Winter Events I’m Looking Forward To!

I’m a little behind on this seasonal segment.  I wanted to set them for the first day of every season but excuses aside, its been kind of busy but its even better now because all the events are set and I can choose whichever ones I want. I might not make it to all the events but these are the select ones that have caught my eye and I will make an effort to go.

For autumn events, I only made it the MTL a Table event.  To be fair, I ended up going to check out Sherbrooke Met La Table and some Halloween haunted houses. That’s just what happens, right? Sometimes we just discover other things and spontaneous decisions happen. This is what makes life so fun 😉

Now, we’re here! Some notable winter events was the Christmas Market that we had and although everyone wanted to go, we didn’t end up going.  It could just be that there was no snow and no one particularly felt like Christmas was here.

But, we now have a little bit of snow on the ground.  The below zeros are here so winter sure feels like its here also.  What events are around, right? I feel totally out of the loop. Let’s get the research going! 🙂

Luminotherapy, Quartier des Spectacles
(Until January 31, 2016)

I go to Luminotherapy almost every year.  The concept in what they are trying to portray is very unique.  Sometimes, it does work better than others.  I don’t think I’ve actually been more in love than the very first one I went to called ICEBERG and it was about the movement of the iceberg and glaciers.  It was to send a message about global warming and the transformation of whats going up.  After the Alaska cruise, my appreciation for it was even bigger.  If you do want to check that post, you can see it HERE!

However, think about this year’s! Its literally a winter wonderland.  We get to play on seesaws in the middle of the night in downtown.  I think that is a pretty special moment.  To take nice pictures, I’d have to go with a friend or two so maybe I’ll just take some street shots of people if I go alone. The exhibit is ending soon so I’d better schedule in that time ASAP.

Happening Gourmand 2016

Happening Gourmand

We’ve been all about foodie events this past few months.  I really enjoy it and honestly, I’m absolutely into finding new restaurant to try and blog about.  Its a fun and eye-opening experience.  This restaurant line-up actually is pretty cool. My friends and I had gone to Verses Restaurant back in November for MTL a Table and I’ve been to Vieux-Port Steakhouse and Modavie before foodie adventures blogging phase.  If it was my choice, I’d want to try out Mechant Boeuf.  I’ve always wanted to try Suite 701 but they never have a menu that I can eat due to allergies. I’m not sure I’ll have time to do all this though.

Exhibit: Dinosaurs Unearthed 2, Montreal Science Centre
(Until March 20, 2016)

Dinosaurs Unearthed 2

Ever since I was a little girl, I loved dinosaurs.  Its probably why I have an immense love for (almost) all The Land Before Time including the sequels.  I’ve been actually eyeing this exhibit since I saw a pamphlet for it a little while ago.  It ends right at the beginning of Spring so it works great for this segment.  It does give me a little time to go check it out! I’ve missed a few really great exhibits in the year or two so I really hope I can make it to this one!

Exhibit: Investigating Agatha Christie, Pointe a Calliere Museum
(Until April 17, 2016)

Investigating agatha christie

I have a long ways away before finishing all of Agatha Christie’s novels.  I’ve really only scratched the surface but I love her novels.  Hercule Poirot is a fantastic detective character for one.  I really would like to see the history and inspiration behind all of her work.  This looks like a pretty cool exhibit.  Plus, I work exceptionally close to this museum so maybe I’ll go check it out soon and report back 😉

Montreal en Lumiere & Nuit Blanche
(February 27, 2016)

montreal en lumiere

I go to Montreal en Lumiere almost every other year.  It has a pretty significant meaning since it was on a Nuit Blanche outing that my husband and I started our relationship 8 years ago. Aside from that, this year the highlight city is Shenzhen. Nothing concrete has been released yet for Nuit Blanche but some of the highlight events for Montreal en Lumiere look pretty great.  I usually explore the art in the underground city and maybe they’ll have some foodie event that I can go check out 😉

Another intriguing event: Igloofest (for electronic music lovers to dance outside and enjoy the lovely winter)

Are there any fun events going around for the winter season (or summer depending where you are)?

Saturday & Montreal en Lumiere 2015!

If you haven’t noticed already, my weekly adventures have turned into individual posts.  I don’t necessary do a whole lot during the winter, especially when this year has been brutally in the freezing point.  The radio said last week or over the weekend that the coldness in February broke some records.  Just to give you an idea..

