Weekly Photo Challenge: Sun

The sun!  I was so happy to see this challenge topic last Friday so that I could go out and take some nice pictures of it and enjoy some sun.  Unfortunately, I had to resort to using old photos as since then, its been everything but sunny.  We seriously had a bit of snow and a whole lot of rain and wind.  The forecast is supposedly going to be like this till the coming weekend at least, I believe.  So much for the 18C forecast for last weekend..lol! We even hailed a few days ago..seriously!!  Today during lunch, the sun did reappear for a little bit…about 30 mins or so.

Here’s the picture of today’s sun that I caught in the little time I had:

And here’s a few more pictures in hope that the sun will shine a bit more frequently:

Mont-Tremblant in Autumn

Magog in February

Macau in November

On the way to Granby Zoo in September

Weekly Photo Challenge: Through

We walk through doorways and look through windows and peer through spaces every single day of our lives.  For those of us who live on an island, we may drive through tunnels to go to and from work or to see family and friends.  Sometimes when we walk through new passages, we don’t know what waits for us at the other side.  Sometimes, walking through certain passages, we see and experience different feelings and revive certain memories.

I love taking pictures of alleyways, tunnels and passageways when I travel.  I remember a few years ago when I went back to visit Hong Kong to mostly see family and one of my friends went with me, I explored Hong Kong from the view of a tourist.  That trip I visited a lot of places that was new to me.

Yau Ma Tei Police Station

Hong Kong Disneyland: Through the gates into a magical and enchanted place!

In the middle of Hong Kong, I went to Macau for one day to explore, therefore going through some more passages and seeing more interesting things that make Macau unique.

Across from Macau’s Colliseum Replica there was a path lined with a few stores,

walking through it felt a bit like walking through “ancient Rome” (at least my impression of it).

Through the alleyways of Macau’s Taipa area

Through Macau’s Venetian Casino in the shopping district:

An amazing feeling to be walking through the replica of Venice with an artificial sky above and narrow waterways with gondolas