TV Binge: Veronica Mars [Season 2]

Its been a while since I saw Season 1 of Veronica Mars and posted about it HERE.  When I ended that post, I was at the middle of Season 2 and actually, I stopped there.  I can’t remember why but I did.  And somehow, as I was thinking its time for a new series with the bunch of movies I’ve been reviewing, I thought about Veronica Mars again and to continue it.

Veronica Mars [Season 2]

Veronica Mars

Creator: Rob Thomas

Cast: Kristen Bell, Jason Dohring, Percy Dags III, Enrico Colantoni, Francis Capra, Ryan Hansen, Teddy Dunn, Michael Muhney, Tina Majorino, Kyle Gallner, Tessa Thompson

Veronica Mars picks up a little after the events of Season 1. Logan’s dad is put behind bars for his suspicion in being responsible for Lily’s murder. She’s now dating Duncan again and Logan has gone off the deep end again because she broke his heart. While right off, he gets accused for being responsible for the death of a PCHer called Felix on the bridge.  Shortly after, we see all this, the crazy doesn’t end until a school bus coming home from a trip plummets down a cliff after an explosion.  Linked to these few events, the season kicks off as Veronica Mars is hired and takes it on her own for other cases to figure out 1) who blew up the bus and sent it off a cliff 2) If Logan is innocent, who is responsible for Felix’s death and 3) How do they keep Logan’s dad Aaron behind bars? The story thickens and suspicions fly around.  Relationships form, new characters arrive and some old ones leave.
Veronica Mars

In my Season 1 post, I already talked about how much I love the characters of Veronica Mars, notably Veronica Mars herself and Logan Echolls.  And I also really liked Keith Mars.  Its a lot of fun.  This season, its even more and better.  Right off the bat, episode one sets all the right stages for the rest of the season to develop.  Not too many plots but enough to keep us intrigued for the 20+ episodes coming up.  There’s a lot of room for change and surprises and that is exactly what we get, along with some pretty close calls and danger heading in Veronica Mars’s world.

Veronica Mars continues with her snarky and witty lines and her love life comes a whole lot more in focus.  Is being back with Duncan all its set out for? I never really liked Duncan as a character.  He’s super sketchy and definitely has some issues. I felt that way in Season 1 and Season 2 definitely didn’t do anything to change it.  While, we have her ex, Logan Echolls who manages to create some tension and chemistry. There’s something about the dynamic of Veronica and Logan that is just so awesome.

veronica mars

But then, it could be because Logan is kind of that bad boy that you know has a good heart but he just makes these impulsive decisions.  Then when he knows he does something bad, he has those puppy dog eyes and then we just melt.  At least I do.  Its like that whole wanting to punch him in the face but also giving him hugs and tell him that it’ll all turn out good.  You have to admit that for a trust fund boy, he has gone through a good bit of damage.  Not that its an excuse for not being more able to treasure what he has instead of going around and ruining it all the time.

Moving along from Logan and Veronica (because it might start sounding like a creepy obsession), Season 2 does pull away from too much focus on them but expands it to other relationships with Wallace and his chasing the new girl in school and to their computer saavy friend, Mac.  It also puts the Casablancas brothers with a bigger role: two very different characters but adds a little extra to the events of Season 2.

Veronica Mars

I know that I’m skipping out a lot of the plot but that’s totally because if you haven’t seen it (which might be a very small amount of you), then I just don’t want to put spoilers.  But, I will say this, I like that we’re growing up with the characters.  Granted, I’m not in high school anymore so the whole transition to finding a college and moving forward with life is fun.  It makes this something more to expect because it will be another place to move forward.  That whole episode visiting the Herst College was awesome.  Other than that, the story was great.  They paced it with enough to make it throw a few suspicions in various directions and it stays really fun and thrilling to watch.