On Saturday morning, I did a little morning surprise for our 7th anniversary. I posted a little fun recording session last night with my boyfriend in celebration for it if you missed it, its here .  You might have because I forgot to put on a title and realized it afterwards, then changed the link, so maybe it might end up having the “page not found” come up.  I don’t know how these things work.  Anyways, I debated a little about posting this again but seeing as not everyone is going to check out the video, I’m going to post some of the pics here and talk a little bit more elaborately on Saturday and the Montreal en Lumiere festival since we explored the downtown area, which is new to us.

 Saturday morning surprise


This is only a portion.  But right from walking through the door I had a trail of post-it notes listing “Why I Love You”.  There was pretty much very little prep work except for getting earlier than my boyfriend arriving home from work.  I also hid away in one of the rooms that he wouldn’t cross by, but when he stepped through the door, I put on a song that we love.

Montreal en Lumiere 2015: Downtown @ Quartier des Spectacles/Place des Arts area

Complexe Guy Favreau: art



This second one is really cool.  There’s this projector up top and it has this very video game-esque sequence when we walked by imitating a helicopter and some dudes running around.  It looked a bit like an escape video game.  That was pretty fun.

Complexe Desjardins: Salon du Livre Gourmand

Salon du livre gourmand

These two books was our anniversary gifts to us.  I know I know, its just another excuse to spend.  I’m telling you though, these two are quite good investments, I can already feel it.  Maybe its going to be my next project idea: Quebec cuisine.  What do you think?

I’m not much of a cook but I certainly want to be a better cook at least a less frustrated one that enjoys the art of cooking.  Talking about that, once I get myself settled into my new place (hopefully this coming weekend) and get the kitchen organized, we’re starting the Baking Through Disney project.

Quartier des Spectacles/Place des Arts (outdoors area)

Montreal en Lumiere 2015

Urban slides

Montreal en Lumiere 2015

Ferris Wheel and Heat shelters

Montreal en Lumiere 2015

Urban zipline

That blurry flash is the person ziplining.  I had my phone so I couldn’t get really great shots.  I’m telling you though, if the line-up wasn’t so intense, I would’ve done it.  There’s something so amazing about ziplining over thousands of people in a city. Can you imagine how it would feel? Just wow! Whoever thought that up, please bring this back next year.

Montreal en Lumiere 2015

Ice sculpture: Harp

Montreal en Lumiere 2015

Garden of Lights/ Food kiosk area

Montreal en Lumiere 2015

Pianist on Ice Piano

Montreal en Lumiere 2015

The Pool, interactive “game”

Montreal en lumiere 2015

Scene RBC

monttreal en lumiere 2015

Break Dance performance

Montreal en lumiere 2015

La Maison de la Suisse

Its been a while since I’ve felt this hype for Montreal en Lumiere.  Last year, we went to the outside area of the main festival and saw penguins in the show and the Planetarium and Biodome.  This year, it felt amazing.  I’ve never actually stayed the whole night for this Nuit Blanche/all nighter event.  But with tons of free stuff from 6pm-6am, this festival is absolutely worth the time and even pushing through the crowd didn’t feel too bad either.

We also made a little stop at Hydro Quebec building to see the painting inside which was an abstract art by Mousseau with a series of lights panel running behind it which changed to emphasis different aspects of the painting itself.  It was pretty interesting.

However, the reason we had ventured downtown was for my friend’s belated birthday dinner so we made our way up to Ace Grill & Bar. I had Filet Mignon Brochette which was actually better than I expected. 🙂

Ace Grill & Bar

Filet Mignon brochette

It may have been a late dinner but its been a while that I’ve seen my friends around so it was really nice to kind of catch up with everyone and share some laughs.

Saturday was pretty awesome and the weekend itself was efficient.  I just always wish it was longer.

Thoughts on Montreal en Lumiere?

Montreal en Lumiere: Biodome, Planetarium and Olympic Stadium!

Last Saturday was the Nuit Blanche for the Montreal en Lumiere.  Otherwise called Festival of Lights! If you missed my weekend post, March 1st 6 years ago at this same event was when my relationship with my boyfriend started.  Seeing as it had such a deep meaning to us, we emptied out our schedule and had a night out to celebrate! Usually, most festivities happen in different areas of downtown, especially in Old Montreal but we decided that we wanted to go check out the Olympic Stadium area.

