Weekly Photo Challenge: Mine

It finally arrived! YES!

It just gave me an excuse to take pictures of my “prized” possessions of MINE.

Lets see (looks around my room):

1) My Security Blanket (featured in a previous Weekly Writing Challenge)

2) Nintendo DS Lite

This is MINE! Regardless of all the new technology or newer models that came out, this was the first handheld console that I bought for myself.  Even though now its a little broken (and I`m sad), I still can’t give up on it just yet.

3) My Little Pony Collection

This is only part of my collection and I mean this is the original.  None of that big buggy eyes and gigantic head ones that they have now.  They only one you see here thats in the new one is the small one.

4) Puzzles

Puzzles are the one activity where I really don’t enjoy help with.  I like them to be MINE, my accomplisment, my work of art completely.