My Weekly Adventures 67: The Start of “Summer” Events

weekly adventures

Welcome to an evening edition of My Weekly Adventures!

This will be a fairly quick one! Like when I ended up my last Weekly Adventures, we overlapped a weekend and week of E3 activities so really, not that much ended up happening. However, there were some little fun bits that I didn’t blog extensively about either!

Let’s go!

Mont-Ham Hike


The second hike of the year goes to Parc regional du Mont-Ham. You can see the full post here.

It was a challenging and crazy hike but the weather was perfect and the scenery was absolutely worth every single hard moment. It was incredible. We are working on where to go for the next hike. Keep your eyes peeled, it should be happening in a week or so, well for the long weekend if we can manage to fit it in  one of those days.

We are heading into July and it might turn out to be hard to get a hike in but we’ll try 😉

F1 Grand Prix Weekend

grand prix grand prix grand prix grand prix grand prix

Honestly, what is there to say? I usually do a separate post for Grand Prix but, its been fairly underwhelming. Porsche is always the heavy hitter and I’ve seen a lot of Lamborghinis around town. They are all pretty cars but you know, the variety is lacking from say, what the event had years ago. The event has expanded to a few locations now so that leads to the festivities over in the park where it had some electronic music going from Piknik Electronique and some food stalls…

Charlie’s Shack & Lobster Rolls

One of the things I love about Montreal events in the last few years is the food. This time, I had a lobster roll at Charlie’s Shack and boy, was it ever so delicious!

A Little Shopping

I love Buy 3 Get 4th Free sale at Indigo. Its very irresistible! 🙂 At least now I can catch up with my Archie graphic novels and also managed to get the Quebec National Geographic book for sale. We are already getting some long-term travel plans set and looking to see if there are some locations for day trips to hike or sightsee. Maybe some hidden gems.

Cute Kitty Pic

tabby cat

That’s it for this quick round of My Weekly Adventures!
Its been definitely less productive here than usual, but I’m trying to get a ton of stuff done.

What have you been up to?

Day 4 (Part 2): Breakfast Buffet and Dyart’s Truck Stop & Restaurant!

Its Saturday and I promised part 2 recap of Day 4 to go up!

Remember that beautiful spacious hotel room that I had at Bangor for Hampton Inn? To top off that fantastic deal, we even had free breakfast buffet.  My boyfriend prefers sleep over breakfast all the time so I went down by myself to get some breakfast before we left to hit the road for Bar Harbor!

Hampton Inn Bangor Maine

Day 4 Breakfast 🙂

I took what I could eat of course.  They had a lot of pastries and some fried potatoes and all sorts of other food.  The choice was pretty good.  They even had a waffle maker 😉 This was what I took ham, scrambled eggs and croissant with some Fruit Loops for the road ;).  I took an apple and some juice for my boyfriend since he still had to eat something before he left to have some energy to drive.

After that whole puffin boat tour, when we got back to Bangor, it was time for dinner already 🙂

Did I ever tell you that my first date with my boyfriend was at a truck stop that existed when we dated and recently closed called Hawgs? I know I know, some girls like candlelight dinners, but that place had some pretty amazing food and we had a great time.  I guess after that we love the casual dining experience and we saw this place in the travel guides and Jonathan actually told us that we had to try that.  So we went to Dysarts Truck Stop & Restaurant!


Dysart’s Menu


I had been raving about lobster rolls and they had it so I took that!


Lobster roll with Fries. I put the ketchup on before I took the picture 😉

This was SO delicious! Man, I want to make some lobster rolls for myself soon. *drools*

My boyfriend took the Steak Cheese Melt Sandwich (not sure the exact name). It looked like this:


Steak Cheese Melt

He liked it a lot too 🙂

We were both starved so we didn’t talk too much but I think we both agreed it had some pretty awesome food and I’d highly recommend it if you are in the area! The service was pretty good too 🙂

This plate wasn’t too much so my boyfriend still had space for a dessert! He took a Chocolate Cream Pie with Graham crust.  Who knew it would be so huge?


Chocolate Cream Pie with Graham Crust

It was really good but he couldn’t finish all that.  It was such an awesome meal 🙂

Since we are on the topic of food, let me redirect you to Day 5 and our last day’s recap and my breakfast that morning at the hotel looked like this 🙂

Hampton Inn Bangor Maine

Croissant, Egg Pattie, Sausage Pattie, Hard-boiled egg

The rest of the stuff was for my boyfriend. I got him so yogurt to change it up a little and some orange juice.

Now we’re all set for the road.  We have a long day ahead of us for Day 5 (and our final day).

Check back on Monday for the Day 5 recap on what we did 🙂