There were a few things there that attracted us!


Das Food Truck

Our dinner: Das Food Truck

Das Food Truck

Fries Cone with Chicken Schnitzel

I’m a really simple person.  I mean, our first date was going to do a delicious diner.  For me, its not about how expensive a meal is but holding good company and for us, even though it was ridiculously cold to be eating outside and the food was cooling down faster than I could stuff it into my mouth, it still was really good and the experience was so awesome.  I’d definitely be scouting out more food trucks when the weather gets warmer 🙂


Penguins Biodome

Penguins in the early evening

Penguins Biodome

Penguins at night along with flurries

For the festival, Biodome (which I’ll talk about soon) took some of their penguins and let them wander outside in a little area.  They gave little informative speech about the penguins and their habitats, behaviors, etc. My mom just went to see King Penguins in Antarctica for $8000CAD or something.  Its not the same thing but I can’t dish out that amount yet so I’m very pleased with my free admission of seeing 5 (or 6) little penguins in the open air 🙂 Look at them! Aren’t they adorable?


Rio Tinto Alcan Planetarium

Rio Tinto Alcan Planetarium

Planetarium Exhibit: EXO

Planetarium Exhibit: EXO

Rio Tinto Alcan Planetarium

Artsy picture of the interior design of Planetarium

The Montreal Planetarium used to be situated in downtown.  Actually you can still see the sad structure there because no one wants it anymore but after Rio Tinto Alcan funded it and revamped it into this area with some awesome interactive technology on the walls.  You can see it on the top picture with lights and everything. This time, the exhibits were cheaper than a normal day so my boyfriend and I both bought the combo tickets for both Planetarium shows + exhibit and the Biodome. They use Apple computers now to control the lights and they put the old projector on display in the basement.  The show includes two segments: one is called the sky of San Francisco, which is educational and you learn about star gazing and seeing constellations across the sky.  I was super tired and the whole leaning back in a calm atmosphere made me fall asleep so I can’t say that I can give you much insight on it because I watched only half then dozed off for the next 10 minutes….sorry *blush*!

BUT…the second show was much more original and super awesome called Continuum.  It was like moving from a calm lake with forest and fireflies around and then going layers and layers up into space with asteroids, black holes, planets, and then coming back with all the sounds and effects. It was really awesome! Now, that one was worth the ticket price! 🙂 It was mesmerizing, pretty and at times, intense!  If you come to Montreal, I’d definitely recommend going to check that out!


I’ve always loved the Biodome even though I know where everything is.  Its different being there at night because for the Festival of Lights, they kept the atmosphere with dimmed lights for the animals living there, to not turn their living habitat upside down and incorporated a little mystery story where we had to listen to clues from witness and suspects of the Biodome worker that was killed and at the same time, find the vanished animals hidden in the dark. At the end, you made a choice and looked at the answer.  My boyfriend said that he was going to choose the last person he heard in the story and you know what? He guessed it right!! That was super hilarious!

As for Biodome, as much as I love it in the day because its easier to take pictures of ALL the animals, these pictures were the ones that turned out better.  I’m still learning about night shooting and being sandwiched between lots of people is not the easiest to do it so I tried my best.  Some shots, I was very happy with, others, not so much.  Still, it was a very unique experience.  The animals I usually saw sleeping was awake and the others was, like the alligator was wondering if it was a log or an animal until we got relatively closer along the walkway, plus the Capybara was actually awake.  A lot of the animals were sleeping so they were hidden in their dens.  Still, it was pretty cool 🙂 Another place, I’d recommend if you ever visited Montreal!


Olympic Stadium

Olympic Stadium

As much as the Olympic Stadium is a joke in Montreal because it costs more to tear down than to keep it under maintenance, (especially with its constantly toppling roof which seems better in the recent years).  It is a beautiful structure and reminds us of how the city was revamped for the Olympics 1976.  I’m rarely in this area at night and standing right next to the stadium on top of that so I admire it for what it is.

