it tours to your city, provided you are a fan, you should definitely go check it out 🙂

If you are nearby, this exhibit is here in Montreal till end of March 2014. Hope you’ll have a chance to check it out 🙂

Do you like The Beatles? Whats your favorite song?