My Weekly Adventures!

Its been a month since I’ve posted my weekly adventures. That is mostly because the past month didn’t have much happening (actually there was…). It was really Fantasia Film Festival and Just for Laughs Festival. BUT, I have a few things to update in the general situation and a few little questions to ask you or some little suggestions that I have. I wanted to do a vlog style thing (yet again) but I just got a little shy and the perfectionist thought it was too much rambling to put up.

I have a vlog planned soon though. Expanding my YouTube channel is something I’m thinking about just for the fun of it. We’ll see what I come up with. 🙂 I have a lot of stuff that I’ve been thinking about. To be fair, I’m heading into six years of blogging and I think some bigger changes are in order. Fear not, domain is set to be for 2017 as I settle a few other things here and give myself time to make some well thought out decisions.

Enough rambling!

Fantasia International Film Festival

Fantasia Festival

This year’s Fantasia Festival was amazing. It celebrated their 25th anniversary and totally in style. There were some huge guests there like Guillermo Del Toro and Takashi Miike. Obviously, those sold out in a flash. Guilllermo Del Toro’s master class after the documentary was the reason my first movie started late. That doesn’t matter because all the movies I saw were really awesome. I mean, sure some had a little flaw here and there but they had a lot of style and passion and heart. So much heart! You could hear it in the Q&As and the audience and the film watching experience, particularly for Lights Out and Don’t Breathe was awesome. Then, there was also Christopher Lloyd which had the most honorable standing ovation ever that I’ve been to any of these Q&As.

Here is the list of Fantasia Films linked to their reviews in case you want to check it out! They are all spoiler-free!

The Unseen
Lights Out
We Go On
Kidnap Capital
Train to Busan
Before I Wake
Bed of the Dead
I Am Not a Serial Killer
Don’t Breathe

Also, don’t ask me which was my fave. I wanted to do it in a 1-10 and I just can’t decide. There’s so many factors: pros and cons, hype, enthusiasm, the Q&A, etc.

Just For Laughs Festival

Just For Laughs Festival

I had thought that I had posted about this. But I didn’t. And of course, I went ahead and accidentally deleted most of the food pictures which I had wanted to post about. It is really just for street food. There was lots of delicious stuff. If you ever drop by for food trucks and you like lobster rolls, go to Lucille’s. They are the best! However, there is a shot of the Tapas 24 booth making their paella on spot above. That was really good.

Game Warp & Twitch Stream

There really is no other place to talk about Game Warp other than here. Game Warp isn’t exactly here because its part of That Moment In. However, while many of you might not be particularly interested in this, its kind of like a baby of mine. I enjoy doing so much for it and its been a while that I’ve felt this enthusiastic about something. Maybe its the change of pace that has me hooked. For the first time, I’m feeling that awesomeness of doing something that I’m extremely passionate about that I lose track of time. On top of that, its making me break out of my shy shell and go out to conventions and meet people. The last podcast was an interview with the co-founder of Maitop Games which has this cool puzzle adventure mobile game called Bomb Conflict.

And recently, we’ve been working on streaming more. I tend to stream on the weekends of all sorts of games. Mostly, its the featured game of the month or its a Playstation Plus free game. Right now, its mostly a binge of Song of the Deep and Furi. To be honest, Furi has me challenged, frustrated but stubbornly continuing on. I have no idea why some people sat and watched my horrible gaming skills but hey, I guess its the improvement, right? Who knows. If you like watching games or just having some background noise of game music or story or whatnot (since I don’t do commentary, still debating whether to), drop by and hang out. I try to play games where I can interact in chat as well. My Twitch account is like here:

New Gadget: Luuup Litterbox

Luuup Litterbox

I feel like there are enough people out there doing product reviews so I’m just going to say that I backed this Kickstarter project earlier this year for Luuup Litterbox which is pretty much a litterbox which makes the whole scooping process much easier. The design is that there are three traps which interlock and instead of scooping, you lift up the top level where the litter that isn’t clumped will fall through and you can wipe it down if its dirty, which we usually do, and slide in the bottom to interlock again. It makes it quite a lot easier and less of a hassle to put into the trash bag. It might seem silly to invest in convenience of a litter box but I thought this was worth it.

Garden Update: The Start of Harvests

Garden Harvest Broccoli

Look at this! Harvests are coming in! Broccoli is starting to form. Cucumbers are here as well as my single eggplant. We harvested kale as well but we didn’t take any pictures and its already cooked and eaten.

Dreamhack Montreal 2016


Thanks to my interview of Maitop Games mentioned above, they asked me whether I would be going to Dreamhack, an event that completely went over my head. I immediately looked at the info. While esports, tournaments and LAN party isn’t exactly my thing (maybe it will one day), there is an indie game zone and I took a quick look and a lot of the studios there are new to me and their games looked really intriguing so I went right ahead to buy a ticket for Friday. I went after work and stayed for a few hours.

Indie Game Zone

I spent most of my time in this area, walking about the few booths, waiting for some of them to open up so that I could either talk about the game or try it out. This picture is before I left so the crowd thinned out quite a bit. Most of the people still there were staying overnight for the overnight gaming probably. I’ll have a full coverage of what games I tried out over at That Moment In. Like I said before, gaming isn’t the focus here and its only an avenue of showcasing it here because its part of what I do now. There’s a lot of stuff to see from on-stage friendly battles and broadcasts of retro games and Starcraft 2 tournament (which was livestreaming on Twitch via Dreamhack). And of course, some shots of the gaming gear booths and the actual BYOC crowd there to play games.

wp-1471155401606.jpgI’ll be doing a post next week some time on the general coverage of just the venue.

Ottawa & Rideau Centre Extension Opening


Okay okay, lets be honest. People went crazy apparently over the opening of H&M in the extension but I went for the Disney Store! They had a sweet deal on the plush. I’m not supposed to get another one and it was like the second one at $5 so I split it with my friend who got a BB-8. Then I saw that mug while I was lining up to leave. I really like the concept of the animator’s version of the princesses highlighted at the store. The plush themselves didn’t quite appeal to me for the princess but I’ve NEVER seen the Beauty and the Beast plushes anywhere so I ended up getting Beast. Why? Because if I got Mrs. Potts and Chip, I can’t split them up, same goes for Cogsworth and Lumiere and I didn’t want to get two plushes. I have no idea where to put Beast right now so he’s kind of just hanging out on my bookshelf in the office.


  • Book reviews
  • Netflix A-Z
  • Dreamhack Montreal Recap
  • Vlog, Movie Reviews, Baking Through Disney (maybe…)

That was my month!! It was tons of fun!
What have you been up to?