Weekly Photo Challenge: Create

We create many things every day.  We can create moments such as memories through photography, we can create actual goods, just like crafts and baked goods.  Nature creates and nurtures many beautiful plants and flowers for us to enjoy as well.

I love creating little crafty things.  Last Christmas, I decided to jump into the crafts and make little gifts for the people I care about.

One of the creations were these little Glass ball ornaments (which was super fun to do):

As much as I like making little crafts, my boyfriend created for me a little charm necklace last year as well.

Actually right now, a corner of my room is looking really funny with a lot of random objects because I’m preparing to create a little concept called window farm.  It just becomes a little harder to find the hydroponic materials.  Hopefully we’ll have our 3 little plants going.  Take a look at the snapshot of my bedroom floor.

Just a few more items and we’ll bring on the actual building. Yay!

While we build crafts for multiple reasons, Mother Nature and the creatures around us build to sustain their lives.  This is what I found among my grape vines in my backyards.  Check it out!

A robin had built its nest there.  In the nest, there were actually a few eggs.  They not only created the nest for their life but also to create life.

Everyone out there is busy creating one thing or another.  What are you all creating? Crafts, food, wonderful memories?