A Word A Week Challenge: Distant

This week, Sue at A Word in Your Ear’s challenge theme is DISTANT! Landscape and waterfronts always tend to have some form of DISTANT.

I just came back from Maine! Driving to and around and even back home is possibly one of the most scenic trips ever! Of course, you’d also have to choose to take the less direct path and enjoy some of the fantastic waterside landscapes.

Take this as a teaser for now 🙂 I will be writing more extensive posts on this trip all through next week.  I went away for 5 days so I will try to keep it within a count of 5 posts for each day but maybe (just maybe) it might take a bit more.  I haven’t drafted them out yet so I don’t know.

Now, lets take a look at Maine’s awesomeness!

On the first day, we took a little scenic drive which we ended up having to cut short due to it being one of our most packed days. We also learned that road signs were slightly vague so after going around, I strongly believe this is the sight of where Height of Land is 🙂

Maine Height of Land

Maine: Height of Land (I think)

Breathtaking, right? Talk about being impressed! If Maine looks like this in every corner, I’m down for more trips to other parts of Maine!

On that same day, we also went on a hike.  Where? I will tell you tomorrow.  Spontaneity brings us to interesting things and this time, we were absolutely wowed! Check this place out!

Bald Mountain Trail

View at the top of our first Hiking Trail in Maine!

This was just one side of the 360 degree viewing tower at the top of the trail! It was possibly one of the most adventurous climbs ever but so rewarding!

Moving onto the second day (I think..I need to check my timeline again), my boyfriend assumes that I trespass to take this picture but I swear that I didn’t! I never knew walking onto a parking lot for a lodge inn was trespassing…but well, its done!


Distant building somewhere in Maine…

Seriously, I forgot where this was.  This is why I should vlog my trips.  That way I wouldn’t miss anything, right? Its an idea the next time when I don’t chicken out of doing vlogging in front of strangers…

Jumping forward to the 4th day, we all went off to get our butts frozen unexpectedly.  Apparently, we missed the memo that it was going to turn from 28 degrees to 8 degrees.  Still, I was the most excited for this part of the trip so I soldiered on! This where I got this shot through the thick fog of the lighthouse (and more)!

Arcadian Boat Tours Puffin Cruise

On a cruise in Maine

This was partially zoomed in so the actual lighthouse is even more distant!

Have I tempted you to head off to Maine for vacation? Whether I have or haven’t, you should check back to see next week’s day to day account of what I did and the fun and beautiful things of Maine! 🙂

This is a response to Sue’s A Word A Week Challenge: Distant! Please follow this link HERE to check out her beautiful photography and travel blog and join in the challenge and have fun with all of us.  You also get to see other awesome responses from other bloggers!  🙂