Veronica Mars Season 2 is very entertaining. It has a good formula working here with its nice characters.  There is a lot of gradual change that builds to solve the big case amidst all the other small cases.  Veronica remains remarkably quotable and the chemistry with her and Logan despite not exactly having a lot of together time is still great.  Their characters play off of each other really well.  Veronica Mars is just a great character.  I can’t wait to watch the last season.  It should be soon 😉

Are you a fan of Veronica Mars series? 

TV Binge: Veronica Mars (Season 1)

Its taken me a while to get this together.  I’ve been mostly reviewing more recent TV series. I think the furthest I went was the first season of Downton Abbey and thats a few years back, I believe.  Anyways, Veronica Mars is even further back if I’m correct, seeing as the style and all that seems to be a little more my high school days…

In my last Pinterest Therapy, I already mentioned how I’m developing a massive girl crush for Veronica Mars but the Season 1 of Veronica Mars was all sorts of roller coaster rides.  It definitely was one hell of a ride, if you ask me.  I’m not exactly a Kristen Bell fan although her roles are slowly growing on me but Veronica Mars is pretty fantastic. Its sort of what I love in TV all mixed into one.  The snarky/witty/intelligent main character, investigations and cases, plus high school scenario and drama filled with some pretty charismatic characters.  That’s Season 1 of Veronica Mars in a nutshell.

veronica mars

So what makes me like this?

1) Veronica Mars is all sorts of awesome as a character!

veronica mars season 1

What’s not to love about Veronica Mars? She’s smart and snarky.  She has a really awesome attitude and she stands up for herself.  Plus, she’s an excellent private investigator and can pretty much convince anyone to do something for her.  What makes her believable  is that she isn’t almighty.  She asks for help and has her limits.  Her life is destroyed, her best friend was murdered and her new best friend helps her out and her mom skips town and everyone at school doesn’t particularly like her very much.

Veronica Mars Season 1

2) Jason Dohring as Logan Echolls! 🙂


I may not have seen Veronica Mars until lately but I am a huge fan of the extremely short-lived show called Moonlight. It only lasted a season even if it should’ve stayed on for much longer.  I may have loved Alex O’Loughlin in Moonlight but I had an equally huge crush on Jason Dohring.  This guy is all sorts of cute.  The character of Logan Echolls is really fun with a ton of character development and the chemistry he has with Veronica Mars from the start till the end of Season 1 is awesome.  I love him! I just do! 🙂

3) Cameos from a ton of mildly to very popular stars now!

veronica mars

Amanda Seyfried gets the role as Lily, who was Veronica Mars’s dead best friend which is where the investigation is focused on: finding the right killer, giving this role a pretty great significance. Also, Max Greenfield (New Girl) gets a few episodes as well and I really enjoyed that character.  On a more cameo level, there was Jessica Chastain, Jane Lynch, Leighton Meester, Adam Scott, just to name a few.  I’m probably forgetting someone (oh right, Paris Hilton…).

veronica mars

I don’t know exactly where to mention this but Enrico Colantoni plays Veronica’s dad, Keith Mars and I love this guy, especially from Flashpoint.  The father-daughter relaitonship here is really good!

4) The Multiple Investigations

I love investigation series.  Whether its The Mentalist, Criminal Minds, Lie to Me, Elementary and the list goes on.  Veronica Mars has a ton of great characters which is fantastic but what captures me even more is some really cool investigations.  Every episode has a case or two from the private investigation firm but it also never overshadows the fact that Veronica Mars is focusing on one, tracking her mom and two, finding out who is Lily’s actual killer.  With the help of some friends, she usually encounters a few snags which adds to the tension but also helps emphasize a little more on who Veronica Mars is, especially when it gets more personal.

Overall…Veronica Mars is probably one of the best series I’ve seen but as usual, a lot of great series don’t make it in the world of TV because survival is hard and its a chance the studio has to take, even if whatever comes along might be a million times worse.  I’ve only seen up to middle of Season 2 when this post goes up so I still have to see if it keeps up the awesomeness.  Season 1 was all kinds of awesome and I was hooked right from the pilot! 🙂

Have you seen Veronica Mars (the TV series)? Did you like it?