Workout Week 2: Finding the Energy

I know its a bit nuts to talk about finding energy and its only the second week getting back into this workout routine. Although working out isn’t so hard in theory to find time, in hindsight, starting it during NaNoWriMo might not be such a great idea.  But then, it does force me to make time for it, even if it means sleeping later at night to get in the workout to help destress.  Does that make sense? I’m more tired but less stressed? Whatever, I’m pushing through.

After I caught up with the massive lack of sleep from waking up uber early on Saturday morning and then again on Monday morning for my blood test. Apparently, losing 4 test tubes of blood later, the bruise is still there but hey, its all good. I’m pretty much back to normal.

THURSDAY: Making up A short Arms & Shoulders Workout

Yeah, I didn’t have time and if I sat around looking for a workout, I’d just skip it so I decided to not postpone. Put on The Flash Ep. 5 and picked up those 5lbs dumbbells and did 3 sets of 15 reps each of bicep curls, tricep extensions, lateral raises and triceps kickbacks.

 SATURDAY: Pumps and Iron’s Medicine Ball Pyramid Workout

Last weekend, I finally bought a new medicine ball and a better quality one (hopefully, since it cost $50).  I was determined to put it good use so I went back to look for a workout.

medicine ball workout


Count on Pumps and Iron to get me working hard.  It felt pretty awesome afterwards.  It was hard halfway too but its nice to see that I pushed through.  Seriously, at about 8 reps I wanted to stop by but I’m glad I finished it 🙂

Whats makes that workout feel even better is when I was super occupied on Sunday and didn’t get the yoga workout I wanted in. Next week I need to do better. But with NaNoWriMo crunch time, I’m not so sure anymore. Plus, as I wrap up this post on Monday (but forgot to post it yesterday), I can tell you that my abs are really really sore.

In light of that, here’s a quote I need to remember especially this week:

workout inspiration

Bring it on! 🙂

P.S. Weekly Adventures coming back tomorrow.  Remember to drop by!

Week 5: Kicking Things Back Into Routine! Planning out the Week!

After last week slacking off a bit from working out because of other more physically demanding tasks and jobs, this week I had to kick it into gear.  It means no slacking off and eating less and healthier.  So I’m working on setting my week out in advance and hoping to finally find something that will work out even better to fit in all the tasks I’ve been pushing away.


I had wanted to do the Tone it Up workout but it turns out it only had one move and matched with cardio. Its still raining and mega windy outside so forget about that.  I found this workout as a Tribesports  Challenge called Tone Up Tight Routine. This little workout only took up 16 minutes. Those wall squats are killer painful.

With this out of the way in half of the time I wanted of workouts in a day, I went to go back to the workout I skipped and had originally planned for the weekend but didn’t have the equipment called a ridiculous name called Your Malibooty Workout.  I know I know..laugh ahead 😛 They had some squat ones and seeing as I already did a lot of those in the previous workout, I did only 2 times instead of 3. It felt super good.


Tone it Up had this little intro video for their Self! Drop10  Challenge.  It includes 6 moves and we have to do 3 sets with 12-15 reps per exercise.  I don’t mind doing some of the strength training and I ‘m always down to find something new. Here is the link:

I didn’t expect this too take too long but it was a decent length with some challenging moves plus it was a total body workout.  I had to do lots of stretching afterwards to make sure that nothing would be in pain. As much my balance sucked, I loved the Get Tipsy one. Challenging and fun!


This is my day off and I’m happy with keeping it that way.  I can spend some down time and it opens up time to catch up with work that I want (*ahem* have) to do (like taxes) and of course, an upside is spending time with my boyfriend to watch a movie and chat 🙂


Today is supposed to be my dragonboat day but due to some issues, I did not end up going.  I have finally decided that I’m taking a break this summer from dragonboat. I am preparing for two exams and I want to go full force this summer. It was hard but in the end, it will be worth it.

However, I didn’t slack off and made up with intense home workout that took me about 35 minutes to complete from Pumps and Iron.  Her workouts are killer intense all the time, every time I get all disgusting and sweaty. Here is the workout along the left side.  Its called the Medicine Ball Deck of Cards workout.  I totally adore the idea of these cards ones and I’ve tried all of hers already.

I ended it off with the Get Stretched challenge in Tribesports.  I need to get into the habit of stretching afterwards.


Its been an awesome week full of working out and feeling great.  I scheduled in the Thursday Tone it Up workout.  They are 8 “double duty moves” (as they call it) to tone the body and lose weight, a bit of body weights and some dumb bells. Here is the video if you want to get an intro on how the moves are done.


This Saturday marked my first morning jog ever! I never jog outside except before dragonboat practice when we have outdoor practice.  I was totally unprepared and had no idea what to wear. So I underdressed and cursed that my sweat pants did not have pockets.  Why?!?!? Anyways, I did about a 2.5 mile run/jog/speed walk session.  It felt awesome!  And I’m ready to do it again next week with a bit more gear 😉 After that I came back and did the Core Challenge, which I did before.  I have committed to take the 7 day core challenge so I have to do it for 7 days in a row.  So consider that as I talk about next few days exercises 🙂 Even if it overlaps into the next week’s update 🙂


Something I did yesterday obviously wasn’t good because Saturday night was immensely bad with chills and sweat all night.  As much as Saturday’s update was the Core Challenge.  This sickness took me full on after lunch and made me sit in bed for 5 hours relaxing with my book, tv series and trying to just stay warm and stop shivering under 3 layers of blankets.  Eventually I did feel better but not good enough for me to want to go do an intense core challenge.  Initiaion will have to begin again on Monday (if my body allows me to) 😉

This week was total epicness though. I like the planning in advance, love the jogging outside (minus catching a cold) and I’m totally loving Tribesports and the challenges.  Tone it up is also giving out some pretty intense workouts.  Before I felt it was challenge moves but a bit short.  The “double duty” moves really kicked some serious butt.  I’m ready for more :)!

I already have a good workout planned for all of next week.  Tone It Up has a lot of workouts next week that I love, so I might do it exactly as is, or just little shifts here and there to accomodate the core challenge and another Tribesports challenge I wanted to take :)!