Olympic Stadium

Olympic Stadium

In honor of recommendations month, I’d like to give mention to fellow blogger  Jack Flacco because he had asked for a vlog at the Olympic Stadium, which I was going to do until there was too many people around me and I chickened out. So I piled it up in photographs 🙂 Hope he’ll be happy with that. He (or anyone else) is free to suggest other locations to do a vlog.  I’m way overdue for one (since the last I did one was in July, I think). As for Jack, you need to check out his awesome blog that talks a lot about zombie-related subjects and I love his Women Who Wow Wednesday, plus last year he launched his first book called Ranger Martin and the Zombie Apocalypse that I reviewed right HERE!  In short, if you like Zombieland style stories with a group of people fighting for survival, then this book is for you! I loved it! 🙂

Have you been to Olympic Stadium/Biodome/Planetarium? How about Montreal? If you  have, any  memories? If not, what places have you heard of in Montreal?

Spontaneity *Almost* Always Wins & Six Years Celebration!

2014 has seriously been a intense journey so far.  Lots of good stuff and some stressful stuff going on.


I’ve been trying hard to keep up with the blog and especially reading all of your work.  I am no longer a week behind but 3 days! YAY! I’m trying to take a bit more time so that I can comment more.  There just isn’t really much to say when I skim over a review and final thoughts for a new release I haven’t seen, for one.  My goal this year was to go see ONE movie at the theatres each month.  We just stepped into March and if you frequent my blog, you will have realized I’m at zero for two (March just started, so I won’t count it). Its not even for lack of trying.  I plan it all the time…like Dhoom 3, then I get bombarded with 6-7 work days and plenty of overtime.  So that never happened.  I tried for this past Friday to go see Pompeii and ended up having overtime till 7pm.  Nope, I ended up going home and laying back in my chair and listening to music instead.

BUT, as much as those may seem like excuses, I’m working on it.  Pompeii, Need for Speed, Nymphomaniac: Part 1, and Divergent are all on my to-see list.  If I get half of those seen, I’d be pretty proud of myself.  🙂 I realized planning doesn’t seem to work, so I’m going to do spontaneous.  Once I get the chance and the energy, I’ll do it.  🙂 At least from here on out, every month has something I want to see so its looking good.  I hope I didn’t jinx it!

What movies are you looking forward to see in 2014?

Other than my sidetracked plans, this weekend has been fantastic and also the reason why I postponed writing this up.  I’ve been out and about spending extra time with my boyfriend.  We usually stay in and watch TV or whatnot but yesterday was the Festival of Lights annual overnight event in Montreal and exactly 6 years ago, we started our relationship.

I’ll go more in detail with the Festival of Lights event in a later post during the week.  In the past two years, I dedicated March 1 to writing up a post to my boyfriend and our relationship, so I figured this year, I won’t start making you all vomit from my mushiness 😉 I don’t have any more barf bags to hand out unfortunately.

Here’s a few pictures from last night!

It was REALLY  cold yesterday.  I can’t stress how cold it actually was but my goodness, its the first time we were in that area for the Festival of Lights.  It was a pretty refreshing experience.  Still, I think we were both just totally filled with happiness.  We’re in our six years and this year is bringing us bigger and better things from buying a house together and planning for everything.

good mood bad mood

Aside from the me on Tranquil Dreams, I actually have a pretty bad temper, I get frustrated easily especially when I’m stress and I’ve been suffering some pretty bad skin conditions that won’t go away.  From this past year especially, I totally get that quote up there.  For me, he’s perfect to me because he reminds me to take things one step at a time, and encourages and supports me through all my crazy ideas.  It feels great to know that someone always has my back. I’ve learned through these six years (that passed by so fast) that its important to find someone who can bring positive into your life when you can’t seem to see it; and to remember to have hope and encourage you to follow your dreams.  My boyfriend does that for me and that means a lot to me 🙂 I know he’ll eventually fumble on here and see this 😉

Some exciting/stressful/fun stuff coming up for both of us! 🙂

I tried to keep that short and sweet! Now, to make up for all of that, I always put music with my posts so lets check out some music obsessions I’ve been having (aside from Pitch Perfect clips)!

Hope you like it! 🙂

I won’t keep you any longer since I need to head down to make dinner and get ready to watch the Academy Awards (as a lot of you are probably doing also)! 🙂

Hope you’ve had a great weekend!

P.S. Recommendations month starts tomorrow!  Remember to drop by again! 🙂