Music Obsessions: Valentine’s Day Special!

Happy Sunday, my lovelies!

We’re almost in the full swing of Valentine’s Day over here! I know its hard to accept it since tonight is all about Superbowl (if that’s your thing).  Well, we will be doing that while celebrating Chinese New Year’s Eve! Regardless, its pretty much in full swing this week.  I always try to keep it a little not all about romance, hence the beer chicken on Friday and some Oscar Best Picture reviews (if I manage to get it all watched).

However, romance is a big part in songs nowadays so let’s take a look at few.

Don’t Mess With My Girl – Jon McLaughlin

Stand By You/Stand By Me (Mashup) – Sam Tsui & Casey Breves

Save My Soul – Corey Gray

One Call Away – Charlie Puth (Cover by Mitchell Rose & Kurt Hugo Schneider)

Every Breath You Take (Deep Chills Remix) – The Police

Mashups, covers, remixes and originals: I think I got it all covered this time around! We’re back to regular Music Obsessions next month with some songs I’ve been obsessing over right now! I don’t see them leaving my mind or my playlist any time soon!

Hope you enjoyed! 

This Week’s: Music Obsessions

This week marks a crazy week for music finds! I felt that I should share it with you!

There’s also another reason that you’ll know tomorrow morning 😉 Be sure to check out the post! I have a very special post coming up and I guarantee some fun! At least I had a lot of fun putting that post together 🙂

First up is one of my favorite singers in the early American Idol seasons before I boycotted the show, Elliott Yamin! I loved him when he was on stage and I was so happy to find him again on YouTube by chance.  He was in a video of one of the YouTube artists follow did! I may not have particularly liked that cover very much but enjoy this very happy and awesome music from him!

I present to you: Self Control by Elliott Yamin

Its such a upbeat and it makes me so happy when I sing it! 🙂

Next up! Fellow Canadian Craig Smart! If you don’t know him, well, you’re missing out! His first song, 123, was great but I LOVE this one even more! Happy love songs makes me feel good! It has a really good beat and the lyrics are so smooth 🙂

I haven’t found the full lyrics of this song online but here is my fave part!

“I’m lost (in your eyes), I’m gone (in your smile), been so long since I’ve opened my heart to anyone! No more (holding back), I’m all yours,( just like that).  I’m so sure that you’re my only one! So take me to the softest place on Earth, This must be the place where love was burst, Your heart’s the sailor of my universe, Take me to the softest place on Earth! Take me to the softest place on Earth, Heaven can’t compare to what its worth, I’m gonna love you like its unrehearsed, Take me to the softest place on Earth!”

I love the whole song but thats my play and replaying to get down what I could.  If there’s some errors, I’m sorry! Just listen to it yourself, its worth your time!  Always down to support some fellow Canadians 🙂

I can’t get enough of happy songs and next up is from a movie that I haven’t seen but want to see! Its the official music video of Anna Kendrick doing Cups (Pitch Perfect‘s When I’m Gone). Its super fun to see the whole routine! You can’t help it but to try to follow along, both the song and the cups thing. Just so much fun! I believe the song itself is a cover but this is such a creative take!

Can you do it? Try it out! It’ll be double the fun 🙂

These songs are taking turns going on repeat in my head and its making me smile and smile and smile some more!

Hopefully it’ll put a smile on your faces as well! Have a fantastic rest of the weekend!

Remember, tomorrow morning, SPECIAL POST GOING UP! 🙂